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Urban Meyer thought his black players were dumb

Meyer accused of being racist/Clutchpoints

Urban Meyer in hot water.

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JACKSONVILLE — Quondam Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Urban Meyer is under fire again after he insinuated — not once, but twice — black athletes are dumber than a box of rocks. The first incident transpired when receiver John Brown (who’s a negro) ran the wrong route during a team drill. After practice, Urban coerced quarterback Trevor Lawrence to stay late and work with Brown one-on-one to rectify the error. “Hey, Trevor, you’ve got to slow it down for him,” Urban said, referring to Brown’s diminutive IQ. “These boys from the South, their transcripts ain’t right.” Then, during a separate occurrence, Urban threatened to release several players after somebody blew an assignment in a preseason game. “Do you know what would happen if I cut you guys?” Urban said, according to a quartet of witnesses in the room. “You couldn’t get a job paying more than $15 an hour.” One of the veteran players said, “I lost all respect for him after that.” Urban, 57, was fired shortly thereafter.

He remains unemployed.

This ain’t the first time Urban’s been in hot water. If you recall, the married father of three was caught on video gettin’ a lap dance from his 24-year-old mistress — Cayman Nebraska — back in October. Also, rumor has it, Urban bought the blonde paramour a $400,000 home near his bar — Chophouse 614 — in Columbus, Ohio. Urban’s alleged infidelity has made Cayman a heckling target. “I’m worried for her emotional status right now,” her mother told reporters. “(She) can’t even go anywhere. It’s ruining her life.”

Do you think Urban is racist?

Are black athletes clueless?

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Is he wrong lol nope just like those NBA players so don’t get mad at him for telling the truth lol now I don’t what they would be doing if they wasnt in sports lol

  2. Why don’t you get the percentage of white NFL players who don’t finished college? get back with me when you find out, alot of blacks still have that slave mentality to make master proud of us, let’s say a hundred percent black athletes finish school, do think you the criticism and racism would end, of course not, y’all stop trying to appease whites, the only people you should want to make proud should be yourself and your family

  3. If urban meyer’s didn’t have black players he wouldn’t have a winning program to bring money to the program then his ass is fired

  4. is the white geezer wrong, all i hear about is numerous black athletes going broke?

  5. That “these Southern boys” comment alone is grounds to get his ass kicked by a significant number of his players. Who TF does this guy think he is?! Biggest FRAUD in COACHING. He committed the worst legal theft in recent memory. Mr. Khan’s money was straight stolen!

  6. Nowhere in there did Urban Meyer single out black men!!!!! He’s a piece of shit for which I have no doubt that he truly is, but he said that stupid shit to his whole team and last time I looked Jacksonville has quite a few white players on the roster!!!! Stop making everything racist man!!!! This type of shit is a big reason why racism won’t go the fuck away

  7. He just needed more lap dances and he would of been “hard” to beat🥒🥒

  8. See black men how these bitches feels about you. If it wasn’t for black players Urban Meyer would be literally a pile of shit. PLAIN & SIMPLE!!

  9. I’ve seen draft day when they talk to some of these kids heading in. They can barely string together a coherent sentence.

  10. Urban liar Meyer is a white supremacist. He’s probably fixed transcripts for many athletes

  11. A large number of people feel like that about a lot football players. No one thinks they’re very smart smart just athletic

  12. All the black college athletes I met in college were dumb af. Around middle school level. I met some smart grad students who played in college while I was a grad student though.

  13. I’m a felon, and got $30, $37.50, $50 per hour this year! I’m in healthcare lol 😆

  14. I aint surprised this probably what goes thru all coaches heads.

  15. He had a gang of black QBs at Ohio state and they are considered the brains on the team he wasnt saying that winning championships with them

  16. Urban and the rest of the NFL staff would be working minimum wage jobs as well. Coaches can never talk shit about athletes. They have no talent

  17. If black athletes are dumb in Urbans, eyes, why is it that he recruited them(Black players)? If it wasn’t for those black football players Urban(Florida and Ohio State), he wouldn’t have 2 Championships.

  18. This does not end with this man. I can walk out on the streets interviewing black women and a great many will disrespect black men the same way. And don’t think that does not get overheard by other people.

  19. “If” white folks would start sayin’ shit like that publicly, I’m down to back they asses, and tell em’ don’t apologize fuh shit.

    Instead of white folks doing that, how bot niggas get off they asses, and prove white folks asses wrong.

    Furthermore, white folks can be forced by black folks to quit their job for using the n-word, but not sayin’ shit like what Urban said.

    “If” so, what the fuck niggas, and hoes gone say?

    It’s a lie?

  20. Urban you done did it this time!! They got yo ASS didn’t they, ha,ha we don’t won’t no apology, IT’S OVER… A WRAP

  21. When will these former colleges learn that they cannot handle NFL players like they did in college because if they try to handle grown men like this playing in the nfl some of these NFL players would have kicked his ass real good

  22. If it was not for black players, he would have been coaching in high school.

  23. Where did he lie? Majority of athletes are dumb asf, including black athletes. If they couldn’t catch a football and run a route some would be making less than $15. The problem is, its urban meyer who said it.

  24. These are grown men we are talking about. Times have changed and men have become so fucking sensitive.

  25. But the black players he was talking to are dumb. I don’t get why you put all black men in the same category as the dumb black players. Thumbs down

  26. A lot of these nfl players from the south were bred on football and a vast majority of these athletes went to college just because they were top athletes and got a free ride on a football scholarship and were passed on thru the system because of the money they were generating the college.

  27. He doesn’t need to coach. He’s almost 60 and he’s got the bag already. Why is this man still in the news? Its seems as if some people have been traumatized by this man. One bad year in the NFL and now he’s the worst coach ever. This man takes up to much time of people’s lives. So tired of still hearing about him.

  28. The problem is that Coaches like Urban Meyer thinks the way he does and does not put positive role models around them. He uses the talent and does not try to make them into young men.
    Broken communities create broken individuals. They look at us that way because they need to look down on us to lift themselves up.

  29. So when a person says “southern” ….it means black ….exclusively? …or were there only black southern players on the team?
    Because from my personal experience…it is massively ignorant jerks from the northern states who like to try and dunk on ALL southerners to make themselves seem superior. ….when it is most often they, themselves who are being closed-minded and bigoted.

  30. Urban Meyer was used to all the players being beneath him because he was making millions of dollars as the coach and they were just college students then fast forward to the NFL now half these players on the team or making more money than him so it’s like he didn’t know how to take that or he was probably jealous

  31. These so-called black NFL players have Jewish men handling their $ they marry white women & 5 years after their playing days their “BROKE!”…Don’t seem 2b very intelligent.

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