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Road Rage: White dude attacked black woman

Crazy dude jumped on woman’s car/YouTube

White guy fights black chick.

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HOUSTON — Law enforcement officials in Houston, Texas are investigating after a white man fought a black woman during a fit of road rage. The bout of fisticuffs transpired Friday evening in the middle of the damn street. It was also captured on video. Cell phone footage shows the apoplectic Caucasian jumpin’ on the windshield of Brittany Wilson’s BMW before snatching off her wig. He also appears to expectorate in her countenance. Brittany, a 22-year-old army specialist, countered with a quick one-two combo to his jaw. The assailant then ran like a lil bitch. Brittany told reporters he followed her for several miles prior to the attack. “He started yelling at me, I started yelling back,” she recounted. “I emerged in front of him and he got like very angry.” Brittany said after he leaped on her car “the whole windshield was caved in.” What’s sad is a handful of drivers descried a man fighting a woman and nobody stepped in to conciliate. Thank God Brittany is military trained.

The camouflage-wearing damsel held her own and then some.

Watch the boxing match.

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  1. I’ve been followed.
    1. Call 911
    2. Get off freeway mainlanes.
    3. Start moving toward a police or fire station.
    4. Stay in car.
    5. Put flashers on.
    6. If you see a cop car, flash SOS in Morse Code with headlights. (… — …).

  2. So a 22 year old Army Specialist can afford a $50,000 BMW and swing a bottle of champaigne at some dude? I want to join the Army.

  3. God bless her, she didn’t deserve that. I’m a veteran myself and I know that her unit will support her with anything she needs.

  4. It looks like she was getting the best of him. With her military garb on ,she was ready for combat.

  5. He should have left once her wig came off. Taking her wigs off is same as when blk men taking their shirts off which means they are ready to fight😄

  6. It can be frustrating when people just cut you off or change lanes as if your not even on the road. I hate when I’m doing 35-40 in. 35 mph zone and someone rides my bumper like get out the way! There’s more time than life people!!!!

  7. So no one came to her rescue 😒 I wish she would’ve hit the gas he would’ve been on a shirt messing with me

  8. Good for her fighting back. She Obviously knows how to throw some punches

  9. Listen ! That Black Terminator is out there. It’s wearing a wig. It can’t be bargained with. It can’t be reasoned with. It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead !
    – Tommy Sotomayor

  10. He has zero respect. Even after seeing her in uniform…but also why did she get out the car??? They are both hot heads, she might get in trouble too. But he spitting and carrying on…he should feel lucky he didn’t get popped. But honestly if someone is acting a fool on the road just keep driving, get far away from them. Don’t even get out the car unless u are prepared to use deadly force

  11. Why didn’t she call the police like black women call the police on black men

  12. @Ice Tray: But it’s ok to call white people cracka, honkey, whitey, genetic defects and call for ‘Kill all white people’

  13. It makes me ashamed to be a Caucasian person when other white people treat people like that. F**k him

  14. And people just standby and watch? Nice. Good job sheeple. You did your job.

  15. Crazy no one helped. Cowards everywhere. U cant just drive by this and feel good about yourself

  16. This is why you keep a loaded gun, stay in the car and if they approach you in a threatening manner shoot them in the face and save everyone a lot of trouble.

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