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Johnny defeats Amber in defamation civil lawsuit

Johnny and Amber awarded damages/Getty

Johnny Depp wins case. 

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FAIRFAX — Liar, Liar. Pants on fire. Jurors ruled in favor of Johnny Depp on Wednesday in his defamation lawsuit against ex-wife Amber Heard. Now he’s about to get paid. The “Pirates of the Caribbean” actor sued Amber, 36, after she insinuated he beat her ass in a 2018 op-ed she wrote for The Washington Post where she referred to herself as a “public figure representing domestic abuse.” Amber didn’t mention Johnny by name but everybody knew who she was talking about and it cost him several movie roles. “Two years ago, I became a public figure representing domestic abuse,” Amber wrote. “And I felt the full force of our culture’s wrath for women who speak out.” Johnny, 58, was awarded $10 million in compensatory damages coupled with $5 million in punitive damages. “False, very serious and criminal allegations were levied at me via the media, which triggered an endless barrage of hateful content, although no charges were ever brought against me,” Johnny said in a statement. “It had already traveled around the world twice within a nanosecond and it had a seismic impact on my life and my career… Six years later, the jury gave me my life back. I am truly humbled.”

Even though court members viewed Amber as the aggressor, she didn’t walk away empty-handed. The “Aquaman” actress was recompensed $2 million in damages after jurors determined Johnny’s attorney besmirched her name. Johnny originally asked for $50 million but he’s getting $15 million instead. Do you agree with the ruling? Is Amber still employable in Hollywood?

Watch the verdict.

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  1. glad this is over. this was stupid af. im sure they were both monsters to eachother, soulless celebrities. couldnt care less about these people

  2. Now jury needs tight security for their bed..coz amber can attack anytime and s**t on their bed

  3. Amber your done in Hollywood, chance’s are you will be making a living on the street corner

  4. Amber the liar just got slapped by KARMA. I hope she never works in Hollywood again. She’s used to physically abusing her husband and getting away with it. Not anymore, we heard the audio recording telling Mr. Depp that she hit him on purpose.

  5. Now I hope a new Pirates of the Caribbean without Johnny Depp is a total flop.

  6. Sadly, Amber is making those who have legitimately been abused, look bad. However, maybe some good will come out of this and more investigations made instead of just taking a woman’s (or man’s for that matter) word for it.

  7. She should have just got divorced and moved on instead she wanted the attention because she is mentally screwed up. Even though she lost this case and it was obvious she lied I still feel bad for her. No producer will ever risk putting her in their movie now because she is a liability. She brought this on herself trying to play the metoo card but it didn’t work. It’s actually embarrassing for her and that’s why I feel bad for her.

  8. The thing is, when she spread all those lies and ruined JDs career, she didn’t just f*ck him over, she fkd ALL OF US OVER because now we will never see Johnny Depp in another Disney movie again and he’ll never play Jack sparrow again 😞😥 dumb lying b!tch. Glad she lost.

  9. She ruined her life by trying to ruin someone else’s. She got exactly what she deserved.

  10. The justice system has restored faith. Thank goodness the jury saw the truth. Incredible work done by Johnnys legal team, Ben Chew, Camille Vasquez deserve unlimited clients. They eliminated Amber with ease.

  11. Justice for Johnny Depp is served. Congrats to Johnny Depp’s lawyer’s team both amazing and congrats to the unbiased Jury congrats to us the public that always knew the truth and we always been behind the truth so congrats to us the public.

  12. Do you find that Miss Heard is a horrible dispicable person that’s just been full of Bullshit right from the start and now her acting career is over, Answer Yes

  13. Johnny Depp is a first class douche bag. My opinion based on his hatred of America. That said I fully believed his innocence and Im only sorry he didnt get more money out of this sociopathic narcissistic BITCH!. May Amber Heard rot in hell for demeaning and belittling every woman who has ACTUALLY had to go through abuse. She was obviously the aggressor in this relationship.

  14. Her acting was not convincing enough to the jury. She’ll never be Oscar material 😆

  15. Amber Turd is now not employable even in a supermarket,she is a proven liar and cannot be trusted or believed under any circumstances…GAME OVER BITCH!!!😎😎😎🥳🥳🥳🙏🙏🙏🤯🤯🤯👮‍♂️👮‍♂️👮‍♀️👮‍♀️

  16. Amber didn’t think Johnny would be so willing to show all the ugly bits of his life to the world just to expose her. She probably thought that was the safety net against ever having to corroborate her claims, Johnny being too shamed and scared that the world will see his flaws. But she harmed him and his name enough that he probably thought “Well I’ve got nothing to lose; let’s do this. You have more to be exposed than me.”

