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Golden Corral Brawl: 40 people fought over steak

Free-for-all at Golden Corral/YouTube

Big brawl at Golden Corral.

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BENSALEM, Pa. — Police officials are investigating after 40 ravenous patrons beat the sh*t out of each other at a Golden Corral buffet. The free-for-all transpired last Friday at the high-calorie restaurant in Bensalem, Pennsylvania. It was also captured on video. Graphic footage shows fisticuffs galore and high chairs soaring. Dylan Becker, a quondam employee, said all hell broke loose over a greasy steak. “There was two parties in line waiting for steak,” he explained to reporters. “Somebody had cut in front and then started being picky and finicky about the steaks and taking too long, and then, somebody else spoke up and said something I guess the other party didn’t like. Then, it just looks like it turned into an all-out brawl.” Becker said a female confrère was thwacked upside the head with a table. “My friend, she’s in the video trying to break it up, and she told me she got hit by a table and her ankle got bruised up pretty bad,” he recounted.

“Scary stuff. I’ve never seen nothing like that in Golden Corral before.”

Watch disturbing footage.

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  1. Restaurant owner: Congratulations. Now everybody in my restaurant’s gonna get Covid-19

  2. You notice it’s only one certain group of people that act like this? Mostly. Why?🤔

  3. I would have locked the doors…called the cops and told them everyone involved is gonna have a nice hot meal in jail.


  5. that covid vaccine is a bitch

    we didnt start seeing this kinda shit until people got jabbed

  6. Just another day of good eatin’ at Garbage Corral where human trash go to consume something resembling food.

  7. Man, the pandemic has driven adults mad. So many incidences of violence.

  8. You ever tasted the gravy on those crab legs?! I would fight for it too

  9. There is a dominant color in that footage. Is that racist or just pointing out a clear fact? No offense meant.

  10. just wait until the EBT cards stop working. It was the same when people were fighting over toilet paper in early 2020. At a local super market, a woman actually cried when the toilet paper shelves were empty……….

  11. ok now that’s f u c k i n ridiculous ain’t no way around it…but this would have been the perfect time to take some f00d t0-g0 🤷🏻

  12. I like to go to Golden Corral and watch
    Fat people in their natural habitat

  13. Get in line to “steak your claim” and someone tries to jump the line?, ain’t happening pal, it’s on like donkey-kong.

  14. A true idiot started this fight. A rare steak takes about , idk pending the size, about 8 minutes. And the guy that ordered his first, obviously ordered it to be cooked more. … that takes longer. When someone explains that to him, then he will realize

  15. This is why all black communities with movie theaters are all closed. This is also why black communities do not have their own business economy such as malls, shopping center, etc. Blacks destroy themselves and their economy forcing them to leave their comm and shop in white areas. This is evidenced from when blacks would guild “slave catchers” to the location of the most vulnerable coastal blacks, and take them into slavery. If you go to any urban city, all black shopping areas and malls are either closed down or sell low end goods, like dollar stores. Thats is why you will never see a Chick-Fil-a in an urban black area. Blacks destroy themselves and their economy.

  16. ”Golden Quarrel”
    I knew Golden Corral is trash, but that doesn’t mean you should go berserk.

  17. I would have thought that Oprah would have sprung for Outback Steakhouse for the family reunion.

  18. Well they’ve burnt down multiple cities costing well over $3Billion for less and didn’t get in trouble for it, what’s one golden coral gonna do??

  19. All this cause one ☝️ person behind you had his steak 🥩 cooked rare and by it being the last steak 🥩 you get angry 😤 cause you didn’t get yours. The least the cook could’ve done was ask who was here first that’s why it’s called first come first serve sigh 😔😔😔😔

  20. lol, they might’ve said it was over a “steak” but that’s was clearly as black vs white thing.

  21. It’s just a fight chill out. That’s what’s wrong with the world everyone’s so scared to square up to someone. Everyone cries, complains and makes excuses all so they can be offended. Shut up and duke it out. Bring honor and glory to your house. Don’t act like you’re better than they are. You aren’t you’re a coward.

  22. But you all want to be treated like you are civilized 🤣….well this video sums it up quite well why that’ll never happen. Over who got a piece of steak 1st….really? Grow the f♡☆k up already then you might get that respect you so desperately demand. Until then you’ll be treated like animals cuz thats exactly how u act.

  23. If nothing else, this incident shined a light on how many racist people there are in the comment section!

  24. 2 Timothy 3:1-5 ESV
    But understand this, that in the last days there will come times of difficulty. For people will be lovers of self, lovers of money, proud, arrogant, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, heartless, unappeasable, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not loving good, treacherous, reckless, swollen with conceit, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, having the appearance of godliness, but denying its power. Avoid such people.

  25. Funny how I can see all the white people clearing the area like “nope! Not gonna be apart of that” 🤣

  26. All this over some trash food? We have to do better ❗ out here embarrassing ourselves during black history month smh.

  27. Geez, that steak must be off the hook. They should capitalize off this, and change their slogan to, “Our steaks is So good, it’ll make you slap someone’s mama.” 🤤🖐💥👵

  28. That’s not a brawl! That’s just a bunch of dumb*ss’ acting the fool.

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