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I Am Legend 2: Will Smith, Michael B. Jordan uniting

Will & Michael teaming up/Blaze Trends

Zombie sequel in the works. 

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HOLLYWOOD — It’s official. Part two of “I Am Legend” is coming to a movie theater near you. Will Smith broke the news during a recent chinwag with Entertainment Tonight. At first, the 53-year-old thespian was reluctant to explore the possibility of concocting a sequel. But when Will found out he’d be starring alongside Michael B. Jordan, he had a change of heart. “It was one of those ones I was gonna leave alone, and then I heard the idea,” Will explained. “That might work. I think we can do that.” Right now the plot is under construction, but Will said “it’s a really, really cool concept.” He also mentioned Michael was “part of creating the idea.” In the 2007 film, Will portrayed main protagonist Dr. Robert Neville — a military virologist at war with an army of cannibalistic revenants.

As the last man on earth, Dr. Neville was tasked with producing an antiserum for the Krippin Virus. By day, he and his German Shepherd are hunters for sustenance. By night, they barricade themselves at home as hordes of ravenous zombies permeate the town. During the movie’s cessation, Dr. Neville detonated a grenade as a human sacrifice — killing himself and a room full of darkseekers. So it’ll be interesting to see how his dramatis personae is resurrected.

“I Am Legend” brought in $585 million at the international box office.

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  1. $585 mil? Damn didn’t know it did that well. No wonder they makin a sequel.

  2. It makes sense that Neville will return cuz the Original Ending was in the Director’s Cut, where the Vampires let him live.
    Let’s hope they make the Vampires just Pale Bald People & not CGI people.

  3. My guess is will is a zombie now and was not killed. Jordan is a doc he crosses paths with who tries to cure him.

  4. How can u bring will smith’s character back if he killed his self in part one????

  5. Just ditch will Smith already. Tired of seeing his racist ass in movies.

  6. how? didnt the movie end with him sacrificing himself???? like wtf are they gonna do?

  7. I liked I Am Legend but the ending didn’t really warrant a sequel, especially with Will Smith returning since he blew himself up at the end of the movie! Not sure why they decided to make a sequel to this, just seems like a desperate cash grab from a semi-popular movie with the original star returning with a new young star. Michael B. Jordan is a good actor but his action roles are pretty generic. I don’t see this being very good

  8. Will Smith and Michael B Jordan are in it, so people will go see it. It’ll make a ton of money.

  9. Will will be a monster or whatever that was and Jordan will cure him with the cure Will created.

  10. So Michael is going to be his kid ?
    Will Smith definitely died at the end of the first one, not possible for a sequel.

  11. This goddamn rebootquel craze is NEVER going to end. I’m already sick of it, and it’s not going to stop for the next 10-15 years (until people start dying off…apologies for being morbid).

  12. I Am Legend is 1 of the most underrated movies I’ve ever seen, I love that movie, to me it’s one of the best survival horror movies I’ve ever seen, it does have some problems, most notably the bad CGI but I still think it’s an amazing movie, by the way, if you’re one of the people who was disappointed that they didn’t use the original ending where Robert Neville lives get the double feature Blu Ray that has I Am Legend and Omega Man, when you press play on I Am Legend it’ll give the option to watch the theatrical version or the alternate version, and the alternate version is the full length movie but with that alternate ending, I don’t think they should be doing a sequel though, although to be fair I do think there’s potential for one, if they went with the timeline in which he survives and it’s revealed that the Darkseekers actually have humanity too maybe it could be a story kind of in the same vain as Dead Rising 2, where word gets out about the Darkseekers’ humanity and it creates a group of people that thinks we should let them live among us, and maybe it creates a war between the people who support the Darkseekers and those who don’t, and the people who do have the Darkseekers on their side as well, maybe it could even end with a huge war that ultimately wipes both sides out and leaves the planet completely baron, I know it sounds kind of unconventional but that’s the best kind of scenario I could think of, and Michael B Jordan as the star is not a bad choice at all, I think the problem is that it’s simply too little too late, maybe this could’ve worked if it was to come out in say 2011 or 2012 but now that it’s been 15 years since that movie I don’t think most people would care, and it’s not like the first movie was all that beloved either, I think the fanbase it has is more of a cult following, so unless this was given to a director who was truly passionate about making this great story this’ll probably just be another case of Hollywood needlessly resurrecting an old movie from the past, this doesn’t seem like the type of movie they’d give a lot of time and care to

  13. Michael b Jordan and his platoon get trapped in the city and will smith going back into the city too rescue the team and ,to track down aware zombie couple who has a normal human child who’s immune and holds the key too the cure ,zombies become more evolved and dangerous,planning a mass a attack on uninfected people

  14. I just hope we find out what Fred was doing out there in the first place!

  15. Will Smith decided to turn I am Legend into the post apocalypse series where the black dude doesn’t die

  16. OK, I liked the first movie, except the part when he has to kill his dog, cannot watch that. The movie was a remake of “The Omega Man” from the 70’s which was a remake of “The Last Man on Earth” from the 50’s I believe and all of them are based on a book that I have been meaning to read for awhile.

  17. I hope that Will smith doesn’t die
    The cure is delivered and people start to take it maybe they will have to inject it into food or find a way to duplicate it so there’s enough.. maybe Michael B Jordon will find a lab somewhere where they can make strains of the cure and inject it in bait food etc for the others.. slowly the other change back and help with the cause..

    Maybe the alpha zoombie leader will bit his female and she turns back and he will have to fight Michael B jordon to the end because he will refuse to turn and will want to create more zombies since he’s the Alpha zoombie! I believe Will blood was the cure so they have drain him to use the resources

  18. I say the best way to bring him back is to start the movie with him dying as his thought and that really never happened.and he changes his mind to the alternative ending.

  19. Should have just left it, they have ruined the ending of the original film even if they had an alternative ending the original was far more gripping but as usual Hollywood and people in general cant let things go

  20. How did Will fall so low?
    Oh yeah he has someone at home constantly making him feel less of a man.
    Sorry Will but this movie is a cash grab…until you divorce that KUNT I will never see one of your movies AGAIN.

  21. I think a prequel would work better. Seeing society come apart would be interesting.

  22. What ?? Didn’t he die at the end of the original one ?, and one of the worst actors in the past decade or so is Will Smith

  23. I thought originally they were going to do a prequel for this movie and center around the fall of the last human city, that would’ve been exciting to me. Not sure where it goes with the story as a sequel, but having Michael B Jordan on board is def a plus and he’s got a pretty good track record.

  24. This is a stupid idea, the character is dead he blew himself into pieces. Yes I know about the alternate ending but they didn’t use it. 🤷‍♂️

  25. There’s talk of his character being cloned, and thats how he returns for the sequel. I say, if they can clone him, then they had better clone the damned dog too!!

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