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Saweetie becomes latest entertainer to shave head

Saweetie shaved her head bald/Daily Mail

Saweetie has gone bald. 

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LOS ANGELES — Tennis anyone? First Jada Pinkett Smith and Tiffany Haddish shaved their heads bald. Now we’ve learned Saweetie has mimicked the feat. Yep, the “Icy Girl” rapper set the Internet ablaze on Christmas Eve when she posted pics of her new depilated coiffure. Saweetie’s fiery red locks have been replaced with a blonde buzzcut à la Amber Rose. The 28-year-old lyricist shared photos on Instagram with a series of cheeky emojis. Social media reaction was mixed. DaQuaviousTron tweeted, “She couldn’t handle the Twitter abuse and chopped it off so they could talk about something else.” Ijeoma tweeted, “I’m doing the same as soon as these damn Christmas pics are taken. I’m TIRED of this hair and need a fresh start.” EssenceGU tweeted, “Are we witnessing a meltdown in real time?” CoolBeans tweeted, “Why do ladies want to look like Dennis Rodman?”

Keith Page tweeted, “Tennis ball head syndrome has struck again…not a fan off it.” CallMeDace tweeted, “I love saweetie bald head. I use to love my bald head. Makes you feel so free. Face card has to be valid to pull that off. Everybody can’t do it!” Katress tweeted, “I’ve been beyond thinking about doing this for months. Now I have to.”

Woolliin tweeted, “Bro why tf would she cut her sh*t off?”

Saweetie (né Diamonté Quiava Valentin Harper) was recently booed off stage for poor performance.

Not to mention fans constantly lambaste her on Twitter for donning chintzy wigs.

Should the buzz cut be construed as a meltdown?

Has Saweetie gone cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs?

Share your thoughts.

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  1. I think saweetie is basically saying people only identify her as beautiful. They ignore her talents and compliment her looks. This cut is saying now focus on my talents not my appearance or beauty.

  2. When was the last time y’all saw her real hair lol her hair could’ve been this short the entire time

  3. I think it’s a distraction. If people are talking about the hair, they aren’t talking about the bad performance.

  4. Maybe she just tired of wearing wigs I love the natural blonde hair cut on her it fits her face

  5. When people wear wigs 24/11 it’s makes no difference to me whether or not they cut their hair… But sis does look good with the new cut! ♥️

  6. I think she looks really pretty with that short hair style. Saweetie have pulled it off nicely. Maybe she just wanna change up her look. I know damn well I can’t pull that look off. But Saweetie made it flawless and gorgeous

  7. How about she just cut all her hair off simply because she wanted to? Why does it have to be anything deeper?

  8. I feel like it doesn’t matter what she does bc she’s pretty….hence why she’s in the industry to begin with🥴

  9. I thought that she was Amber Rose at first👀👀👀💯💯 but it looks good though! I like it👍🏾😘

  10. Every time a celeb is about to go crazy they cut their hair.. Kanye Chris brown Tamar Britney Justin b…ect ect ect…

  11. Cutting her hair definitely won’t stop the criticism its just something else to criticize my opinion she already looks weird now she just looks weirder she’s all around weird she’s strange somethin about her I can’t put my finger on again my opinion

  12. When a women get a buzz cut and dont give of shit about anybody is a power move very moving its chic AMAZINGLY beautiful for get what coco says 👌💐💐💐💅😊😊

  13. She cut her hair after that bad wig went viral?? Damn. Internet must be really getting to her. She looks good. 🤷

  14. I learned as a very young man in my 20s when a woman cut her hair shorter she’s going through some sh!+. Just step back and get out the fuching way.

  15. Father, God, please don’t let me cut my hair not nanh nother time. Teach me to pray and meditate to hear Your voice, guiding me to my next move. My hair is growing thanks to Your grace and loving kindness, Father. Cover me, oh Lord. In Your loving name. Amen.
    Saweetie looks pretty. To new beginnings. Cheers!!! 🥂🥂🥂🍾🍾🍾

  16. She just trying to deflect from that horrible performance and lack of talent she has but the cut is cute

  17. I done cut my hair just as short several times in the past 3/4 years now, the first time when I turned 30 and just recently, it’s very liberating. Tbh I think I’m going to stay short until I just get tired of it but I LOVE IT AND LOVE IT ON SAWEETIE ALOT…BUT IT SEEMS TO ME THAT SHE’S DOING IT FOR OTHER REASONS/CLOUT

