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Mo’Nique slaughters D.L. Hughley during her show

Mo’Nique slaughtered D.L. Hughley/YouTube

Mo’Nique slams D.L. Hughley. 

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DETROIT — Mo’Nique has a renowned hit list that includes Lee Daniels, Tyler Perry, Steve Harvey and Oprah Winfrey. Now she has D.L. Hughley within the crosshairs of her Hollywood rifle. During her stand-up comedy performance Saturday night at Detroit’s Fox Theater, Mo’Nique spewed a profanity-laced tirade for the ages and it was over an indenture breach. The blackballed actress claimed she was the rightful headliner, not Hughley who closed out the show. “That’s what the mothaf*ckin’ contract says,” she told the audience. “Mo’Nique is to be the last mothaf*ckin’ person on the got damn stage. She is the headliner. That’s what I signed the contract for!” Mo’Nique, 54, also called Hughley a “b*tch ass n*gga” before insinuating he’s a fag. “So when I leave this mothaf*cka the headliner has left,” she ranted.

“That b*tch n*gga has crossed the mothaf*ckin’ line!”

“Y’all don’t understand I was getting ready to walk the f*ck up out of here,” the Academy Award winner explained. “But I said, ‘I can’t let the people down. I’m 30-plus years in this mothaf*ckin’ business and I don’t open for no goddamn body.”

Hughley, 59, was quick to clap back. “All you have to do is check the order of names on the ticket stub from last night and you’ll see who’s confused,” he explained. “Against my better judgment, over the objections of my team and four other occasions where I said ‘NO,’ I decided to take a chance and work with Mo’Nique. Oprah was the problem, Tyler Perry was the problem, Charlamagne [tha God] was the problem, Steve Harvey was the problem, Lee Daniels was the problem, Netflix was the problem… Now it’s my turn. At some point it can’t be everyone else, IT’S YOU!! Lesson learned. I didn’t have anything personal against Mo’Nique… People paid a lot of money to laugh, not hear about your contract. Apparently, the role you played in ‘Precious’ turned out to be an autobiography.” 

Ouch! That’s cold.

Rumor has it Mo’Nique’s husband wrote the contract.

Are you disappointed in her?

Should conflicts be resolved behind closed doors?

Watch Mo’Nique get in Hughley’s ass.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Mo Nique is disgusting, she needs a diet and a large piece of soap to wash her mouth out. She is not funny at all

  2. When The SHEEPS tried to cancel Mo’Nique I stopped rocking with them because ⁹ out ¹⁰ times they Were C🦝🦝NS ANYWAY.

  3. Oh snap! Mo’Nique did Mr DownLow like that?
    Well good, it couldn’t of happened to a better person.

    Karmas a bitch 🤷🏽‍♂️

  4. MONIQUE has every right to handle it the way she wants! D.L. tried her & got dragged! Hollyweird been playing MONIQUE, blk balled her for a while now.. TEAM MONIQUE!!!

  5. Monique—- contract is the real deal.. DL is just an invoice.
    Just to compare them too, Monique is funnier than DL. He’s very dry when comes to conclusions to his comedy.
    DL had issues with Monique, Kanye and others by dipping his nose in other people business.
    I’m glad Monique got back in the game..

  6. Someone needs to call out Monique on her BS. Going out there calling the man a bitch questioning his man hood is straight up wack. A man couldn’t go out there and do that to a women. If she is trying to imply she is funnier or more well established because she closed for Queens of Comedy is ridiculous. DL is funnier period. Handle the shit behind the scenes how she handled it is just wrong and the fans lost out in all of this drama.

  7. I’m glad DL stepped up to her he-she ass! This would’ve been a perfect opportunity for her to prove herself different and she blew it.

  8. This is BS! MoNique had NO right to to get on stage and call DL names and act a damned fool over a contract DL never created! This is why Mo can disappear for another decade without the help of these FAKE supporters, and won’t be missed by those of us who weren’t looking for her messy as#!!!

  9. Talking about burning bridges. Hate to see this. I love her and DL. Don’t like to see our people fighting in public. This could have been worked out in a back room. This feels like the Will Smith slapping. Hope they can resolve this.

  10. Monique didn’t have a problem with everyone until Tyler Perry, Lee Daniels and Oprah set Hollywood up to Black Ball her! KAT WILLIAMS HAS CALLED OUT TIFFANY HADDISH AND KEVIN HART ON STAGE FOR THE LAST FEW YEARS AND NOBODY SAYS BLACK BALL HIM. HE’S SELLING OUT SHOWS. G E N D E R B I A S!!

  11. Mo has been classless, mean spirited to folks in the past, that is clear….Give the audience what they paid for COMEDY….handle your biz backstage..periodt…Its called show BUSINESS for a reason ….this is not about being fair. When you do business you need to be able to handle disrepect and problems with class and dignity…otherwise you will end up BEING the problem no one wants to work with. Looks like MO needs a Business Therapist and Coach to learn how to play the game.

