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Jayhawks erase largest ‘deficit’ ever to win title

Jayhawks are national champs/247Sports

KU completes epic comeback. 

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NEW ORLEANS — Call ’em the comeback kids! David McCormack channeled his inner Wilt Chamberlain in scoring 15 points to go along with 10 rebounds and super-sub Remy Martin contributed 14 points off the bench to help the Kansas Jayhawks expunge a 16-point first half deficit to beat the North Carolina Tar Heels 72-69 in the men’s national championship game. Millions of viewers at home and 70,000 fans inside New Orleans’ Caesars Superdome witnessed the greatest comeback in NCAA title game history. The Jayhawks are now 4-time national champions. Danny Manning and Paul Pierce were among the many KU alums in attendance. After getting their asses kicked the first 20 minutes, KU trailed by 15 at the break. But, even though they didn’t rebound worth a damn, the Jayhawks played tenacious defense in the final frame to get back in the game. “When we saw our own blood, we didn’t panic and we came out the second half coming in hot,” said head coach Bill Self. “I was thinking at the 14-minute mark, ‘There’s no way these guys can play for 20 minutes defense like this,’ but they did.”

The Tar Heels played their asses off despite being visibly hobbled. Carolina center Armando Bacot played on the bad ankle he suffered in Saturday’s national semifinal then reinjured it late in the second half. Forward Brady Manek got thwacked in the countenance multiple times and reserve center Puff Johnson vomited on the court after gettin’ hit in the abdomen.

It was literally blood, sweat and tears Monday night.

After KU guard Dejuan Harris caught an inbounds pass and inexplicably stepped out of bounds, Carolina sharpshooter Caleb Love had a chance to tie the contest with 4 seconds left. But his 3-pointer came up woefully short as time expired, setting off a massive celebration in Lawrence, Kansas. “We just locked in as a family, as a team, and that’s what we do,” McCormack explained.

“We overcome odds. We overcome adversity. We’re just built for this.”

Kansas City native Ochai Agbaji, a first team All-American, was named the Final Four’s ‘Most Outstanding Player.’ 

Coach Self improved his record to 4-0 against North Carolina in the NCAA tournament.

Are you happy for the Jayhawks?

Do you smell a repeat?

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  1. ahead by 15 at half and eventually they blew it. what a letdown for the school and the conference.

  2. I’m happy those light blue wearing mofos loss! Duke fo-life baby! Congrats KU!

  3. Crazy that some adults make so much money off of this and the young adults so little. They deserve a union

  4. Man you couldn’t ask for a better final four and championship game, both games was a war for UNC, I am impressed with both teams on how they played their best basketball down the stretch. The fact I’m salty because KY got sent home in the first round, I think this was a crazy good year for College basketball. North Carolina I was afraid that the win over Duke may have gotten to their legs a bit, but they showed up and showed out as well. An for Kansas to come back an win like that was impressive. Bill Self is definitely a top 5 coach all time. An Hubert Davis is up an coming as well. Kentucky will be back next season and maybe we can hang #9. I was hoping so much for us to be the team to send Duke packing but UNC done it and I’m good with it!!! Been rooting for Kansas since KY went out!!! Rock chalk!!

  5. Great game Kansas. Your defense got Caleb Love to miss 5 layups in a row

  6. Definitely a tale of two halves for KU. Whatever Coach Self told his team at halftime definitely worked(I know. Understatement of the year). What a great final! Both teams left everything on the court. I know it’s no consolation for UNC but they had no reason to hang their heads after the game. We all saw their effort. Even with KU’s furious comeback UNC battled back just as hard and put themselves in a position to win.

  7. Hats off to Kansas for coming back, they shot lights out this tournament.

  8. Man good job Kansas. I’ve been rooting for then ever since the elite 8. I feel bad for NC though because they had a lot of injuries. I’m sure it would’ve had a totally different outcomes if there were no players hurt.

  9. Let’s be real, we all wanted that three to go in. It would’ve been an even better game than it already was

  10. CONGRATULATIONS KANSAS JAYHAWKS! Down 15 at half time to NCAA CHAMPIONS! 🌠 ♥️ 💯 🥳 🌠 ♥️🎇💙🎆🎆🎆🏀👏👏👋👏🥊POW! YOU DID IT! I KNEW YOU WOULD. WOO! WOO! 😻

  11. Big 12 regular season champions ☑️
    Big 12 tournament champions ☑️
    Midwest region champions ☑️

    Kansas just accomplished something that no other team in KU basketball history has… that’s special right there 💙❤️ rock chalk jayhawk 4 life baby ‼️‼️‼️‼️


