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Kenan Thompson & wife Christina getting divorce

Kenan and Christina are done/TMZ

Kenan Thompson got dumped. 

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LOS ANGELES — You can stick a fork in Kenan Thompson’s marriage because it’s done. The “Saturday Night Live” star and his Caucasian wife — Christina Evangeline — are calling it quits after 11 years of holy matrimony. The swirlers have been separated a year. But Kenan wasn’t f*cking her right. Now they’re going to divorce court. Kenan, 43, and Christina, 33, got hitched November 2011 in a private ceremony at Atlanta’s Georgia Aquarium. They have two daughters: Georgia Marie, 7, and Gianna Michelle, 3. So Kenan will definitely pay child support. Christina, who works as an interior designer, is seeking alimony too. She’s also gonna get half his sh*t because there’s no prenuptial agreement in place. Social media reaction was vicious. One fan wrote, “Marriages between black men and white women have the highest failure rate.” Another added, “Clearly the concept of marriage is not working and it’s only going to get worse as the economy goes down the toilet. To all the fellas out there: unless you want kids, marriage is a bad idea. It’s a lose-lose situation for the husband and a win-win for the wife. Plus, she’s incentivized to divorce your ass after a certain amount of years as well as the amount of kids she has by you. Other than that, marriage ain’t worth it 💯.”

During a recent appearance on The Tonight Show, Kenan confabulated the storyline of his new self-titled sitcom. In the NBC comedy, Kenan plays a widowed father of two girls. Christina hates the show. “She was like, ‘Oh, so I’m dead?'” Kenan told host Jimmy Fallon. “But, I mean, she was just giving me a hard time. But I was like, ‘Yeah … it’s not you, you know what I mean? It’s a show. It’s a different thing.'” Kenan is in Los Angeles working on the show. Christina and the children reside in New York.

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  1. It’s painfully obvious that she is not attracted to him and never was, I see her type all the time, her type is going to normally be with A guy who is in shape, a guy with an edge, not a overweight guy with no facial hair who acts silly on most of his skits. She feels that she can do way better as far as physical looks go in a man, so she got what she wanted, she is going to get child support for years, alimony, and you we are going to see her posting pictures with the type of dude she’s really actually attracted to, she just used him to get the bag and get fame. She seems extremely uninterested with him and all her pictures, this is another Jada and will situation

  2. Dudes gotta be honest about themselves about their looks. If she’s a 10 and you ain’t, you rich and famous and she ain’t, then you need to wake up and smell the Hills Brothers. If that chick doesn’t have a history of dating regular ($) dudes that look like YOU, keep it movin partna.


  4. It’s so over in America. The modern women most simply need to go away. Most dudes they deal with this mess is crazy. Most of these modern women are jezebels. Do yourself a favor leave them alone . Let them have their degrees and bag . Leave them alone

  5. To black guys when they get done with the bbc fetish they going back white not a racist but been there and done plenty research

  6. Looks like she’s having a mid-life crisis. Probably feels like she missed out on something when she was younger, but she’ll soon find out it’s a myth. She didn’t miss out on anything.

  7. WIFE: I want a divorce.
    KENAN: Whyyyyyy?!?
    MINISTER: Do you take this bride to be, through sickness and health, ’til death to you part?
    KEL: I do, I do, I do, I do-ooooo!!

  8. Why the hell is this even a black and white issue? 👅 He and his wife were together for a long time. It’s unfortunate that their marriage came to an end, but they spent many years together and had beautiful kids together. It sounds like a marriage that just ran its course like many other marriages do and the couple had an amicable split. 😉

  9. 1 Corinthians 7:39
    A wife is bound to her husband as long as he lives. If her husband dies, she is free to marry anyone she wishes, but only if he loves the Lord.

    They can divorce all they want, but in God’s almighty eyes they are still married.

  10. Right at 10 years too that’s alimony, stop letting these women play you they are not as dumb as you think.

  11. Funny how us black men can ONLY seem to find WHITE women to date and marry if we are successful. You have an entire continent of people who look like us as well as having a large percentage of us in Latin America and the Carribean but yet still can’t find a suitable mate. BULLSHIT!! The reason why a black man (especially rich and successful) can’t find a black women is because he ain’t lookin for one-PERIOD!!!

