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Candace Owens exposed Patrisse Cullors at home

Candace confronts Patrisse/YouTube

Candace exposed BLM. 

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LOS ANGELES — “Black Lives Matter” co-founder Patrisse Cullors and her lesbian confrères purchased a swanky new mansion for $6 million in Los Angeles and skeptics are questioning why they expended charitable donations to do so. That includes conservative commentator Candace Owens who “pulled up” unannounced outside of Patrisse’s residence with a news crew lookin’ for answers. “She was demanding that I come outside,” said a lachrymose Patrisse via Instagram Live. “It’s really unacceptable, and it’s dangerous that anybody, any stranger, come outside of my house. But it’s really unacceptable and dangerous when Candace Owens, another black woman, who is actually working as a part of the right-wing agenda, comes outside of my house with cameras. What happened this morning is not safety. It’s not what I deserve.” While sedentary inside a vehicle with cameramen, Candace told her side of the story. “This is insane,” she said. “In real time, right now, I am watching Patrisse Cullors do [Instagram Live] claiming that I went to her property and demanded to speak to her.”

Candace said she simply asked the security guard if anyone was available to discuss the purchase of the home. “Nobody asked us to leave,” Candace explained. “It was just me ringing the doorbell trying to speak to someone. He said absolutely nothing. He started recording us.” Social media reaction was vicious. One viewer wrote, “Wait….. Patrisse actually said, ‘Outside my house.’ Isn’t that an admission to fraud?” Another added, “Candace should have pulled up on the many WHITE organizations that do the exact same thing, but they do it better… Candace certainly has an agenda…👀”

“Black Lives Matter” made $90 million off the death of George Floyd which is significant because newly released tax filings show Patrisse paid her baby daddy $970,000. She gave her brother $840,000 and she remunerated her best friend $2.1 million.

Watch Candace get in Patrisse’s ass.

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  1. Blm is about making money from dead black men and eradicating the “Patriarchy” meaning the father in the nuclear family. Look at the black communities and black people refuse to hold these women accountable???

  2. If you wrong, you wrong. Left or right has nothing to do with it. She probably started out genuine, but that money started calling her name few years in. A Trip expense here. A few dinners on the organization’s credit card and here we are.

  3. 😂 to ANYONE who bought the LIE of blm and donated to them. I saw through it the moment it started. Protesting “police brutality” because the cop is white, while we’re ducking bullets and trying to save our children in our own neighborhoods with the people who look like us. As Tupac said “they say it’s the white man I gotta be scared of but, it’s my people doing ALL the killing”. We are too easily controlled because we act on our emotions instead of the truth.

  4. She bought more than one mansion in WHITE neighborhoods and y’all still gullible. Destroy from the inside out. Wake up people!!

  5. This Woman is a Whole Fraud, and should be held accountable. Put her feet to the Fire 🔥

  6. She has to pay 💰 her lesbian lovers and just like a fake preacher she just in it for the money 💰 BLM don’t give a crap about Black lives ask my dead sister who got killed by a stray bullet!!! No BLM protest etc


  8. Its dangerous for ppl to come to her house with cameras? You really thought you was in danger on the news?

  9. Where is the money? I have not heard one dime accounted for. Where’s the money at?

  10. This woman is married to another woman, how in the hell can you be fooled into giving, those women don’t even date men, so they don’t give a damn about men, just a con game.

  11. She cries like this when Candace and her film crews stands outside for five seconds. Imagine how the the store owners felt with angry mobs outside trying to kill them.

  12. I will say Candace wasn’t my cup of tea not too long ago. But she’s becoming more palatable each day.

  13. Candace Owens glorifies, promotes, and condones the murder of Black folks by white supremacists! She deserves no credit for using the wrong motivation to do the so call “right thing “! She’s our mortal enemy, a traitor to Black folks, and no better than the woman she’s criticizing.

  14. Using funds off the backs of dead Black men to purchase mansions, weave, nails, facials, etc. then daring anyone to call out the truth over her lies. Black women are protected though so nothing will happen to her at all.

  15. Why doesn’t Candace Owens “pull up” on Donald Trump?… he did the same thing!

  16. Candace owens does care for the black community she’s not afraid to speak the truth the democrats want to teach 3 to 5 years old about gay sex. I was democrat for years they have gone so far left there just mentally ill and crazy as hell. Every election the democrats promise the black community everting and do nothing why in the hell did the black community vote for Joe Biden he’s the most racist and corrupt president ever in American history and his VP is just stupid dumber than a box of rocks.

