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Tiffany Haddish is dating rapper who’s half her age

Tiffany Haddish in midlife crisis/D-Star

Tiffany in midlife crisis. 

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LOS ANGELES — Tiffany Haddish’s next film should be called “How Tiff Got Her Groove Back.” That’s because the 42-year-old comedienne pulled an Angela Bassett by dating 23-year-old rapper Pooch the Stallionaire who starred in Zeus’ reality TV show “One Mo’ Chance.” Paparazzi spotted Tiff and her new boy toy having supper together last night at Craig’s restaurant in Hollywood. The cradle-robbing actress also brought his Similac-drinking ass to the Oscars. Tiff ain’t been the same since Common, 50, dumped her ass around Thanksgiving. The “Girls Trip” star shaved her head bald, got busted for a DUI, now she’s Hollywood’s newest cougar. Social media reaction was cold-blooded. One fan wrote, “When women hit the wall, they lower their standards. Not because they want to, they have no choice. The wall is forever undefeated.”

Another fan chimed in with, “Oh damn, midlife crisis.” A third observer added, “Tiffany Haddish… a girl like her, a woman like her, should be a prize to get. She’s fun, funny, very pretty and Eritrean. So she got that exotic aspect workin.’ So what’s the problem? Hollywood culture contaminates everything and everyone it touches. That’s the problem.” 

Tiff and Pooch have a 19-year age aperture?

Is that too wide?

Does she need someone older?

Watch Tiff and Pooch discuss their relationship.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Tiffany’s out here trying to live her best life she is single she can do whatever she wants with whomever she want

  2. 😂😂😂sex, fun ,stamina that’s why we date younger men. My kids are grown I have 0 desire to get remarried and I’m not sharing my stuff. My husband and I married extremely young so I experienced that life. I’m set financially, my business is doing well I’ve been in the medical field for over 20 years. And my cubs are more successful than my 47 year old husband. He has a good job but not like my cubs young men these days are very ambitious, open minded and so cute when you feed them . Chile bye Auntie is having a good time I deserve. Men been doing for years

  3. After her Oscar comments i will never see one of her movies again
    Even if she plays a snake in the remake of the Bible !

  4. I’mma just say this, just because a woman has more money than me, she still ain’t running shit. I’m still holding down the kingdom no matter whose kingdom it is if I’m involved. If you say you want a man to be a leader and you pick a man that’s half your age what’s that say about you. You’re 43 years old and you need a 23 year old to lead you…. Suspect🤔

  5. Women sexual market place value diminished ofter 40 which means she is not competitive anymore and its hard for her to find a man at her age she likely to find someone younger and it gonna just be fun for the dude men smv raise at 40 thats the difference.

  6. This bitchh tryna kidnap me n keep me at her crib tonight im tryna relax I been fuqknn bitchhss all week lol damn I need a night to myself

  7. Come on now? That is Tiffany’s coochie to do with it WHATEVER she wants ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Folks should just be happy she don’t have 2 sell it NO mo!! (☉_☉)

  8. As they say… You can take the garden tool out the ghetto, but… Well, You know the rest. LOL!

  9. Tiffany isn’t a high level celeb she’s actually a B list actress/comedian let me rephrase that she is a “D” list actress/comedian so no one cares🤷🏾‍♂️

  10. Tiffany is beautiful until she opens her mouth. You can take the girl out the ghetto but you can’t get the ghetto out the girl.

  11. Somebody out there wants Tiffany and not just for her money and fame but she insist on seeking those that don’t want her, aren’t on her level, or way beneath her level, it comes off a bit desperate and desperate women will settle for anything/anyone, women in hollywood act like there’s not a lot more fish in the sea they all literally seem to pass around the same few men most of which aren’t worthy, like I don’t see what draws them to Pete Davidson?! the last person I’d want is Pete davidson he doesn’t seem that interesting, seems like he has a few more screws than koonye west but not by much and he’s not much to look at either so it seems to me a lot of women in hollywood just simply have bad taste when it comes to men

  12. 42 year old man dates a 23 year old woman he gets a high 5. A woman do it she robbing the cradle for dating a younger man. She grown and single with no kids and pay her own bills and if she want to spend her money on him it’s her business.

  13. This is same woman that said she was turned on by Will Smith slapping Chris Rock, So she’s on some B.S.since no real man wants to be associated with her.

  14. The problem is Tiffany Haddish is…Tiffany Haddish. She’s the same person that was living out of her car 20 years ago. Now she has more bank and more clout. She’s still the SAME PERSON.
    She’s being exposed. maybe she’ll wake up soon when she gets some cold water thrown on her.

  15. We women tired of letting age be a number, if he over 18 he legal, especially if he blessed. It’s a while lotta Stella’s in this I mutha !!!fucka

  16. I’ll be 42 in 5 years and I think this will be me if I’m not married by then 🤣 those are the only ones that try to talk to me 😩 we’ll majority

  17. Why all these dudes look so DAMN FRUITY these days!!!???🤔🤔🤔 earrings in both ears the blonde hair extra tight clothes their body movements be so LOOSE….. chaleeee I don’t know about this one Tiffany I’m giving him the side eye 👀👀 but we already know the pickings are very slim for BW out here so a lot of BW are going along with the fruitiness just so they can have a MAN chale!!!!

  18. Lawd she’s getting that back cracked! 👀☺️🤭😂😁🤣

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