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Wendy Williams kicked out, Sherri Shepherd moves in

Wendy replaced by Sherri/YouTube

Wendy Williams is finished. 

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NEW YORK — “How you doin?” You can stick a fork in Wendy Williams’ talk show because it’s done. After 12 years on the air, the 57-year-old scuttlebutt queen is being replaced by Sherri Shepherd who made the big announcement on Tuesday’s show. “Starting in September, I’m debuting my own talk show,” she told the studio audience. Network officials also confirmed the news. “This is also a bitter-sweet moment for us and our partners at Fox,” they said in a statement. “We all have great love and affinity for Wendy, who grew into a true icon during her 12 incredible seasons as the solo host of a live, daily talk show dishing on ‘Hot Topics’ and interviewing celebrities.” Wendy, if you recall, fell out of favor with studio execs when she told Dr. Oz she’s eschewing the COVID vaccine. “I don’t trust it,” she explained. “I never got the flu shot either. I’m not getting the flu shot.”

Dr. Oz tried to change the gossiper’s mind but it was to no avail. It’s his assertion Wendy’s trepidation will sway millions of fans away from the panacea. Management must’ve harbored the same sentiment because they got rid of Wendy’s ass shortly thereafter — telling viewers she’s sick. Sherri, who’s fully vaccinated, filled in as guest host. Now she’s permanent and Wendy is unemployed.

Can Sherri fill her shoes?

Should Wendy get the jab and reclaim her throne?

Watch the big announcement.

Share your thoughts.

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  2. It’s funny how since Wendy spoke out about not trusting the vaccine she loses her show… hmmmmmm…. 😏

  3. Wendy is a god awful person. The crap she has said that’s untrue or her rude opinion… she is no queen.

  4. Congrats to Sherri, but is it just me that feels like it was in poor taste to announce it, quite literally on Wendy’s platform, mere weeks after we learned of Wendy undergoing her own stressors and feels like the rug has been pulled out from under her? I don’t think they should have announced it on Wendy’s show. I feel uneasy about that.

  5. Wendy hasn’t been the same after her break up. Feel bad for her and hopefully she finds peace eventually.

    With that being said, people like her and Julie Chen are cowards when they love to talk about other peoples problems freely in the air but decide to hide out when it’s their turn.


  7. We still haven’t forgotten how you abandoned that poor child you adopted, Sherry! You’re still 🗑️🗑️

  8. SO disrespectful of them! They announced it on Wendy’s platform! They are moving incorrectly, Wendy hasn’t even ‘officially’ gone yet! Her name is still everywhere. Shame on them!

  9. Title is misleading she’s not taking over Wendy’s show. She’s getting her own show that may be in Wendy’s old time slot.

  10. You see how quickly they move on when they think you are of no more use to them? Listen and learn.

  11. Sherri is a jerk she abandoned a baby she adopted! Who does that?! She did😡

  12. I love Sherry she’s always upbeat and I hope she can keep her own talk show, but I don’t necessarily like Wendy getting thrown under the bus either

  13. Perhaps, it’s karma for being a rotten person ie making fun of people 99.9% of the time🤷‍♀️
    Good riddens.

  14. Sherri seems like a yes person who is trying to be friendly with all celebrities. I’m going to miss Wendy raw personality. I’m not interested in watching Sherri. She seems nice but not for this show.

  15. She’s not taking over Wendy’s show. Wendy’s show will no longer air, and replaced with a new one.

  16. It’s not cool that Sherri announced her show on Wendy’s show.

  17. Girl you can’t replace WENDY. And I would not want a show off the back of someone else. It isn’t like they gave you a show while WENDY was still up and running. Smh Wendy needs to come back and reclaim her throne . Sherry show wont last….why..well she came from the VIEW..if they wanted her on air she would havE BEEN ON

  18. Sherri is loud and brings race to everything.Wendy was politicaly neutral that’s why ppl of all races were fans but the new show gonna be for blk folks only


  20. She was the only plausible choice for this because she was the ONLY guest host that was not only able to bring back the loss of viewership during Wendy’s absence BUT… She did what is unheard of and drove the ratings up to all time highs by bringing in additional fans, showing that she just has a much wider appeal with people. While Wendy has a more selective kind of brand. More narrow appeal.
    Honestly I will tell you exactly what it is in a simple way:
    Sherri Shepherd can do everything Wendy can do and she can do it better because she has that same Wendy-type of humor and vibe but times 50.
    Sherri is missing all that is negative about Wendy and her approach.

    And that’s what makes her ideal and cherished by general audiences. No mean or rude natured deliveries. It’s all love with Sherri.

    You better believe I will be tuning in to watch SHERRI come September. Daily.
    Can’t say the same about Wendy Williams.

  21. Looks like karma has caught up with her .. the gossip and lies she’s propagated for decades .. lie in your bed Wendy

  22. Girl boo you trying to help steal a show Wendy built from the ground up. Trying to steal her viewers and audience she built up. God ain’t got nothing to do with that mess. This mess won’t work because of how it started

  23. Not sure how this is a win? They took away Wendy’s show and GAVE it to her. I guess I’m more like get your own don’t ride Wendy’s coattails. Idk mixed feelings here.

  24. Wendy is a LEGEND!!
    But let’s not get amnesia-
    The Wendy Show was becoming CRINGY to watch. She was pausing and umming so much in her speech that it was difficult to follow. Then it got really weird after the rehab stent. Allegations from staff of innappriate behavior, reports that she was coming in drunk, Norman BEEN pushing her in a wheelchair (figuratively) to get through the topics. She knew and remembered NOTHING about the guests… must I go on??? This is not the closure the fans wanted but NO ONE HAS SEEN OR TALKED TO WENDY in the flesh, just “sources say”. Until I see it for myself in REALITY, I don’t believe she will be doing anything else in entertainment. And trust, if Kelvin is back in her life, she should be working in no time because he needs his coins. I truly HOPE she comes back and STAYS as healthy as possible, but I need to 👀 her!

  25. Wendy needs to get off the dope. Realize the husband ain’t shit. She can do way better. Needs to recognize! Now. She lost herself and show over the bro. Now what? Now what Wendy? All the s×÷+ she talked about everyone else that Karma just got you back. Sad. Very sad. Poster Child for Transgender doesn’t pay much. Go back to radio.

  26. Why The View didn’t want this heffa
    Like I said stay off yo knees bih!!!!!

  27. I wouldn’t be surprised if they gave Wendy the vaccine against her will when her financial advisor working for Wells Fargo reported her to the bank as being mentally incompetent and Wells Fargo has stolen $40 million of her assets parked with the bank.. They have literally stolen her money and claimed that she is mentally incompetent. The question is how did she get that way. It happened in an instant by their estimation. Get your money out of Wells Fargo it’s a criminal mafia organization

  28. Seriously Sherri Sheppard? WHYYYYYY her. She sucked on the view and I mean bottom of the barrel sucked! Nothing interesting about her at all. Sorry not sorry. Now I could write a list a mile long on how annoying she is but there’s nothing worse than her constant raving of her religious beliefs. The way she said it was “Gods hand” why she got the gig, shut up. Another feckless blind follower yeehaw. Believe what you will and keep it to yourself. Wendy was real, emotional, funny, witty, beautiful, trashy, classy, a fighter and a friend to her millions of fans. It’s truly heartbreaking that she’s not returning and it’s an extra punch in the gut that her replacement is Ms Shepherd. All the more reason to just turn the tv OFF and go outside.

  29. Sherri Shepherd who thinks gays are going to hell and the earth is flat. OK…

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