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Kim Kardashian ‘legally’ single, Kanye West livid

Kanye and Kim legally single/Getty Images

Kanye and Kim finally done. 

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HOLLYWOOD — You can stick a fork in Kim Kardashian’s marriage because it’s done. After several months of tribunal beseeching, the reality TV star was finally granted connubial manumission on Wednesday. She’s no longer the wife of rapper Kanye West. Kim and her lawyer, dissolution queen Laura Wasser, appeared in divorce court via video chinwag. The judge restored Kim’s single status under the condition that “any right to get reimbursement of money that’s supposed to be divided up will be preserved in case either of them dies.” Um… ok. Prior to adjudication, the judge asked Kim, “Do you think your marriage can be saved with counseling?” to which she replied “f*ck no!” Rumor has it Kim, 41, is pissed at Kanye, 44, because he promised to keep their cessation private, which he hasn’t. He also stalked her and aired their dirty laundry on social media, causing Kim “emotional distress.”

To be candid, Kanye is batshit crazy.

Social media reaction was hilarious. One fan wrote, When a woman’s fed up, ain’t nothing you can do about it. His chances of getting back with Kim would’ve been higher if he just gave her space.” Another chimed in with, “Hearing about Kanye every day causes ME emotional distress… does that count?” A third fan added, “We all knew this was going to happen even before it started.” 

This was Kim’s 4th marriage and first for Kanye.

They have a quartet of children.

Should Kim get married again or stay solo?

Share your thoughts.

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  1. So happy for Kim to have him behind her. What a clown and an embarrassment. That fact he can’t control her life any more is going to drive him mad. Her life must be so peaceful, happy and filled with optimism now. She deserves so much better than what she got the last 8 years.

  2. She is single now . I read somewhere she has eyes on ja morant.

  3. Hallelujah!! Thank you!! JESUS!! BLESS THEM,ALL!! Especially the children!!🙏🕊️ AMEN!!🙏

  4. Man I really hope kanye gets professional help because he needs it.

  5. He’s is like a ticking Time bomb he’s creepy. And a little cuckoo 🤪 lol

  6. Rather it’s a wife or girlfriend, Kanye will eventually trash them all over social media. Whoever hooks up with Kanye… prepare yourself for a bumpy ride!! I guarantee you Kim is relieved to be called single!!!

  7. I don’t really follow the Kardashians that closely but I’m happy for her and her kids. Kanye has been unhinged for a long time and even more so the last few months. I’m glad they can move on from this chapter now and she can be free of him

  8. Make sure that you have 4 kids with him, then divorce him👍👍👍🤪🤪😂

  9. Kanye lost any chance of ever getting her back after airing out their differences on social media!

  10. I’m so happy for her. It took a minute to get to this place, and I can imagine the burden that’s been lifted off her shoulders. Wishing her and the children all the happiness without any stress in the future. Hopefully Kanye will move on with his own life and stop worrying about what Kim is doing and with who. In the meantime, cheers to you, Kim. Go celebrate!!

  11. Everyone’s so happy for a family to be torn apart which is sad and why marriage is a joke now

  12. Kim would be stupid to get married again, all those divorces don’t tell you that maybe you’re not meant to be a wife? Kim needs to learn to be content with being alone.

  13. So tired of seeing these black kids growing up in broken homes shit sad 😞man and Kylie 🤦🏿‍♀️keeps giving Travis Scott kids with no ring 💍 smfh

  14. Some words of advice for Kanye (not that he’ll ever see this:)
    If you love someone… let them go.
    Respect their wishes. You want the person you love to be happy. Don’t you? Loving someone is not owning them or controlling them. Loving someone is supporting them, respecting them, wanting them to be happy, and wanting the best for them (regardless of whether that be with or without you.)
    Loving someone is wanting them to be free to live their life how they wanna live it… not how you want them to live it.
    Kanye had a very warped perception of love. Throughout their entire marriage he treated her as if he owned her rather than as his partner. I’m surprised they lasted as long as they did before she finally left him. Now that she’s moved on, he’s stalking and harassing her and anyone she associates with. This is NOT how you treat someone you love!!! This is how you treat someone you think less of and want to own/control.
    If Kanye truly loves Kim, then he needs to get his act together. All he’s doing is hurting her and everyone around her.