  12. Honest BW perspective here, growing up I was called a “wannabe white girl” and “Oreo” because I didn’t fit into the stereotype. I was nerdy, skinny and introverted, I got hell for it. And this was primarily from my family members! Even when I started dating my husband people called him a cornball because he wasn’t thuggish and he knew how to treat me. Sometimes it’s just about finding the person who has commonality with you. Nobody wants to be ridiculed just for being who they are.

  13. How do we know that he Kenan didn’t dump her? And let’s look at the many many successful black men who married a successful black woman. Believe me, that is far more common than a black man marrying outside of the race. We see a few celeb and famous black men marrying white or non-black women but a Michelle and Barack type of black union really is pretty common. It’s just not as highlighted as the celeb marriages.

  14. It happens all the time. She will collect and go back to her own kind 😌

  15. Seemed she didn’t give 3 fucks about kenan if he drops out of here all she wants is his money

  16. You know she had her mother, sister, aunts in her ear talking 10 years!!!!! Time to get paid!!

  17. She secured the bag and is about to have more money and freedom as ex wife than a wife

  18. Honestly I knew this day would come for Ol Kenan. Great guy, talented, hard worker, and respected by his peers. Just one problem I saw he put shorty on a pedestal. The ultimate sin of a long term relationship. If you guys find footage of how he spoke about her it was always along the tone of I’m lucky to have her blah blah simp talk. Take heed gentlemen. Be better than your women. By design you are better in certain regards.

  19. She married a multi-millionaire, she put in 10 years on her back, popped out 2 kids and now its time for her to collect her pension. That’s how the game is played when NFL, NBA or any man with money marries a woman. This has nothing to do with black or white it has to do with men being dumb enough to buy something for millions of dollars that they can rent for next to nothing.

  20. I think what many of us think about & may be hurt by is that, black men when they come into money, they, many times marry white women. The money never helps the black mans family or community. We dont see the families of the black man, but the white woman, if they r famous, their parents r in pictures, with them going to events. If they split & divorce, judges never give black women the spousal support or child support to a black woman like they do white women . Its many things & they r all true & very hurting.

  21. Becky decided to leave him alive with half his money, how gracious 😆

  22. Another Mexican/white cashing out on a black ass man. He will now shell out alimony and child support, what’s new. This is what they get for their treason.

  23. White women don’t want black men, they want their money! Black women don’t want white men, they want their money! Black men and women are supposed to be together! Especially in these days and times. People equate success with white!

  24. All women will use you for money. Stop with the black white. Y’all are fools.

  25. Should have married a sista and made babies that actually looked like him. Stop reproducing with these hybrid Neanderthal offspring black people your messing up our royal bloodlines.

  26. She put in her time got that bag which is all she wanted and this fool got got by a colonizer! Stay home fool and leave these colonizers ALONE!!!

  27. I bet you that if and when she gets remarried, she’ll mary a Brad this go round!!! LMAO

  28. She stayed long enough to get half his sh*t…. These self hating black men and women deserve what they get. I’m not a fan of Kenan I honestly didn’t know he was married or had children. Another one bites the dust. Next

  29. Back in the day if you weren’t married people thought something was wrong with you as a woman, nowadays these chicks think like dudes and stay plottin and thottin damn shame

  30. I did 15 years of married life. You can definitely be on separate paths and it’s hard being married without the goal of staying together till death do you part. I married in my early 20’s and divorced at 39. I definitely did a lot of growing after my divorce so I said this is that some people need growth on their on terms and my ex had a whole lot of growing up to do as well. I wish them the best !

  31. Interracial marriage DOES NOT benefit the Black community, and is a conditioned state. Black men who marry non-black women typically have deeper identity issues, and think they’re getting a come up. They’re deceived into thinking it’s preference when it’s Willie Lynch programming in play. They are the only men who marry outside of their own people at the rates they do on the planet. Biracial individuals from those unions rarely create generational wealth with other Black people. Not my opinion, all historical facts backed up with data and research. We need to heal and return to loving our own first.

  32. Western Women in General! BE CAREFUL!!! The Culture Corrupted Them! It’s not Love and Values it’s Swag and Secure the Bag life!! Men making over 100k a Year BE CAREFUL!!!

  33. Let’s just keep it real. Certain white women marry successful black men for financial stability. They have kids to insure constant financial income. The ones that do this wouldn’t even talk to an average everyday black man. It’s all about finance. Successful famous black men WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Guys just stop marrying, then when the women go whine to the government, automatically vote out anyone who mentions an increase in taxes (bachelor tax). We can legally and provisionally eliminate a portion of society.

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