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Homeless man smeared dookie on woman’s face

Frank Abrokwa jailed over dookie/YouTube

Crazy dude unleashed poop attack. 

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BRONX — Law enforcement officials in the Bronx, New York are investigating after Frank Abrokwa smeared human feces all over a woman’s countenance at a subway station for no damn reason. Yep, the homeless bastard pulled out a bag of turds and wiped ’em on her face as she was sedentary on a bench. He also thwacked her multiple times. The 43-year-old victim told investigators she don’t know who the f*ck Frank is. She was completely blindsided. Police threw Frank’s black ass in jail. During his arraignment, he told the judge, “F*ck you!” Then called the victim a “bitch!” According to court docs, Frank flirted with the woman prior to the assault. “Hey, Mamie, hey, Mamie, why don’t you talk to me?” he said. When the lady refused to give him her phone number, a pissed-off Frank defecated in a sack and unleashed the dookie attack. Nasty sumbitch!

Frank is charged with assault, reckless endangerment, intimidation, disorderly conduct and harassment.

Running afoul of the law is nothin’ new to him.

The poop pimp has a rap sheet comparable to Charles Manson’s.

Frank’s been arrested at least 20 times for robbery, assault and forcible touching.

Watch disturbing footage.

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  1. Unfortunately he will be on the news again in a few days for something horrific because this system is fucked up !

  2. Lock him up and throw the keys away- This monster does not need to be in our society.

  3. My question: why aren’t these arresting officers wearing gloves to touch this dude?! 😳🤮

  4. Wondering if these “people” just do this to get arrested so they get food, shelter etc? The judges keep releasing them and they do things again immediately so they get arrested. Too many immigrants with no jobs and no plan come here and expect to live the good life with no effort. When they are disappointed this stuff happens.

  5. Such a nasty disgusting act. Throwing shit on ppl. For what reason? Just nasty n disgusting.

  6. He thought she was hungry so he gave her a melted snickers bar from his pocket

  7. He was released without bail and has already been rearrested.
    Given he’s been released 20+ times, I’m assuming much of the same.

  8. Spitting, feces and any other bodily fluid thrown or put on somebody is pure evil and disgusting!!

  9. Wait 😳 they arrested him 20 times and just let him go? For rubbing his shit in someones face?

  10. Releasing this poop smearing scumbag back to the public is gonna be the judge’s fatal mistake.

  11. This gives the term “Talkin shit” a whole new meaning! This mofo is nuts!

  12. This guy has an arrest record a mile long and he’s obviously mentally unstable. Why isn’t he in an institution for the criminally insane? Why does our society put up with these lunatics walking the streets???

  13. Absolutely disgusting and sad situation!! Glad he got caught and someone needs to do the same to him what he did to that lady and everyone else he harmed!!

  14. This is what happens when you close down mental hospitals in order to save money

  15. It’s still homeless people sleeping on the trains or staying inside the subway platforms. People still hop on the train and the cops are suppose to enforce the law by stopping all this from happening. And the mayor keeps saying GSD I still didn’t see anything done yet

  16. Just carry a small pocket knife. If you get attacked, have your hand ready with knife and aim for the neck or the eyes.

  17. This must be the white privilege I’ve heard so much about. If he was Hispanic, Asian or White he wouldn’t be walking free right now.

  18. Putting feces in someone’s face is attempted murder man….. stop voting for nonsense!!!

  19. If you you don’t have money, they throw you out of jail as quick as they bring you in, but god forbid you have money and a stable job, because then they’ll do their best to keep you in jail/court for even the smallest offense.

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