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Resident Evil series drew merciless criticism online

Resident Evil slammed by critics/Netflix

Resident Evil is Woke. 

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HOLLYWOOD — Last night, yours truly binge-watched all 8 episodes of the new Sci-Fi zombie series “Resident Evil” on Netflix and… contrary to public opinion, it’s not too terrible. It’s just a little terrible. The latest adaptation of Capcom’s globally renowned video game series is definitely Woke. But what isn’t nowadays? Nearly three decades after the T-virus first reared its ugly head, female protagonist Jade Wesker (Ella Balinska) begins an odyssey to rescue civilization from a zombie apocalypse while her chickenshit husband stays home to babysit their young daughter. Shouldn’t those obligations be reversed? Not to mention the show’s dramatis personae no longer encompasses a white Albert Wesker. No sir. Umbrella’s top virologist is now a black man played by Lance Reddick and Caucasians are pissed. Other woke features include gay relationships, interracial dalliances and teenagers cussin’ out parents.

Give director Andrew Dabb credit. At least he demonstrated the appropriacy to have Dr. Wesker draw a juxtaposition between T-virus and Coronavirus to help calm us down. But, as viewers, we still can’t help but fasten the two pathogens together. After all, last time we checked, COVID is still running rampant.

Nevertheless, Dr. Wesker proclaimed those infected with T-virus will become desiccated, barbarous and cannibalistic within 72 hours. Conversely, those who contract COVID rarely experience symptoms and many don’t know they’re contaminated. If we didnt watch TV we wouldn’t know COVID exists. Dr. Wesker, at the behest of his sociopathic lesbian boss — Umbrella CEO Evelyn Marcus (Paola Nuñez) — concocted a T-virus vaccine that’s compatible with 5G technology. Only problem is the panacea gives Evelyn the autonomy to manipulate our moods and deportment through cell phone apps.

Given the fact we take mobile devices everywhere we go, mind control should be easy to administer.

Evelyn even admitted, given the opportunity, she’ll use those inoculations to transmogrify humans into vegans (like her) which is sort of confusing because for someone who supposedly loves animals she’s always running lab experiments on ’em.

Fans and critics trashed the series.

One viewer wrote, “So they clone Wesker and he turns into a black man. That’s like me cloning myself and becoming a dog.” Another added, “Watched it and wasn’t impressed at all. It has homosexual relationships, interracial relationships… you know, the usual Disney-type situations. Teenagers talking back to parents like they running sh*t. I give it 3 out of 10 for a lot of unnecessary fuckery.”

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  1. In all honesty, if you have a shit imagination and are obsessed with the video games then you wont like this show lol.

  2. Wow they made Wesker black? lets make a Tom Brady movie and get Jamie Fox to play him. I was excited when i saw Netflix made a series about my favorite game franchise but i will avoid it like the plague.

  3. Jesus Christ anything with black ppl in is woke everything in media is woke that word gets use so much it doesn’t mean shit anymore

  4. wesker is black, he got two surrogate daughters, t-virus is an anti-depressant, the zombies are not really bad idea after the other lol

  5. It is awful, but it sure as shit wasn’t because of “woke” whatever. It was bad because it turned into another Paul WS Anderson hack job of the lore, ignoring established characters to focus on some new boring people; also, like the movies, it is a pointlessly post-apocalyptic setting for half of it, and post-apocalyptic was never the genre of Resident Evil – except in the shitty movies!
    If you’re upset about some token representation, I’d figure people who whine about woke shit would be thrilled that the main villain in the past timeline is a lesbian, and the main villain in the future is a vegan; they are the most evil people in the show, so if it is actually trying to be “woke,” it failed pretty hard.
    The only thread of “woke” you could tug would be making Albert Wesker an African American, which even then, isn’t woke, as it is just more failing to understand the source material. All the Wesker children are meant to be the embodiment of the idealised Aryan, which was a manner to suggest Spencer’s Nazi-like leanings. If anything, it is “less woke,” since that criticism about Nazism is lost in the adaptation.