  12. I have never really been into DL HUGHLEY as a comedian . Some of his stuff has been funny to me but personally just not my favorite BUT in a situation between him and Monique who i have to say some of her stuff has been funny to me but her also not being a favorite of mine I would think that DL should go last . If I was a promoter that’s the order I would put them in . Monique thinks she is gonna muscle her way into entertainment based on equal rights as a black woman and it’s not about that it’s about the bottom line $$$ for the promoters and the producers of movies and television shows . Just because you have a long resume and done a lot of work for a long period of time does not automatically make you the most profitable . A lot of times how we look at ourselves is not how people see us

  13. Monique has the right to express herself how she chooses. Women always get scrutinized for doing what men do. We don’t know how long she endured behind the scenes rhetoric. I don’t believe she’s problematic but I do respect her for being a woman with a voice. DL is a comedian like she is, they speak negative on ppl regularly, so to get it backlash I’m sure they can handle it. Not everything is a image thing, but we are fully aware of double standards on men and women.

  14. Monique has just reinforced her reputation of being a difficult person to work with. She should have handled the situation way Waaaaay better. She should have spoken with DL and then they would have realized the promoters screwed them both, then handled it better. This is a very very bad look. Other directors and producers that would have been looking to work with her are now running in the opposite direction. She simply comes off as unhinged. It’s hard enough out here for black women in hollywood. Like Jane Hubert said – being labelled difficult, as a black womanis a death sentence. I think monique just signed hers – again!

  15. Monique needs to do what most Black, POC, and Women have done when they feel the injustice of not being considered or respected in their profession and that is invest in themselves, create a space and platform that does not require “contracts” and “keeping their word” for them to do what they do and extend that safe space to those you say you are trying to do this for. Sometimes when you’ve been kicked too many times, you have to dust yourself of, hold your head up with dignity and remove yourself from the mess that is trying to drag you down.

    Attacking those you disagree with and their character continuously out of anger, miscommunication, etc., it starts to do something to not only your reputation, but your soul, and your talents. No one can see how talented you are if you continue to complain louder, and more than you perform.

    I want her to be as great as she looks. I want her to no longer be a pillar of unnecessary judgement and be a pillar of class and respect. “If the people you have been dealing with are truly dirt, you will grow strong and and towards the light of you take care of yourself and surround yourself with the positive nourishment you need.”

  16. She may have a point, but her way of going about it was wrong. Save the drama for the promoters backstage. Don’t slam another comic when you don’t even know if it was the talent or the promoter. When you go onstage, you bring the jokes. When you’re off stage, you handle business.

  17. Monique is a toxic woman that’s getting egged on by a beta husband that has feminine ways….horrible combination. Just like Jada should have pulled Will back, Monique husband needs to pull her back…but he won’t….because she is his meal ticket.

  18. This definitely should have been handled better. While I understand Monique’s feelings at that moment, she should have allowed a wiser, cooler, business-minded version of herself to prevail. In that instance, she had the power to perform, then have her legal team gather the contract and reach out to DL Hughley’s legal team and management to see where the problem truly lies. Once it was clear where the trouble began and who was at fault for the breach of contract, then she could’ve taken legal action in the form of a lawsuit. People learn to respect you and tread lightly when you have facts and take legal actions. It also helps to not portray you as a “liability”

  19. Seriously, Monique – do you really think fans paid their hard earned money to hear about your dispute with the promoters???? If I was in audience, I’d want my money back!!!!

  20. Time for her to fight her own battles and stop trying to pump up the people to fight them for her. Plus this was a fight for a lawyer not a stage , she’s opening herself up to a lawsuit. Plus if she had a legit contract why did her team allow the promoter to break it? Something ain’t right, not performing would have been a greater blow to the show and the promoter cause the people would have demanded an explanation.

  21. This is TOXICITY at it’s HIGHEST level. Listen to her RANT! Why do I want to hear DRAMA??? That sh!t is like a SIREN! ANYONE condoning this behavior is also TOXIC! It’s no way a SANE individual thinks this behavior is appropriate. It’s a time and place for EVERYTHING! If she feels ENTITLED. She shouldn’t have performed. Let’s be REAL. Monique CAN’T sell out a paper bag! Her Comedy is RAUNCHY, PROFANITY LACED and weak. She should have gave a BOMB performance that way DL would have to follow her. Monique is in her OWN way. BLACK PEOPLE stop CONDONING this behavior. Keeping it “REAL” shouldn’t mean acting a F$CKING NUT

  22. Oprah Winfrey, Tyler Perry. Lee Daniels always said that she wasn’t the problem, it was her husband/manager. Monique is one of these type of Women that will never, ever believe that her husband will never do anything wrong. When Lee gave her the apology on stage, her husband was not onstage with her!! But yet, she can advise other Women on how they should live their lives??

  23. Why is she even comparing the Kings of Comedy to the Queens of Comedy when the kings are funnier and made more money off their work? The fact that women think they are just as good as men in everything, then when they come to the realization that they’re not they play the victim card to get things rules and accommodations changed just to benefit them.

