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My 600-Lb. Life: Dr. Now terminated over lawsuits

Dr. Now fired by TLC/YouTube

Dr. Now fired by TLC. 

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HOUSTON — You can stick a fork in Dr. Now’s television métier because it’s done. The Bariatric surgeon received a pink slip from the TLC reality series “My 600-Lb. Life” after several of his morbidly obese patients filed malpractice lawsuits. The insurance company is also sick and tired of remunerating the pro bono surgeries Dr. Now performed and, rumor has it, the 77-year-old Iranian was jettisoned and no longer has coverage. It should be noted, cast members weigh anywhere from 500 to 600 pounds which means they’re already sick and/or near their cessation. Dr. Now (né Younan Nowzaradan) was simply tasked with trying to rescue their corpulent asses. Right now, more than a dozen patients are SOL because the insurance company eschewed footing the bill for their surgeries and finding another carrier is damn near impossible because they’re so fat.

Not to mention Dr. Now’s practice is located in Houston, Texas which means some of his patients may have to relocate to continue ignoring their diet with a new physician. Social media reaction was mixed. One fan wrote, “Dr. Now is old and he needs to retire. He had his good years. Life goes on.” Another added, “The show isn’t going to be the same without Dr. Now. Ugh. Hopefully he’ll get everything straightened out and he’ll be back.”

Will you miss Dr. Now?

Should TLC replace him with Dr. Charles Proctor?

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Keep dr now he is real and isn’t afraid to address issues with his patients

  2. If you watch the episodes, you’ll see these gluttons don’t comply. They waste over 18 months to lose 50 pounds. I had surgery 17 years ago and was REQUIRED to lose 100 pounds in 2 months prior to surgery that WAS scheduled. I also had to have a psych evaluation prior while waiting for my surgery. I lost the 100 pounds in 6 weeks. I wanted it bad enough I guess. You can lose 18 pounds in a week at that weight. They are lazy, gluttony enhanced and full of excuses! PERIOD!

  3. I will take over…. I’ll call myself Dr. Later and tell all those idiots feeding the people who are 600 lbs that the more you feed these people the later the surgery will be…how do you like me now🤣

  4. I’m shook I’m shocked don’t get rid of dr now we have to do something bout this imma do a March and protest

  5. I hate this. He made the show a success. A few people ruin things for everyone!

  6. Dr Now is a HUGE part of TLC and that could hurt their budget and not to mention lose a ton of viewers.. Dr Now does nothing wrong it’s the people!

  7. So many people are snowflakes.dr now is a he best he tells it how it best friend would be alive today if her Dr didn’t sugarcoat her serious condition.her doctor was sweet and understanding.but didn’t help her in the long run.she died way too soon!

  8. They may try to find someone who is similar to Dr Now. They usually try to replace someone with someone similar !

  9. i don’t thing tlc’s lawyers would have to get involved at all, dr. now’s medical liability insurance would be the ones footing that bill

  10. what is actually sad, is the fact someone can be sued for a pro bono surgery. the insurance issue (if true) would be due to malpractice, what other reason? if so, seems odd to demand treatment from a questionably safe surgeon. where is logic? the dr onmy feet are killing me is a ‘dead ringer’ for lyle waggoner from the carol burnett show…🤔 what is going on??

  11. I read Dr. Now and his son made and own the name and rights to the show. I can’t remember the details but I think it would end up a whole new show. Either way is getting old and eventually someone else has to step in. No one else can touch Dr. Now he’s just got that personality and tough love.

  12. Dr. Now should file a lawsuit against the insurance company and TLC. TLC should back up Dr. Now. Dr. Now is a no nonsense Bariatric Surgeon and he doesn’t hand hold, finally he’s suggesting therapy to help these people lose weight. Less difficulty with patients. Dr. Now is in a check mate position between TLC and patients and insurance companies. He’s smart enough to know what to do. Dr. Now should not be replaced, although I do enjoy Dr. Proctor as well. Take care and God bless.

  13. Uh… why does TLC NOT pay for the surgery?? They ARE making money from the commercials correct?

  14. They’ve been coming for him for ages, feels surreal that it’s actually happening.

  15. No! Dr. Now is a wonderful, caring, intelligent, and compassionate Doctor and we need more doctors like him when it comes to people who are so overweight to the point where they aren’t far off from death’s doorstep and whoever made these accusations and complaints about Dr. Now, needs to be investigated themselves because all I see and hear from these people are self-entitled spoiled brats, who have been enabled and coddled by Mommy and Daddy or whoever raised and took care of them growing up, just saying!

  16. Losing weight and keeping it off requires a lot of hard work, effort, focus, and discipline and these people who are complaining about Dr. Now, clearly don’t get it and don’t actually want to do the work necessary to take care of themselves and Dr. Now always is honest and puts his patients in their place which is what it takes.

  17. Ok seriously, is it just me or does Dr. Now sound like Droopy? The dog… seriously, it took me a while to figure out who he was reminding me of. I had to look it up and seriously, he sounds like Droopy!!

  18. He doesn’t sugarcoat stuff. Some people need that, otherwise they won’t get their shit together.

  19. Dr Now is no joke. He enters a room, says what he has to say, and then he’s out. He’s done!

  20. this is the most realistic show in the world of reality tv………….there aint no pretending on this show…..these people are really 600+ pounds and eat 6 to 7000 calories a day………

  21. We need to treat these situations like substance abuse. Everyone has something to say to a drunk but no one confronts our loved ones who are eating themselves to death. We need to be more vocal. Losing a loved one to obesity is bullshit.

  22. It’s not his fault their stupid a$$es aren’t losing weight !! Then they rag on him when he gets stern with them

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