  18. Maybe she didn’t have a whole lot of hair under the wigs, weaves, braids and extensions or whatever. People so quick to judge and assume the worst. Some of y’all so annoying. It’s crazy how a celebrity can’t even live their own lives because the so called fans want them to live the way they want. FOH! Weirdo shit for real 💯💯💯🤣🤣🤣

  19. But she’s been wearing wigs in the the public🤷🏿‍♀️ and covering up her natural hair, sooooo… cutting her natural hair that is barely seen is just a personal choice. She still has a pretty bone structure and features so the hair wasn’t going to change that or affect her pretty privilege. My question for her as an entertainer… are you going to respect your craft to improve it or continue to give these subpar performances? I’m not a fan, but I just asking because I’m tired of seeing her trend for all the wrong reasons.

  20. Let’s be real, the short hair is for lesbians 🤷🏿‍♂️
    Watch next year she gonna say she is dating a woman

  21. Whenever females cut their hair they are trying to connect with their more masculine dominant side(the I don’t need a man a faze). The longer a females goes without being in a relationship the more likely she is to try and develop masculinity

  22. I’m most definitely taking a attractive bald woman over an attractive wig/weaver

  23. She was already bald, she just took the weave out. Most black women in the States are bald.

  24. Soon, these women will only be good enough for each other. They’re not trying to attract us anymore. They’re impressing each other.

  25. Wow. Woman can’t even shave/ dye their hair in peace now? Smh 🤦🏾‍♀️

  26. Saweetie, like the other industry plants took the deal and sold her soul. You’ll see more of her out there now. For the streets forever

  27. I just remembered, yall probably do 2, idk if it was SNL, she was on something when her hair was blonde and it was actually breaking off in the front for a minute. I think she dyed it red to hide it. A couple of days ago vlogs was roastin her for keeping the red weave in so long. Shes more than likely cutting the damage off and trying to feel good about herself damn yall 😂

  28. Saweetie is trying to figure out the direction of her career She might not be doing very well with her music When women cut their hair it’s usually because they’re gong through a crisis

  29. Saweetie is a Cancer♋ like myself we actually are born on the same day. The way I see it, it’s more of a rebirth, representing moving into a new chapter/phase in life. Cancer is represented by the crab and this to me is why the above makes sense with us the crab when it becomes too big for its shell removes it, once it finds a better fit. She has been figuring her self out this could be a sign that she is ready to make some changes like show her growth but only time will tell.

  30. I’ve said this for years, Saweetie is beautiful 🙌🏾 but a musician she is not. She’s just not that dedicated to her craft and she doesn’t have her own identity. I can see her in the fashion or beauty industry.

  31. Not all women’s cut there hair low because there going through something i cut mines low because it was hot this summer the more i keep cutting it grows faster and faster love low cuts and long hair also i likes to do all kinds of styles on me interesting too me love the low cuts and long hair also 🥰❤️🥰

  32. I don’t know if she’s going through something or not, but I loooove her new hairstyle❤️.

  33. Well I can only speak for myself….I rock short hair as a silent salute to my granny and my bonus sister who passed from cancer…when my bonus sister lost all of her hair it wasn’t even a thought, I woke up and shaved it all off❤️(back b4 ppl was going viral for it)….. I’ve always been a huge fan of “boy” (ceasers, fades, buzz) cuts on a female it shows confidence and boost her natural features…..if she’s going thru it I hope she finds balance and peace ❤️….

  34. We care to much about what other ppl do with THEIR body. It’s beautiful, doesn’t matter the reason. If you think she’s going through it pray for her and mind ya business😎

  35. Saweetie has been taking a lot of backlash from everybody because she can’t perform her own music. Now that she is Grammy nominated, she’s under a microscope and I think she can’t take it, which might be why she cut her hair off. Just my hot take on it. She was made by the industry.

  36. Half of her dance routine is swinging weave and the other half is twerking. What she gon do now that she looks like a ninja turtle? Ladies… Do NOT cut your hair, you immediately look like somebody aunty and a man… And your sex appeal drops dramatically.

  37. She is going through a mental crisis. Let’s be real, when women start messing w their hair it’s for change and there is an internal war going on. The internet has not been nice to her. Praying she has some true people to confide in.

  38. She is pretty but literally has zero talent….so she should just model….please dont rap no more…

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