    “That’s why I wrote the op-ed.” Amber wasted a lot of the court’s time trying to dismiss the case because she denied writing the op-ed. If this wasn’t televised the world would never get to witness all the evil that is Amber Heard.

  17. Amber Heard: “Tell the world, Johnny, tell them, ‘Johnny Depp, I, a man, I’m a victim too of domestic violence’. And see how many people believe or side with you.” This line is a shocker and tells that why 90% of the cases filed by women(dowry, har@ssment etc) are found to be FALSE!!! This is because women are taken as harbinger of truth and men as default LIARS! The biggest side effect of women empowerment is this! This case has set a standard and example now! There needs to be a MENS’s RIGHT ORG!

  18. The moment she realized the world knows shes a liar. 🙄 She was hyperventilating, her life is ruined by her own hand, shes done.

  19. Yknow what? Im so happy she gets to play in Aquaman 2, because ALL that money will go straight to Johnny while simultaneously killing her career. She will work hard for a movie that no one will want to see, get the box office ratings lower than what they would be, and NEVER be hired again and she will have no money to show for it. Suck on that, Amber.

  20. She’s a liar , that’s why she lost. The jury and everybody could see by her body language

  21. This is why being “canceled ” is a joke. Johnny Depp was guilty without proof. Look what happened to him. Innocent until proven guilty!!!

  22. Who did she think she is. She had one successful movie where she was the co star or a person in the movie. Should have taken the money and gone on with your career……..everything that glitters ain’t gold

  23. She wanted a slice of his money, went about it dishonestly and lost and now can’t afford to pay him the damages he is owed. Plain and simple. I don’t like her chances of getting future work in Hollywood to pay the bills!!

  24. You could tell in Amber Heard’s eyes that she knew what was coming (/the outcome).

  25. I think this was way too public. I’m pretty sure atleast 97% of the ppl would not want to have this aired. . . hopefully they can move on and find a peaceful existence.

  26. To all the man that wants to make a relationship with amber heard in future, make sure you have an hidden camera 24/7 or always ready your cell to the voice recorder, so that you have evidence to present in court, Amber Heard is totally dangerous person right now, if you don’t want to experience like what she’d done to johnny in her hands!!!

  27. Bitch got caught. Think this is the only time a gal tried to get back at a guy and ruin him by lies of abuse???? CAREER OVER BABE! LOL

  28. Amber Heard’s networth is $8M and she gotta pay Johnny Depp $15M? She’s forever gonna be in depp

  29. I thank God that the truth is out and thank God that Johnny Depp was redeemed I’m just sad that the so-called disgusting woman was not in prison for her lies she stood up there and swore to tell the truth and there was no consequence as far as I’m concerned for her lying here she has to pay up some money but she should serve some time as well Johnny lost his career as far as I’m concerned lost so many years in this poor man walking around with his head down and shame when he didn’t have to it was as if he was in prison😢 this is why I strongly believe she should be in prison

  30. I was in an abusive relationship when I was 19 and my boyfriend at the time actually head-butted me right in the nose and I dropped to the floor blood sprayed everywhere all over his shirt the wall my face I bled for a whole day out of my nose it was awful. Now if she took pictures of spilled wine on the rug and writing on the mirror she would have definitely taken pictures of the flood that produced by being headbutted in the nose cuz it it looks like somebody’s been murdered that’s how much blood comes out the nose when your head butted and I know this firsthand unfortunately

  31. Amber Heard is a disgusting pathetic excuse for a human being. Not only did she do everything she did to him- abused him, terrorized him, almost destroyed his life with lies. She stole another woman’s sexual abuse story, lied under oath, and slapped women in the face with her testimony, especially victims of DV, with that unbelievable horrific acting on the stand pretending to have beaten and scared for her life. After all of that, when it’s finally proven to everyone she’s a lying abuser, she blames the verdict on a man’s power and that the verdict is some huge setback for women and women’s rights. YOU are the setback Amber. YOU ARE.
    Leave Johnny alone, leave the world alone, no one wants to see or hear from you. Go hide in obscurity for the rest of your life because you are done and we are done with you.

  32. I’ve stopped believing her when she lied about donating 7 million to charity which she didn’t, A person who can lie in a TV show infront of million of people can definitely lie about what actually happened behind closed doors,,horrible horrible accusations and not even one pictures of her injuries while she loves taking picture of johnny sleeping ?
    she’s such a liar

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