  6. Yeah so apparently the zombie dogs can just be killed with fire extinguishers, they did it in this episode and they did it in welcome to raccoon City LOL so next time you’re playing resident Evil just try to find a fire extinguisher guys it works every time 😄😄 Oh yeah and let’s not forget that the giant caterpillar swam through goddamn concrete! Imagine how tough you have to be to swim through f**** concrete yet you get taken out by a few little babies hitting lol they can kiss my ass with that, skin strong enough to split cement and concrete but can be taken out by weapons the size of it’s fingernail 🤣🤣

  7. Halo and now Resident Evil.
    And the worst thing is I am a FAN of both original franchises and would have LOVED to see two decent shows based on these franchises 😂
    But these shows aren’t even just decent, they’re not even JUST “Ok” they are STEAMING hot garbage 🤮
    There is zero intelligence or purpose behind the writing.

  8. I’m black and it pisses me off these idiots think Ill worship their show just for race swapping characters, that in itself is racist af.

  9. How can capcom allow these atrocities to happen & be on screen? I’d be 🤦🏻‍♂️ & embarrassed

  10. Here we go again, taking a well known and loved video game franchise and completely alienating its fanbase by changing it to fit todays audience and thus in the process completely removing any semblance of what attracted fans in the first place. I am thankful Silent Hill had atleast one good representation in movie form, the first film is great, the second one not at all, dear god imagine if Netflix made a Silent Hill show…

  11. Bro how the hell is you gone turn my boy wesker into a nigga. Freaking out of this world, like come on, talk about being diverse on another level🤣

  12. What does woke even mean?
    Right wingers are insanely obsessed with that word

  13. i could only make it 15 min into the first episode… it is total dogshit.

  14. I couldn’t make it past the 4th episode.

    The fat guy is the only redeeming quality of the series so far

  15. Firstly I hate the word woke…..sorry just erks me the wrong way…..secondly why are fans always racist

  16. I got 75% through the first episode, downvoted it, turned it off, and went online to see if everyone else hated it as much as I did. I’m not even a resident evil fan, I just like zombie flicks and they couldn’t even get that right. The intentional wokeness, the terrible dialogue, the lack of quality action scenes; it’s too much to sit through voluntarily.

  17. We’ve already had a black Wesker!!!! It was Wesley snipes as Blade!

  18. My main problem was that white characters are getting the shitty end of the stick, every white character is either a background character, a minor side character, killed soon after they are introduced, or are evil.
    The ONLY good white person that I remember was the father of a kid that got bit a while ago when Jade was trying to get smuggled somewhere else, but he sacrifices himself in the most retarded, useless way.
    This show is the epitome of contrived. It’s so shit that my friend, who has remarkably low standards, and is mostly ignorant to social justice practices in media, also thought it was shit.

  19. Personally I don’t think it was a bad show but it’s a terrible adaptation

  20. Liberals: you can’t replace that actor with a white person because that would be racist.

    Also the left: I get wesker isn’t black… but…

    I don’t have an issue with black wesker, but how the hell do these things not contradict??

  21. They dont get it. A Resident Evil movie should be Die Hard in a mansion with zombies, thats it! A character, alone… talking to him/herself and from time to time meeting with another character or some radio chats… THATS IT.

  22. Lance is an awesome actor and he carried the entire season himself. Besides Lance the rest of the season is teenage drama and woke garbage.

  23. Any show that has black people in it is now woke. We can’t replace you folks fast enough

  24. Show is fucking awful, hopefully they don’t make another season. Fuck Netflix for ruining a great series

  25. Imagine being a vegan in a post apocalyptic zombie world where food is scarce

  26. Seems like the script was written by SJWs who dont give a fuck about the RE game series lol

  27. If you hate white people this show is for you! That and all you want to see is them being evil…. this show is for you.

  28. Chick fights, teenage girls in adult situations and references to obscure perverse sex acts.
    That is all it is. They can hide behind black people all they want but this is hollywood scum messing up something that used to be good.

