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Black chick rips boyfriend publicly, calling him broke

A viral video shows a rapacious black chick lambasting her boyfriend publicly because he refused to pick up the dinner tab for her 18 friends. The ass-chewin’ took place outside an upscale restaurant during the vixen’s birthday celebration. “You really should’ve paid for all of our food,” the girlfriend said as her buddies nodded in agreement. “It’s your birthday, cool. But I’m not doing that,” the boyfriend replied. Another man added, “Why does he have to pay for all y’all food though?” When the boyfriend offered to give her a ride home, the girlfriend declined the invitation, telling him, “Nobody wants a broke n*gga.” Ouch! Social media reaction was vicious. One viewer wrote, “YOU can’t make this sh*t up. This is the definition of ‘modern woman.’ Kevin Samuels taught us a very important lesson.” Another chimed in with, “The irony of calling him broke while asking for money.” A third observer added, “If I’m paying for all 18 then I’m f*cking all 18.”

Was the girlfriend in the wrong?

Should a boyfriend have to pay for 18 women?

Are Western women impossible to date and/or marry?

Watch the video.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. I am the smartest black man on this website

    American black men are a total joke

  2. Leave her, she is a committed capitalist when it comes to her own needs, she is a rabid Communist when it comes to anyone else’s money.

  3. Im glad he didnt pay for all their food. That biitch must be used to simps.

  4. Bruh its the girls birthday not everyone else. Her friends should have helped pay for the birthday girls meals. Not expect her man to pay for her and all her friends. What kinda bs is this lmaoo

  5. I bet all these Fat women want to be treated as Equal so pay your own freeloaders

  6. All 18 better be giving up the booty hole if they are expecting to be paid for… Take notes ladies

  7. @Zeeshann: They are Harlots the the Quran talks about that go too hell I doubt the scriptures will save these wig wearing demons.

  8. you nìggás are total complete clowns,

    i say no, one time and thats the end of it…

    the moment that bìtçh called him a broke nìggá you were supposed to turn around and leave…

    but you standing there going back and forth with a fat ugly disrespectful hòé, a fat ugly black hòé at that…

  9. I could understand him paying for her only but not her friends. I mean don’t her friends have a job? If I was the guy and her friends started talking to me like that. I would have said I’m not paying for broke a** women who can’t pay for themselves and have to rely on a man to pay for things. And then just leave.

  10. Even if I had it..I wouldn’t pay for her friends..her for sure..but her friends..hell no..and that mouth of hers.she will be by herself I would be done with that relationship..he did right..

  11. So all 18 of her so-called “friends” weren’t willing to contribute to her birthday? Get outta there, man!

  12. Oh hell nah. You got me messed up if you think I’m paying for 18 of your friends. I ain’t even paying for one of them. 18 FRIENDS!? I dont even have 10 friends😂. And you know she told them to come and said he was paying for that meal.

  13. He should have paid for his girls birthday dinner,, but the rest of those heffas on they own

  14. He could’ve paid for the dinner. He rightfully chose not to. How she invited +18 without telling her man they all broke can you pay for us. The man ain’t broke them foot dragging ass ladies that came to the party empty handed broke.

  15. Shit better end with me and all 19 of them chicks back at my crib having an orgy if Ima pay for all of em. Ol girl knew this nigga was a dweeb. So of course she was gon try it 🤦🏾‍♂️😂

  16. I really think that these two don’t know each other very well or this is a new relationship that is not up to a year coz if that bitch knows that dude very well she got to know if the dude can accomodate 18 bitches on his wallet and for the bitch to call the dude broke, its means that the bitch are with the dude for his pocket and to make it worse she did not even tell the dude that she’s inviting 18 bitches for her birthday.

  17. 19 broke 304’s, that’s all I’m seeing. This young man needs to get out of this relationship.

  18. 20 people X (restaurant looked nice, $70/person) = $1400 x (20% tip) = $1680.

  19. Men don’t want to pay for anything and under the same breath they don’t care if a women has a good job or career?
    Did men ever think 🤔 maybe she has a good job b/c
    She can’t depend on a man to help her

  20. This why Black Men date white 🤍 women 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 I’m sorry she mad ungrateful then the camera man you should of paid for her food he would got slapped Real talk mind your Business homie I’m staying single to I die women this generation is different I can’t lie 🤥

  21. I’d never have my man paying for my friends. I don’t care if it’s only 1 or 2. Hell no!!!

  22. Love calling guys broke, you and 18 friends couldn’t pay for it but I’m broke for not doing it!! Being called broke is just a bullshit manipulation. Don’t let your ego get you in debt for some lazy top and azz!

  23. I won’t buy a woman that look like that a burger. You simps has contaminated the dating market 🤦🏿‍♂️

  24. Met a chick at a bar. Bought her a drink. Then she asked me to buy her friends a drink 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  25. This entire situation is stupid on both ends, smh.

    I can tell a lot of things by viewing this video, the first thing is I can make a hypothesis on this type of individual that likes to stunt as if he has more money than he actually does, which led her to have the impression as if he can actually pay for all of her 18 friends, so that’s his mess up number one.

    Another thing is I know it’s difficult for a selective group of women to have dignity and some form of Consciousness as to not even allow a man to pay for her and friends, seeing as how it was her birthday meaning if he could pay for all of them why wouldn’t she collectively want all of that money just for her?

    She is another one who likes to play the pretend stunt game as the number bitch in the click, and told her friends that she has some acquaintance who is going to pay for everything, which she is not even bright enough to even know cuz I could tell a couple of friends were digging dude and would probably fuck him behind her back, which would be her own fault.

  26. This proves that most women bring nothing to the table….. 😂 But 18 people.

  27. The mistake men have always made and continue to make is convincing women they’re special. It’s what fuels feminism.

  28. Women always wanna call us broke but don’t never wanna pay for shit

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