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Black-ish: Anthony’s wife divorcing him once again

Anthony and Alvina are done/Getty Images

Anthony gettin’ a divorce.

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LOS ANGELES — You can stick a fork in Anthony Anderson’s marriage because it’s done. The “Black-ish” star and wife, Alvina, are calling it quits after 22 years of holy matrimony. Alvina filed dissolution docs Friday afternoon in Los Angeles Superior Court citing irreconcilable differences. The gold digger is demanding alimony and full reimbursement of attorney fees. She also wants half of Anthony’s sh*t, including his mazuma and pecuniary assets. There’s no prenuptial agreement. Anthony, 51, and Alvina have two adult children so child support is irrelevant. The quondam lovebirds first hooked up as students at Howard University in 1989. They got hitched 10 years later. Filing for divorce is nothin’ new to Alvina. If you recall, she did it in 2015 then dropped the case after Anthony landed a high-paying gig on “Black-ish.” Social media reaction was sweet and sour. One fan wrote, “I’m sorry to hear this. He seems like a good man, but we don’t know what goes on behind the scenes. Unless he had an outside baby or abuses her, I don’t see a point in getting a divorce after 22 years. The next man she gets will NOT be on his level.”

Another fan chimed in with, “Damn, divorce for the 2nd time lol and she DEMANDS payment 😂😂😂! Marriage is a financial death sentence for 85% of men lol.” A third fan added, “Who gives a sh*t what these women want? Fellaz, if your girl wants to leave you, let the door hit her where the good Lord split her, and never take her back.”

Does Alvina deserve half or should the judge make her get a f*ckin’ job?

Also, do you think western culture is conducive to having loving, healthy relationships?

Share your thoughts.

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  1. I know it’s not about the looks but he needs to trade that in for a new much prettier, younger model…Say Sayonara.

  2. Marriage doesn’t work out in a matrichal feminist society doesn’t hold women accountable for their degenerate behaviors.

  3. If your woman/wife don’t look at you like you her favorite restaurant or favorite clothing store she ain’t the one. A real woman ain’t gone cancel anything she love.

  4. Bout to take his money, then live the rest of her life like she earned and worked hard for her lifestyle

  5. What you not seeing, black women are with you just for the money and Sex and when you start saying no, black women with a lot of Sex and money but want you to pay for it, black women are sleeping with everything, young, old and they sleeping with women too.

  6. Marriage is a woman lottery, marriage is a man slavery? Plus with women initiating open relationships, bi, onlyfans, single moms it isn’t worth it

  7. You want out, Get out! Leave with what you brought! The kids are adults, no child support needed.

  8. In this country they’re literally telling men we’re born to take care of grown ass women and if you don’t do that you’re not a real man and the crazy thing about it you got men subscribing to that garbage

  9. He’s prolly cheating and she is tired of the disrespect. These women dont want to divorce but these dudes leave them no choice.

  10. Marriage ain’t nothing but a legal contract and life insurance for the women. Absolutely no benefits for the Man. Don’t get married guys!

  11. This Sounds Like a Setup..She ReMarried to Get His Money.
    If she left the first time he should have never went back.

  12. Oh she gonna get half, that’s for sure. Tony knew long time ago that bag 💰 was bout to cha ching his bank account. He should’ve done something then. Now she gonna get herself a young Tyrone or Chad posting pictures on social media smiling in her $10,000 dollar bed. 😉
    Kanye 2.0. There’s a thin line between love and hate.

  13. Ive been giving women & children provision & protection most of my life. I’ll never marry another woman from the USA again, & if I marry another foreigner, she’ll be very lucky if she ever gets to see my bank account info in her whole lifetime. I’m keepin every fkn nickel & dime I make. My kids are getting the houses, cars, stocks, bonds, crypto, bank accounts, & the businesses when I bounce. Their hateful, single, fmnst moms ain’t gettin one red cent hahaaa

  14. She is not yours it’s just your turn! Why do you think ladies don’t like broke men! They gotta get something

  15. Imagine if after this divorce, he gets with Tracee Ellis Ross, she been single for years for some odd reason 🤔



  17. What I find the most interesting is.. She’s not even a catch. Am I the only one who noticed she’s, at BEST a 3/10?

    She probably got word that she’s worth a better man.
    On top of that she’s old.

  18. Half of everything?! That’s bullsh*t! She says half but it really means half plus extra. This shows that marriage is a good investment….for women as they marry high and divorce even higher.

  19. 1. Always get a prenuptial with clauses like infidelity or divorce clauses.
    2. Anthony just go ahead and leave her. I bet 100% you will find someone better and you will be more successful. Like Steve Harvey

  20. NO WOMAN DESERVES HALF unless she put in half of everything I was successful for.
    This is another damn example of why men should not get married. 🙄

  21. I believe what should happen is once the lower earner decides to leave the marriage, barring proof of infidelity or abuse the lower earner gets nothing, leave with what you brought in. If the higher earner decides to leave they should pay up half. The foolishness needs to stop and until it changes men should opt out of getting married.

  22. This isn’t hard to figure out, she divorced him, but when he picked up the blackish spot, she realized she could ride that wave until it’s over, ironically If I’m not mistaken, did they not just wrap up their final season, or getting ready to? Makes sense now, the ride is over.

  23. Once a hoe always a hoe. Even if the b*tch tries to keep it on the down low.

  24. What’s funny is that these older Black women decide to divorce their husband of more than 15 to 20 plus years for what? For the streets? Ain’t shit in the streets and she gonna find out or maybe she knows? Maybe she just want to get ran through like most women in the streets. Any woman in the streets deserves whatever happens to her in the streets. I hope Anthony Anderson fights this and comes out on top and lets her go out to the streets and I hope she doesn’t get anything. Marriage ain’t worth shit whatsoever. Marriage is just as evil as Jada Pinkett.

  25. She is his WIFE, she supported him through EVERYTHING. And l’ve never heard of her being a hoe. Dreams come to life not always by the the one who first envision it but by the support systems behind the it ESPECIALLY in the dark days when people want to give it. You don’t know the days when she chose to live without in order to grow the dream. She is his life partner of over 27 years,and any spouse male or female should reap the rewards of their life work PERIOD !

  26. Single fellas, suck it up. You marry the woman, you build for the sake of providing stability for the family, at the 20 year mark the wife can contest “fair compensation” in divorce proceedings. Ya’ don’t like it, then don’t get married. Single dudes cry about child support laws, well simple answer, get a vasectomy, don’t have children, don’t cohabitate with women who have children, then that’s one less issue to deal with in life.

    Dudes now-a-days want to cry about controllable issues like women.

  27. That’s why I’ll never get married. Us men get financially r*ped & ruined.

  28. His wife just want her reparations from Anthony because the white man ain’t giving her crap.

  29. Woww. honest to God I didn’t even know that this man was ever married 😳

  30. Bitches ain’t shit it’s all about money not love and it’s wrong that’s why it’s hard for a men now you want security where is ours and what I mean by that is a woman secure that’s not going anywhere she’s your rock and you are hers

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