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Janelle Monáe no longer female, she’s non-binary

Janelle Monae was pride headliner/

Janelle Monáe is genderqueer. 

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HOLLYWOOD — Janelle Monáe raised eyebrows Sunday afternoon when she told fans she’s no longer a female. The Kansas City, Kansas native — who dates mostly women — proclaimed her non-binary status while serving as Grand Marshal of the Pride Parade in West Hollywood. Janelle, 36, rocked a raunchy black and white ensemble with silver tassels dangling from her plump embonpoint. The sexless singer was joined on stage by her mom Janet. “I’m non-binary, so I just don’t see myself as a woman solely,” Janelle told the epicene crowd. “I feel like God is so much bigger than the ‘he’ or the ‘she’ and if I am from God, I am everything. But I will always, always stand with women. I will always stand with Black women. But I just see everything that I am; beyond the binary.” Janelle said she’s still down with black women. But didn’t mention sh*t about black men.

Social media reaction was fierce. One fan wrote, “Another one bites the dust. I used to see you as a beautiful lady that can sing and dance with the best of them. Now I see you as fake, starved for attention, confused, and unappealing.” Another chimed in with, “She’s still fine as f*ck. Just need a little bit of straightening.” A third person added, “She needs to leave GOD completely OUT of this. He didn’t make her crazy, she chose that sh*t !!!💯💯💯”

Watch Janelle kick it at the Pride Parade.

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  1. Absolutely no one gives a crap about Janelle Monae or what she thinks.

  2. I lived in KC, KS for a awhile. There are a lot of good people in the mid west but the number of those a ” lil off” is up there! Crazy checks are real and a hustle round those parts✌🤣😂🤣

  3. Watch out — when Hollywood grabs ahold of your ass, it turns you OUT.

  4. Lawd she fine! But soon as she start talking that spaceships 🚀, robots 🤖, and pan sexual stuff; she loses me!

  5. All that talent she possesses and she chose to be a pansexual… that’s when you know God took her powers bruh! What a waste. 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  6. That is one confused black woman. I would never waste my time with her, she is one chicken that will be single for along time. Non binary, pansexual, confused, bisexual. She is just a confused chick. If she doesn’t want to roll with black men, fine we don’t need to roll with her. Look at how some of those black women treat themselves look at how Lizzo act in public, look at how she dress, look at how Jada, treat her husband Will.

  7. “I’m not a woman’

    “I’m not a man”

    ” I’m a glowing orb”

  8. Men and women needs to quit the bullshit and stop identifying as all these different things and just identify as male and female I’m tired of listening to people saying they’re this and that

  9. All these beautiful women in the world and we concerned about if she is a woman one day and a man the next?

  10. I think her and that Tessa Thompson girl had a thing going on a few years ago lmao smfh🤯🤯🤯👽👽

  11. She’s talented and gorgeous yes, but she’s also a clown and an agent as well NEVER FORGET that.

  12. But isn’t Janelle married to Tessa Thompson..A biracial woman? 🥴
    She came out a year or two ago, saying that she was raised by all women, and blah blah blah, and that she’s a lesbian.

  13. This crap is crazy, a whole generation of lost idiots that don’t even know WHAT they are 🙄

  14. She is trying keep her money and fame up! Lbgtqabc crew run’s America now! And it is so so sad that one would have to sale there soul to not b canceld! This is so sick! Evryone dosnt want to b gay some of us are very happy with who (GOD) made us to b

  15. Black women and gay men will call every other female a B-tch or H🐱e every day all day long. When a dude says it here comes war world 3.

  16. She is demon possessed by Satan minions the nephifilm demons spirits.

  17. This is call Divide & Conquer, the ploy & plan is once we’re separated they can pick Us off one by one. Many BP that’s involved w/ Hollywood have to speak against their on race, any BP that sell out, they will say we can’t ever Trust this person so they plan for years to sabotage they whole career. Most BP don’t know the Caucasian’s Nature this is how you get fool by their Smiles….. say dumb sh$1 through out their career, unbeknownst to them the devils will drain them dry & leave them for the vultures when they can’t use you. They promise you everything in the end you get nothing but defamations & diseases.

  18. Double tongued serpent. Non binary, that’s how Satan talks with hocus pocus. God created Adam, He, and Eve, she. So what God was she talking about? The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob created Adam, male and Eve, female. Make it make sense. She’s for women and black women. She don’t like men. Listen people!

  19. Janelle Monae is very attractive, but she has proven that she drank a whole gallon of the Hollyweird liberal Kool—Aid! She was cool at first when she debuted as an attractive and talented musician, but she fell off once she stepped foot onto the weird alphabet train and showed her extreme disdain for blkmn. This was very evident even in some of her movies – look at her character in Hidden Figures. She had an attitude and displayed a sense of constant defiance with her blkhusband, but she was very smiley and friendly towards the whhyttee astronaut. Something tells me that this is actually her personality in real life as a lot of blkwmn constantly show this dynamic of being rough, tough and defiant until Mr. Clean Chad shows up for them to all of a sudden, become very sweet and feminine. I’ll bet a few dollars that she will drop all of the alphabet weirdness if a Brad/Chad steps to her…….