  15. Bruce must be so proud…..sorry I mean Caitlyn. I always get them mixed up.

  16. Who gives a fuck about these rich people. People are in this world who are not able to eat everyday. And I can’t believe how people are saying how happy they are for her and her kids. You people need to get a life. If you are worried about how the rich are doing. Then I guess you don’t have a life or you are rich yourselves.

  17. I would like a divorce from the Kardashians as well!! Like cockroaches….they will outlive us all and keep multiplying!

  18. Kanye needs to face reality and expect that Kim doesn’t want to be with him anymore you can’t force something to be with you nor love you and he has to really realize that if not it’s gonna do him more harm than good …. Kim has been so quiet and respectful To Kanye through this entire thing and Kanye has been bashing kim and her family and he still wants to act like “ I want my family back together like boy stop !

  19. If his mother had been alive, he would have never married her!! She would have never allowed it!! And he was a mama’s boy for sure! While I don’t really give a shit about either of them, glad they can move on. They have beautiful kids that don’t deserve the public bs he was spewing!! I was actually worried by his behavior and the fact that she moved on, we might have seen a murder/suicide. He was becoming more and more unhinged, based on his tweets.

  20. Kanye is nothing but batshit Crazy
    Kim tried
    But simply just had enough over this last disgusting meltdown

  21. He needs help ,he needs lots of therapy,he is delusional ,he obviously doesn’t see what most people see.That is called manic depressive bipolar,I should know my husband suffers from the same paranoia.My advice even though no one is asking get help ,medication,low dose,healthy living,exercise,prayer,and definitely let go of Kim,and what it used to be,life goes on,you cannot suffocate her,he seems extremely desperate and delusional.GET HELP

  22. But Kanye you said that you’ve been trying to “divorce Kim for years”. I think if Kanye would’ve been gracious with divorce last year and communicate calmly, perhaps Kim would’ve given him another chance but he was having girlfriends every week and he’s been harassing her. Kanye, don’t date and heal. Hurt people hurt people.

  23. I feel for the kids this messy divorce Kardashians are just for money 💰 this family loves the media all the Kardashians had problems having kids not married they from one guy to another rob is ok I like him you can have lots of money but if you love money 💰 its the root of all evil .Kardashians need prayer its sad to see them on t.v. beautiful looking family from the outside but there inner souls are greedy for fame and fortune 🙏

  24. Kim needs to go sit down somewhere and focus on herself and her children. She moves from one man to another. There is no cooling off period for her. Try being by yourself for awhile and stop jumping in and out of marriages. I guarantee she will be with a different man before this year is out.

  25. If you’re a rich black man , stay the HELL away from the Kardashian’s , every rich black man they have come across , they have RUINED.

  26. Putting a ring on a woman with a high body count is the dumbest thing a man can do. Kayne is definitely blue pill. Kim K is nothing but a spinster at this stage in her life now.

  27. Wow….congratulations!!
    To Kanye, that is. This door swings both ways. Thank GOD for prenuptials and paternity tests!!
    This is an experience Kanye will live to tell and he has a much, much broader life to look forward to.
    Look at the women he’s dating and look at who Kim Kardashian is dating; it is embarrassing for her… Kanye will continue to make money from scratch because he is a creator… Don’t get me wrong Kim is tough and she knows how to navigate through the media and come out smelling like roses so I think this will work out for both of them.
    There’s not always a winner and a loser, this seems like a win win situation—- only time will tell.

  28. Boooooo this is why men don’t want to get married these days no one sticks together to finish the marriage.

  29. They’re playing the public. They just want y’all to watch their new show.

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