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Sasha Obama dates actor Clifton Powell’s 6’5″ son

Sasha and Clifton Jr. are an item/YouTube

Sasha no longer single. 

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LOS ANGELES — They grow up fast. Sasha Obama, 20-year-old daughter of quondam President Barack Obama, is giving up the derrière to a new Mandingo boyfriend and he’s the 24-year-old son of “Ray” actor Clifton Powell. Yep, Sasha and Clifton Jr. started knockin’ boots after she migrated to Los Angeles to pursue a higher education at the University of Southern California. She attended the University of Michigan prior. Cliff, who stands 6-foot-5, is a former college basketball player who now directs television commercials. He grew up in Ladera Heights and he attended Village Christian High School where annual tuition exceeds $28,000. Sasha, if you recall, was romantically linked to an unemployed actor so Cliff is definitely an upgrade. Hell, at least that n*gga got a f*ckin’ job. Social media reaction was comical. One person wrote, He’s not cute.” Another chimed in with, “Black man with a black woman, GOD is good!” A third observer added, “Naw…. Sasha can do waaaaaay better! She should be dating a wealthy NBA player or some other super rich hottie.” 

Do you approve of Sasha’s relationship?

Is Cliff good enough?

Share your thoughts.

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  1. They was dating white dudes at first….now they want a saggin street hustler

  2. Ain’t this the dude BW are mad at Sasha for dating, why? Because he’s Black and not white 😂

  3. I’ll just say this: When you have different races of men “warning” you of BM, your ENTIRE LIFE, it hits different. BM, YOU REALLY DON’T GET IT, DO YOU???? I think that’s the MOST HURTFUL, because you’re only going to get worst if you don’t see it: That’s how we got here. I pray you wake up and try to “fix it”, but not even TIME is on your side!!!! BW, THIS IS NOT OUR FIGHT AND NOT OUR BUSINESS: I HOPE IT WORKS OUT: It’s just that statistics and numbers are not on her side. That’s why BW are disappointed.

  4. Too many black women have come to think that the white man is always right. These chicks think that a white man and a mixed race baby will make their lives so much better. Some of these delusional divestors will take Bottomshelf Brad over a top tier black man because their mind has swirled to think white men are the prize and do no wrong. Dummies!

  5. Where do they find these guys.. he looks to gay to me. These girls be picking girly looking guys then complaining later

  6. I bet the Secret Service is all over this guy like a blanket😎😳🥳🔥

  7. You go girl! Excellent choice. Of course she picked a young man who is similar in appearance to her father. Many young people do.

  8. Good for her. Glad she’s found someone from a good family with a promising career…

  9. @Executioner of Time: Big Mike cannot have children, she is a Transgender. The children were adopted.👽

  10. Who wouldn’t wanna be president Obamas son in law what an honor ‼️❤️

  11. Omg I remember these girls when they were so small now look at them all grown up, but anyway go girls and do your thing and just do it safely and just keep God first in your life, and keep making your mom and dad proud.

  12. He gone be like”Sasha fix me some linx with them grits, I’m hungrier than a mufucka”.

  13. So glad that the Obama girls are just normal young college students dating! These young ladies grew up so fast! Just let them enjoy themselves and hit those books! Graduate, graduate and more graduating! 😅 🎓 👩‍🎓 🎓 👩‍🎓

  14. The Obama’s seem like well rounded parents I’m sure they give great advice to them girls that’s all we can do to our children once they’re grown we can’t tell them what to do we hope for the best for them like I say all we can do is just give them good advice hope they listen to it I like the obamas I’m sure they want nothing but the best for their daughters

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