  24. That was not for the fans/audience. Not funny by any means. She said that she signed but did anyone else lol?
    I agree with DL….it has to be you Monique and not everyone else. Also, that was not a matter for the fans to hear or be subjected to. She will be without work again. Wonder why🤔. She isnt standing up for her people..she is standing up for self and not in the right way. What has she done in years that warrants “headliner”. Shenanigans like this do NOT display your talents nor was it funny. It was shameful, unprofessional, and uncouth. Also disrespectful to the audience who paid for some laughs and not your personal and contractual. Smh

  25. Real Talk Monique needs her ass whipped all she had to do is go ahead and do the Damn Show Plain and Simple. If I am DL I won’t even mention her at all.

  26. What’s crazy is, our ppl seem to be buying into this game of divide and conquer. The elite will use anything (Comedy shows, awards, status, etc) to keep us spewing negative words and deeds at each other. The black ppl are a ppl already divided thanks to the slave masters… been that way since we entered America and seems it’ll stay that way until the end of time. The elite use chicken change to buy out any loyalty that can possibly be had amongst us as a nation. And we continue to allow it. Smh

  27. Emotions will cause you to fuck the rest of your life up. Not how you handle business. Her “daddy” is setting her up for failure

  28. The entertainment industry has been messed up for years! So why should she hide the dirt they did to her under contract? She took their dirt and made a mud pie 🥧 and got mad laughs at their expense!

  29. My only problem with monique is she always put black women against black men and sometimes be wrong like she is now,Then mask it as fighting for my ppl crap..u cant fight for our ppl while causing them to dislike 1 another my elder..If u would have practiced any of that class as u tell sistas to take off their bonnets..u would have practiced that same class and got to the ROOT of the problem instead of disrespecting that man’s wife..YOU know the black WOMEN you are so called protecting..

  30. Monique is toxic and her career will be on hold again until she learns how to control her emotions and handle her business in a professional manner. It’s not the cards you’re dealt but how you play your cards. Monique lose all the time because she shows her hand. Now, we’re seeing why she probably got blackballed in the first place.

  31. Actually she was also incorrect about saying DL opened for Kings of Comedy, Steve Harvey opened and introduced the Kings. Monique is her own worst enemy. She then says families are off limits but then disrespects his family. At least DL speaks up for black people the only thing I ever hear her speak about is her contracts.

  32. This was unnecessary. If she had a problem with him she should’ve went to him. Sounds like she was just waiting to air all of her issues with DL. This is why people don’t want to work with her. She accomplished nothing by going off on DL. She just made all of the things said about her appear true. The show was marketed as DL being the headliner. Her issue was with the promoter, not DL. She was outta pocket. As long as the numbers on her check were correct, this was just unnecessary. Now if they were messing with her money….. that’s different. She too busy trying to be right and burning bridges to rebuild her reputation.

  33. Monique hasn’t been relevant for awhile. Now look, she got everyone talking about her ass, only not in the way she had hoped.

  34. Monique isn’t funny & is unattractive. She looks and sounds like a big fat bitter black american woman over sensationalizing her open marriage and has rage. She makes valid points when not cussing & venomous but then cancels her points. What happened with the big netflix lawsuit?

  35. I have been down with Monique for some years now, but I noticed over the years she has become more bitter I never liked her as a stand-up comedian I liked her more in movies and sitcoms but now I’m done, and when I found out that she had an open marriage and basically let her husband like Wendy Williams run all over her I have no respect for women who allow men to manipulate control and disrespect them

  36. If it wasn’t written in Mo’Nique’s contract to go on stage before D.L., then why did she? If she were contractually the headliner, she would have been well within her rights to sit out and wait for him to go on first. But she didn’t. You know why? Because her contract and everyone else’s said D.L. was the headliner and she didn’t want to get sued for breach of said contract.

    What I think happened was the initial deal, contract, or whatever, had Mo’Nique as the headliner and, at some point, it was decided that D.L. should headline. I think it’s very possible, if not likely, that D.L. raised a stink about the initial agreement and said he didn’t want to go on before Mo’Nique and was able to convince the promoters and producers to change the order of the lineup. And, he probably never informed Mo’Nique either before or after that decision and she had to hear it from her manager, the producers, or the promoters, and that p*ssed her off.

    D.L. isn’t denying that he complained and got the order of the lineup changed.

    Nevertheless, like pretty much everything else in her career over the last ten or 15 years, Mo’Nique handled this TERRIBLY.

  37. Her rant was funny as hell. How people dont see it as part of her performance is beyond me. Shit was Hilarious. Whether you want to see her win or you want to see her lose she got up there and entertained. If you dont like her you saw her sink her ship again. If you like her you listened to her be real and express herself in the savage fashion that only real ones recognize 💯

  38. She is probably wrong for coming on stage discussing their business but the truth is the truth

  39. This is absolutely despicable and embarrassing to watch. It’s like she’s about to explode with anger. This is not comedy. There’s nothing funny about it. She’s spinning comedy with anger with her filthy mouth. Something is wrong with her. I can’t believe that a person like this won an Academy Award for anything.


  41. It’s either mental health issues or drugs. I think it’s the former. I can’t help but still love her for some reason.

  42. Not cool Monique not cool
    You legit took your brother down on stage
    Our jobs are to protect our black men
    You could’ve handled this better you wrong yo

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