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Sadistic chick jailed for decapitating boyfriend

Taylor cut a man’s head off/YouTube

Crazy chick chopped man’s head off. 

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GREEN BAY, Wisconsin — Taylor Schabusiness, 24, was thrown in the slammer after she decapitated her boyfriend — Shad Thyrion, 25 — with a set of kitchen knives while high on meth. Taylor, who’s married with a child, gave Shad some booty prior to chopping his head off. The succubus also performed a blow job on his diced up cadaver. Damn. The heinous crime transpired February 23rd in Green Bay, Wisconsin. According to police reports, Shad was asphyxiated by a chain Taylor used during a bout of sadistic copulation. Then she dismembered his body in the basement of his mother’s residence. The prepossessing brunette told investigators she performed oral sex on Shad’s corpse then placed his head inside a bucket for his mom to find. His legs and body parts were discovered in a crockpot box. Shad’s family is pissed. “Yesterday we were given some devastating news,” Shad’s uncle, Nathan Mineau, wrote on Facebook. “Our nephew Shad Thyrion was taken from us by what I can only assume is a monster.”

Social media reaction was heartless.

One person wrote, “At least the victim had the best moment of his life in his final minutes with this attractive brunette.”

Another added, “She’s hot…what’s her number? Inmate #666?🤣 Yep, I’m going to hell for that one.”

Taylor is married to a jailbird named Warren.

They just had a baby.

What’s a suitable punishment for Taylor? Life in prison or the death penalty?

Watch her court appearance.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. What is wrong with people these days? Its only fair she is dismembered as well.

  2. How sick and evil! The guy poor mother finding her son head like that, this woman will have nightmare for the rest of her life.

  3. A very evil person. If the judge gives her any less then life in prison, that will be a grave injustice.

  4. Police: “Ma’am, do you have anything to tell us about how this head made it in this bucket?”

    Taylor: “It ain’t Schabusiness!”

  5. I think methamphetamine definitely added to her psychosis, but I don’t blame drugs for what she did. I think she’s got demons because I’ve been completely psyched-out from drug-induced psychosis and I’ve never meant to hurt anybody. There is something else going on and the drugs definitely added to it but she’s got issues.

  6. OH MY GOD, that’s one of the most heinous crimes I’ve ever heard of, especially considering it was a woman. My condolences to his mother, I cannot imagine finding my child dismembered in my own home.

  7. Sheeesh, make sure y’all throw away the key after locking this one up…please!

  8. Sounds like she was taken over. Meth puts you in the astral level quite easily… where you are then vulnerable to entities taking the wheel… and driving your crazy bus all over town.

  9. Meth is a VERY scary drug!!! I personally have watched meth change one of the most tender, loving people I know into someone that can scare me … meth is very powerful and I have zero doubt it can make anyone… do anything…

  10. We need tougher laws in this country, lock her up and throw away the key!!! 🙏🏼That’s why Trump needs to come back asap. This is Biden’s America!

  11. Do the same to this sick individual. This isn’t even her real last name. She’s married and her husband is in prison. Now they can be pen pals.

  12. Shabusiness? I’ve never heard that last name ever in my entire life! Wtf lolol

  13. U would have to be one sick puppy to do something like this, that’s for sure.

  14. Pull up her past mugshot and you can see how much make-up and filters she used. She had sex and played with his corpse for 2-3 hrs, according to her statement to the cops. She also told them “good luck finding the organs” and was upset she left his head behind. She dismembered him with a bread knife from the kitchen. Then she went home showered and did her hair and make-up. Crazy.

  15. Lock her BLK AZZ UP!
    Oh wait a minute, she ain’t Blk.
    Not guilty!

  16. That poor mother will carry that horrific sight of her sons head in that bucket for the rest of her life omg i cant even !!!

  17. she’s blaming drugs but I think it’s an excuse. I’ve done my share of parting in the 80s and never came close to killing someone. Ever

  18. Police: What happened here?
    Taylor: He told me he wanted head…

  19. “Did you decapitate this man?”
    “That’s none of ….Schabusiness.”
    Thank you.

  20. Seriously?? What kind of a last name is Schabusiness? She definitely gave this guy the “business”. I have literally never heard of a female committing all the elements of the crimes she committed. OMG I wish his mother had not been the one to find the bucket. She will never be able to unsee it. I can’t even imagine a mother finding something so gruesome. It’s unthinkable! WTF????

  21. I know this won’t be a popular comment, but almost all of the cases like this are done by people that had horrible abuse from their pedophile parent or family member. Not excusing their behavior but I can’t imagine living thru that and not being totally messed up. I think her father should be held accountable for this as well. He created the “monster”. I also feel so bad for Shads mother. I can’t even imagine. 🥺

  22. Is it me or does this sound like a horror movie? That girl is CrAzY!!!Its the Mom I feel for the most. I have 2 kids, 17 & 15, to find your child’s head in a bucket…… it’s hell on earth! I am sending prayers and light and love for her and the rest of his family and friends.

  23. Drugs. Drugs can make you do fucked up things especially if you are already fucked up.

  24. I bet her dating list just got a lot shorter. The head was found because the mom heard it singing “I aint got no body” !

  25. Crazy crazy crazy. Jeez. There is a special place in hell for people like her 🔥

  26. Holy moly I’ve never heard of this case but my God this chick is bat shit crazy. His poor mom I couldn’t even imagine what or how she felt. My heart breaks for her❤🌹

  27. All I can say white padded room and throw away the key! And never open the damm door!

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