  17. Sharpton has been defrauding the black community for decades and is still getting away with it.


  19. did anyone see any tears while the blm founder was “crying”? I didn’t see any tears. weird as fuck lol

  20. She scammed and got caught, ironically by herself. Not a dime went back into black communities but at least we know now where it went.

  21. Can’t believe a fully grown adult woman would try & conduct an interview with another fully grown adult woman like that. Sickening. Patrisse is a very powerful rich & famous business woman & social movement leader in the public eye, so what the hell made Candace think an interview would be acceptable? As a strong black independent woman, Patrisse is a role model & inspiration for black people all around the world. For their sake she took full advantage of this interview attempt. She showed just how evil Candace is for wanting to talk to her & daring to bring white cameramen into her rich white neighborhood. She successfully made herself a victim by pretending to fear for her safety & sweetened it by pretending to break down & cry, over an interview attempt. Saw Cadences reply & it was ridiculous. She conducted herself like a rational human being. It was insanely racist. Seeing those white cameramen supremacists in that vehicle with her made me wanna pretend cry too.

  22. A BLM leader is hiding in their home — pretending someone outside is going to hurt them? The Irony!

  23. Please Lord! Don’t let people believe this woman’s tears! I pray that people will understand her lie’s and expose her like Candace has done!

  24. This woman is why the black community is suffering! She does not care about USA(black) citizens.
    All she cares about is how much money she can steal from the people she claims she cares about!
    Lock her up! P.S. stip with the crocodile tears!

  25. Just another LIEING, MONEY GRUBBING, HARD CORE LRFT WING LIBERAL What a bunch of Bull Sh*t!!

  26. Candace went to see what she had done with the 90 millions of dollars donated to black life’s matter she bought 6 millions of dollars homes, black live don’t matter to you and who ever had a piece of the pie, she’s a real liar with fake tears Karma is going to bite her in the ass she is phony OMG😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳

  27. How does it feel to be scared to be sitting in your own house and have somebody knocking on the door just one person imagine if it was a crowd. You living in a million dollar home ,in a white neighborhood and yet you’re going to cry racial Injustice and how your so oppressed !!!! you’re just using the system like everybody else because of the color of your skin and it’s sickening. Now you know how it feels to be scared for your children!!! Stop the crocodile tears 😂 after all you are in member of blm !

  28. Anybody ask her about those chains she has around her neck. Are they gold? What can it’s value, if sold, contribute to the betterment of black people.

  29. That BLM organization is evil, they used the deaths of blacks to make money and then try to defund the police that causes more death, mostly more black people… She doesn’t care about blacks or people only green…

  30. Omg what a pc of lying garbage..we saw the video..Candice did nothing she claims..she is a criminal who stole the money raised for Blm to fill her own pocets and buy mansions and tried to cover it up by using the umbrella of the BLM organazation as she screws over the African-American community that she claims to represent..check the facts very little of the millions that they raised went anywhere except in her pocket and I don’t look at it as her personal home when she used stolen I discard laundered money to buy it not to mention the hypocritical crap she says because everything that everybody else she complains about does to her she did and now she’s being called out and the shoes on the other foot and she can’t handle it the biggest hypocritical piece of garbage there is along withe the left joe crimeden and family and big corps demoncrats and the corrupt goverment.

  31. Making yourself a victim is very popular these days and the crocodile tears tell the TRUTH

  32. I never believed in BLM. Wanna hit the streets with all this dumb shit when/if a white person in involved in something but we get blacks killing blacks everyday and nobody over at BLM bats an eye! Hypocrite shit at it’s finest and I hate hypocrisy with a passion.

    Oh and btw I’m Black

  33. Yes she’s full of shit and faking morality to line your pockets is disgusting when there’s people who deserve that donated money.
    We’ve gone way past race or gender or any physical characteristic. This is God’s people versus the beast system – the liars, hypocrites, dividers, and greedy narcissists.

  34. How much has gone back into the black community? How many black homes and businesses that were looted and burned in the riots have BLM helped re-build? She’s a fraud and a thief and a leader of a terrorist organisation. She doesn’t care about black lives. Takes away their policing, while spending millions on her own security. Lives in a mostly white area. Given millions to family and friends. Tell me…how has BLM helped better black lives??

  35. If we had more people and women in general like Candace, the world would be a better place and we would have way less racism and crazy things going on between people.

  36. She outed herself, she says it’s her home but on the deed it says blm ……busted

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