  13. These games are not about playing and winning, It’s about having fun and learning new things, and learning from your mistakes. Both of these teams (UNC and KU) did a great job offensively and defensively. We should all give both of these teams respect and honor for all the work that they have went through to get to the championship✌️✨🏀

  14. Enjoy it CHEATERS because NCAA sanctions are a coming at ya HARD!!!!!

  15. They don’t call this the “March Madness” for nothing. What an incredible game.


  17. Big man’s game for real….beating and banging and the refs let em play.
    Classic heavyweight fight between 2 great teams with history.
    R. Martin should have gotten “tournament” MVP.
    ‘Deuce” Braun is the most underrated player in the tournament and saved this game.
    Considering KU only scored 2 after 15 trips to the basket in the 1st half the game should have never been that close.
    KU blew through the Big 12 tournament and never looked back.
    Best thing ever to happen for KU was Roy Williams bailing to Carolina.
    Coach “Bill” is the f’n MAN!!
    RCJH GO KU!!!

  18. What a biotch. This tournament isn’t about these old ass white dudes, it’s about the players. Stfu and let them hoist the trophy.

  19. It was a good game and showed the heart North Carolina had because they didn’t have no bench like Kansas did

  20. What a game, what a tournament, what a season. Congrats to Kansas on such a hard fought win. They were the most overlooked 1 seed that I’ve seen in a while. I’m glad that they came out on top in the end!

  21. Man that insane sportsmanship from the Kansas player not taking advantage of Bacot injury. Is easily the best I’ve seen in college basketball.

  22. great great game!!! what bothers me is the universities the networks make a ton of money except the players!!!!!

  23. Congrats to Kansas!! UNC played their hearts out and left it on the floor!! Tough loss for UNC, but they will be back next year!! Hats off to a great No. 1!

  24. It’s crazy because this KU team isn’t really all that good… where did this even come from!!! The 2012 team was probably twice as good as this team. I guess it has to do with league competition as well.

  25. Congratulations to Kansas! First National Championship since 2008 and 4th in program history! Awesome ending to an awesome March Madness!

  26. @Jason: Yeah, there are about 6 or 7 better KU teams that were way better but didn’t make the Final Four (2010-11 with the Morris twins and Morningstar and Reed, 2012-13 with McLemore, 2013-14 with Wiggins and Embiid, 2015-16 with Wayne Selden, 2016-17 with Frank Mason, and obviously the 2019-20 team). Self said it himself that he knew this year’s team wasn’t as talented, but that the players thought of themselves as the most talented team. Just goes to show that winning, in part, a mentality issue. You want to have to win more than the others.

  27. Man, what a game!

    Instant classic. Give Kansas credit for coming back from being down 15 at the half to win it all. They showed great resolve. North Carolina had an amazing run as a No. 8 seed. This tourney truly was One Shining Moment.

  28. “Self” made Talent……
    Lol go look at Kansas starting 5’s recruiting rank at the time Kansas Jayhawks offered a scholarship.

    DeJuan Harris/ #103.
    Ochai Agbaji/ #368.
    Christain Braun/ #182.
    Jalen Wilson/ #89.
    David McCormack/ #95.


  29. What a job by the Kansas 🦅Jayhawks.
    The moment tip off began they got rebounds, finished strong with hoops, and
    due to their strong gameplan on Bacot for Tar Heels it powered their University a whole lot when it really counted. I know 🏀Bacot was great for UNC offense but a lot of his attempts were challenged quite a bit even when he scored. Got to say as a Tar Heels fan I was glad to notice the special performances of ⭐Manek, RJ 🔥Davis, and Caleb👍 Love. Had we not forced the issues on ourselves in final two possessions we might of had better chance of finishing that national title Game. Bill 🏀Self is one of best coaches the college sport has. He wins a lot of games, and now that Kansas has won everything as title champions it’s a goal of their that they truly went out and earned. Round of applause on an absolutely terrific season though Carolina of Chapel Hill.
    North Carolina to me has two highly selected future prospects who will do big time things at nba basketball pro level. You got Manek with versatility inside and out,
    and Bacot whose post game is major.
    Thanks to their all around skills for 2’s and 3 pointers, they both shall succeed well once they declare for it. But enough about Tar Heels👣 the reason why title Game was won , is because Jayhawks never doubted themselves even when we were up 15 points twice and then by 13 at least once in that matchup for UnC. Oh and Bruan by the way is one good star athlete. He moves without ball, gets open, and does things that Kansas👀 truly needs. Way to go Bruan✊ and guards. Three point shot became biggest soon as it looked like a Canon bomb.💣 Second half 🏀🎉🎈bucket had me going crazy once I saw one of their other guards connect on it. 3 point territory whoa.

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