  20. What if white people identify as a black male and drop N bombs like it’s nothing…I’ll tell you in the real world you getting yo ass wooped💯🤣😂

  21. Look, a financial infrastructure or no, as long as we continue live amongst white people and vote Our Power, Our Love, Our Light, Our Energy and Our Trust away. We will always be confused and destabilized. We are at War and we have always been at War, especially in the modern era (the late 60s til now) of what we call America.

    We are looking at people like her ( manifestations / effects), wrong!!! She is a captured warrior – soul… She is a POW, captured and torched and broken by the Enemy by way if the Media and so called Educational system, as many of us are, though we appear to be successful and sane
    (Successfully insane).

    This why the men of every other race / ethnicity / tribe / family / Nation, protect the women and children… Are humbly and naturally afforded the Manly Task of Protecting the Flock!!!

    Integration and feminism are quite costly,we looking at a Psych – Op Campaign on the BlackNation, conceived about 60 – 50 yrs. ago, and evil fruits have been manifesting as Low Hanging (poisonous, sullied, putrid) Fruit 🍓🍑.
    I don’t think money is the ultimate answer, that’s part of it… Nationhood is a Major part of it!!! Which means Blood shed, which means the Supreme Sacrifice of Life, Love and Comfort!!! This is one of the Therapeutic Methods that will reestablish Tribal (Social – Mental Harmony). To the Brother and Sister still in the Fight, never relent. Make it your business to disect, read, reverse – engineer (exercise contrary thinking), protect your children’s precious minds… Protect our minds, teach the children who their Enemy is. Stop being fair and just about the Enemy and Unjust and Unfair to Us… Teach the Children who the Enemy is, and Everything About him. No matter how Creative You Have To Be, but Teach them and Be Sincere, while you let them hold to their Innocence!!! It Is Never To Late!!! Peace.

    P.S. She manifesting the symptoms (benefits) of that Dark Education from that Dark Community of confusion, that has commandeer the educational system and corrupt – media of america.

  22. Everything she says is a contradiction – I don’t identify as everything, but I stand with black women, but i see energy not the person. So how do you know you first and foremost stand with black women of you only see energy and not what they identify as, and what if they identify as a male goat?? 2 Timothy 3:6-7 comes to mind

  23. 🤪 Looney as F#$&. B!$#h you gay or you not, F#$& all that in between ish

  24. First thing in this day and age women should be left to their own devices, especially black women, they deserted black men years ago.
    Today they are strong and independent and don’t need a man, let alone a black man. Myself, I don’t waste time worrying about the needs of black women, they don’t need me!
    The new supreme court justice when asked..(What was a woman?)..Had no answer to that question although, you can clearly see that she is a woman.
    Why are we as a society even asking that question these days? If she’s not a woman then ask her..Well if you are not a woman, then what are you?… She can’t answer that either!
    We need to stop wasting our time talking to fools! Normal people who know what they are, have far more important things to do than, to get involved with this foolishness!
    Don’t want to be a woman Great!.. Get out of the way so I can get to, all the women that know they are women, and love being a woman…More for me😂😂😂

  25. Do you know what the problem is? Chicks want to move the goal posts on men now because they see that having a P* is no longer enough to give them control over men.

    More and more men are practicing celibacy and other forms of D* control (e.g., more intense focus on self-development), and it’s unsettling to women because they have traditionally been able to use P* to control men.

    Now, it’s about devising these descriptors that promote and project unpredictability in a woman’s status. It is designed to return a sense of control to women by confusing men.

  26. It is funny how black women will pose in front of the rainbow flag– that doesn’t have the color black in it.

  27. An ENTIRE waste of a beautiful woman…omg why do ppl have to go the extra mile to be so goddamn weird????

    …ಠ_ಠ Why?!! …

  28. I wasn’t really into her when she first came out, but when she started all this lgbt stuff, it just tuned me out totally, I hardly know anything about her (despite how long she’s been popular) other than she used to claim to be lesbo, the pansexual and now non-binary. It’s pretty clear these people just want us to play along with their fantasies as though they never got older than 6 years old or something

  29. 👍👍👍👍The more these women especially blk women choose to ACT, TALK, WALK, & LIVE like men there going to find themselves with less & LESS PROTECTION FROM MEN. So a woman who outright says that she’s not a woman probably won’t have a chance out here.

  30. 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ Ayo… wtf is Non Binary any way? Like wat does that even mean? Dead ass… there are too many sub groups, of sub… groups…. like 🤯🤯. Okay so I looked it up on the web…. I still don’t really grasp wtf this is? 🤷🏾 Sound like to me, U choose, to be, “bi-yoself.”

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