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High school student was pummeled in classroom

Las Vegas student attacked in class/Twitter

High school student beaten in class.

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LAS VEGAS — Law enforcement officials in Las Vegas are investigating after a high school student got her ass kicked in front of the entire class as the teacher stood and watched. The other students didn’t help either. They simply pointed and laughed. The beatdown transpired at Las Vegas High School in the Clark County School District. It was also captured on video. Cell phone footage shows a girl thwacking her classmate in the head repeatedly. “Stop! Stop! Stop! Get off of her!” said the scaredy-cat teacher who refused to get involved. The victim was pummeled so bad, she rested her battered cranium on the desk until medical professionals arrived. The teen assailant was cited and charged with battery. Clark County School District Police Lt. Bryan Zink said additional charges are pending. Clark County School District Superintendent Jesus Jara issued the following statement: “Violent acts, assaults, and bullying will not be tolerated in the Clark County School District, and those who choose to engage in these activities will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”

Is it time to deep-six public schools?

Should the attacker be charged with attempted murder?

Watch the disturbing video.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Attacked from behind? While she was sitting down??? You get no points for that.

  2. I find this disturbing the teacher and the students are worthless cowards for not stopping it the girl needs prison time

  3. That teacher has no business in a classroom , the kids laughing should be suspended , seems to me that school is filled with cowards

  4. If That was My Daughter in That Class and that Teacher allowed it to Happen without trying to protect her at All Like this Coward did I Would do The Same to This Teacher Guarantee

  5. Fucking cited ….what a fucking 🤣 joke 🤣…lil fat troll needs to be in jail and lock her parents up, if you can find them. Citation isn’t going to do shit….this was attempted murder…not assault. Lil troll doll should be in a cell …should be permanently kicked out of school.

  6. If that had been my child, sad to say but I’d find that attacker and put her down like a rabid dog.

  7. all you idiots voted for this when you voted for Democrats. now you know why some kids shoot up their schools

  8. She could’ve killed her with hitting her on the head with so much hate and forced 😡 mad at the attacker and the teacher didn’t even get close poor girl no one help bad school protocol. Not one student helped either hope the mom sued the school . Attacker has to be in jail pay for what she did .

  9. So the teachers just allow students to get beat but yet they want pay raises?

  10. We don’t know both sides of the story. The girl in black could have been bullied countless times and finally reached her breaking point. People don’t just start beating on someone for absolutely no reason.

  11. How quickly people simple minded people take a side. Nobody knows the full story. For all we know the “victim” deserved the beating after harassing the attacker for who knows how long. Yeah someone having had enough and making a stand is an awful person to you simple minded clowns. People have their limits. Keep taking sides without know the real facts.

  12. This simply illustrates (one more thing of) the beginning of the end of America. The teacher won’t step in to stop the fight for fear of action against her. So she lets it go on. Kids aren’t stupid and can see that not only in this school but in every school, the inmates run the asylum just like the streets of NY, Chicago, LA, SF, Portland, Seattle and almost every other “blue” city in America. No consequences for criminal behavior anywhere. Oh… but they’ll make sure everyone wears a mask.

  13. I can’t even watch it! It makes me sick to my stomach! I can’t sleep thinking about that poor defenseless student unconscious while still being punched on the head. Omg! The trauma on the head and injuries. This is horrific! This was intention to kill! No one in the classroom did nothing nor the teacher! WTF! That community needs to protest and get that girl placed in jail. This is intentional attempted murder! I hope the victim family hires a good lawyer and sue big time.

  14. Just another day in an American school, no big deal down there.. joke of a country and polluted with f’d up people who come from even more f’d up people.. people who are having kids who should no chance In hell be having kids.

  15. … you couldn’t see this shit comming you stupid fucks running the schools? The attacker was CITED!!? I went to prison for less then that. I am going to start suing the state government for locking me up for no fucking reason (too many times to count) while this bullshit psycho bitch thinks she’s in the UFC beating this poor girl who’s not even fighting! WHERES THE STUPID IRRESPONSIBLE UNACCOUNTABLE SO CALLED TEACHER!?

  16. I would be in jail right now. I would of went looking for her and her parents! On sight 🤬💯💯💯

  17. how about real prosecution, not a stupid slap on the hand. house arrest, a week in jail, bullshit. minimum 6 months in jail and parents financially responsible. the fact of the matter is this country is going to hell. put criminals were they belong, in jail and make them do real time. but bleeding heart liberals won’t let that happen.

  18. This poor student did not defend herself. Watching it, it pissed me off to the core. Whoever that was, did a shit job of trying to break it up, then left the student there by herself to continue to get those beatings. While the chicken shit teacher just watched, and those stupid students laughed in the back ground.
    I wonder what would happen if it was one of them??? I’m sure they would want someone to help them?
    I hope the parents of the victim sue this shit school district, sue that psycho path student that beat the student parents. Schools really need to do a better job handling cases like this.

  19. They gave the girl a citation the police said they could not charge her because she is a seventeen-year-old minor that was not a fight that was an assault and Battery

  20. Try her as an adult! She’s going to end up in prison anyway. You chicken shit teacher/ students pick up the phone and call 911. You can CLEARLY
    see why the district and the state of Nevada have a serious problem on there hands. Even the students don’t intervene because of the ignorant district and laws . Because both condone this violence it will never end until it’s your child getting her brains knocked in.

  21. That deranged child needs to be charged with attempted murder. She attacked that child with intent to cause sever damage. Sneak attack beating someone in the head from behind, the victim had no way to defend herself and noone came to her rescue. It is sickening. Poor baby I hope she recovers physically and mentally from this brutal attack. Justice needs to be served to that criminal!! The teacher and school need to be held accountable! The other students laughing and not helping shows how desensitized and removed this generation is. 😭 The poor victim probably has brain hemorrhages and seizures from this attack!

  22. Liberal institutions like public schools in US are beta-male and gender confused indoctrination factories. Watch how little the woke socialist teacher did to help the beaten girl while the boys stayed safe in their fetal position.

  23. Student: gets punched in the head 30 times, has a seizure, ends up with a brain hemorrhage.
    High School: sends a email to parents about why bullying is mean.

  24. If I were the kids parents who got punched I’d be waiting outside for the other kids parents to do the same. And everyday there after. And when I got out of jail I’d do it again

  25. Yall dont wanna submit to Jesus Christ, so this is what you get. Dont complain.

  26. That girl for sure changed that girl for the rest of her life. She 💯 has brain damage and internal bleeding. I hope that girl that did that burns in hell. Where she belongs. Karma will get her back 100 million times worse.

  27. This event is SHOCKING and all to common.
    The video says EVERYTHING.
    What discussion or woke twisting of reality can bypass that video?
    The psychopath that did the attacking should be, at the least, locked up !

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