  29. Guys, guys. I made it thru the entire series! So, I will say, if you’ve never seen: the original movies, remake, or played the games, than this show is still a waste of time! The main character was a horrible human being. She got soooo many people killed through out the series, people who were helping her survive I might add, and showed no remorse what so ever. Spoiler alert for anyone who cares!!!! In the final episode, adult Billie confronts adult Jade and tells her how she has been an irredeemable human being and how she in fact did get a lot of people killed, and I totally agreed with Billie! Honestly, Billie seems to be the hero of the series while Jade has been the villain! I was so glad Billie shot Jade but was sad she didn’t finish the job. I don’t think Jade can do anything in season 2, if there is one, to make me like her character or root for her to win. This series is honestly a 3/10. The fresh take on the zombie queen and the bigazz alligator made this show a 3 tbh!

  30. I really tried to get through it, even watched until episode 5. I couldn’t deal with the teenagers anymore. All female cast, black lead again .. Netflix can f CK itself! The only salving grace was Lance Reddick which still made no fucking sense considering he’s white in the original lore.

  31. Some of these commenters butt hurt that they cast a great actor to play wesker simply because he isn’t white is really showing how prejudice fanbases can be.

    The show runner Andrew Dadd literally says that Lance is the best actor for the part. Nothing els to it. I’m sure if we saw all of the screen tests for every person that auditioned and saw how horrible they portrayed Wesker but they ultimately picked an actor that aesthetically looked like him you would all attack their skill not their skin color.

    Not to mention this is an adaption using the games as backstory. It was never meant to be an exact replica of the game source just the same world and lore from the games.

    I thought Lance was the only saving grace of this show and I found it personally refreshing to watch. I know I for sure jumped through the entire show but made sure to stop at his points because they were so well acted out.

  32. So if it is 14 years after THE END, just how the hell has Jade got such sparkling white teeth? Can it be that you are more likely to get a dentist’s appointment in the UK once civilization has collapsed? And where the hell does she get all the electricity and equipment from? This really is just plain dumb.

  33. They shouldn’t have used the name Resident Evil.
    If they had called it anything else like even something generic such as “Zombie Dance Apocalypse: Return of Booty Blaster” it would have done decently well.
    Just cuz you can use a massively popular IP in your work, doesn’t guarantee it’s success. In this case, they knew there were millions of fans for this IP, kept promoting it like it was gonna be recreating the RE games because of the use of major characters in the trailers, studio sets, snips etc… And still came up with this sh*t show 😂

  34. I watched the whole thing with my girlfriend. She doesn’t know anything about the series. She would often turn to me and ask, “Did that happen in the games? [No.] Okay, cause it didn’t make any sense.” She was confused or bored based off whichever timeline we were watching. She said watching it made her appreciate other things more, because of how awful it was.

  35. They just couldnt help themselves, everything is going woke and diverse today, why ? just why.. Why cant they stick to the lore and stories.. If they wanna avoid putting a bunch of white people on screen, maybe choose to adapt and make things that aren’t about a bunch of white people. Sad thing about this is that they are making people racist who werent racist in the first place. When the show then fails they are blaming those people for being yes you guessed it..racists.

  36. I watched the first 13 min, female lead character of color, the zombies chasing her, and then they all stopped after one tackled her, and the giant worm thing, her complaining about white people then put down Elon musk, I immediately stopped watching this garbage lol I literally never felt so much wokeness in such little time

  37. Racist and misogynists EVERYWHERE in this comment section. You white men are too comfortable with yourselves, the minute you see anything not like you, it’s trash and weird. Lmao go to hell

  38. White people … So sick of hearing the phrase white people. People complain white people are always getting the main roles. Well there are blonds, brunettes, red heads, green eyes, blue eyes, even Violet eyes … I’m dark and get mistaken for Hispanic but my friend Irish with pink skin … You get my point … Soooo many different white people .. from different cultures and traditions …

  39. Point is … Maybe the black actor would have been good for the part, he’s a good actor, if someone didn’t know resident evil and just watched the series with no knowledge of it .. just think .. you picture someone in a role it’s hard to watch if the actor chosen is opposite. You’re imagination is let down. That’s why I have a hard time with these re dos trying to cast opposite from norm actors … For THESE reactions and this thread. Everyone went online giving it attention. Negative or not people are talking and watching now

  40. I tried to watch it. I made it to the third episode. Dont waste your time on a single episode. It sucks beyond belief.

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