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T.D. Jakes slams women

Jakes says women are men/YouTube

Bishop Jakes dumps on women. 

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DALLAS — Bishop T.D. Jakes pissed-off feminists worldwide when he told his congregation “we are raising up women to be men” and, because we’re subverting femininity, families are being extirpated. The 65-year-old pastor also insinuated females are the primary reason sin exists. Bishop Jakes delivered his best Kevin Samuels impersonation at his Dallas-based megachurch, “The Potter’s House,” as part of his Father’s Day homily. The sermon was streamed via TikTok video. “Real men pour in,” he said. “If Adam had not allowed Eve to pour into him, sin would have never come into the world. Sin came into the world because Adam broke the order.” Bishop Jakes, who used to be woke, then told male congregants to quit being bums and get remunerated. “We were not designed to receive from women,” he explained.

“Your self-esteem is compromised when you have to ask your wife for lunch money.”

Social media reaction was priceless. One viewer wrote, “Women need to understand we are attracted to femininity in women, not masculinity in women.” Another added, “Bishop Jakes has been a SIMP for years and now he sees the Manosphere and he’s trying to cash in 💸 💰 on the opportunity. Don’t fall for the trick because he’s the king of False prophets.”

A third observer added, “Not only did T.D. Jakes wait until Kevin Samuels died to say this, but seems like he waited until this topic was popular for men and women to put down female masculinity. Because as long as the majority of men and women continue to speak out against female masculinity, T.D. Jakes can’t get canceled.”

What’s my take?

For every masculine woman there’s a feminine man.

So even though there’s truth to what Bishop Jakes is saying, it’s not a female problem per se. It’s a Western societal dilemma concocted by bitch-ass men. The fish rots from the head down. Secondly, black women put Bishop Jakes on the map. They comprise most of his church attendance and they’re the only ones who watch and/or purchase his Tyler Perry-esque movies.

Does “Woman Thou Art Loosed” ring a bell?

So I’m surprised Bishop Jakes has decided to bite the hand that feeds his corpulent ass.

That said, do you agree with him?

Are we witnessing the cessation of alpha males?

Watch the sermon.

The explosive remarks start at the 19:20 mark.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Anyone agreeing with this …is dumb…because this is a reflection of the inconsistencies of masculinity

  2. Eve brought sin home. And it’s time women held that L. You cant get them to be more accountable by telling them its not their fault!

  3. Funny, how women love hearing it from TD jakes, but when Kevin Samuel said it, y’all were ready to throw parties because he died

  4. I know someone who lives with her mom both single and they raised her daughter. I’m married and I noticed whenever I was there they would keep saying we don’t need no man. I’m sure they had some negative experiences with men. The daughter is now 25 and engaged to a woman. I’m not saying that these are related but often times I think perhaps it is. If a child hears over the course of her life that a man has no place in her life would she then want a man. I think not. Ijs

  5. He may keep his interpretation of that text to himself. I never knew Jakes was this sexist. I’m happy to know real men, good men and none of them are afraid when their wife is in the lead. We all have roles to play to support ourselves and our families. Rigidity breaks the family, it does not strengthen it.

  6. And women can’t seem to define what a woman is. They have men in wigs winning championships in women’s sports. I wonder if women will HEAR TD on this. Mr. Samuels was 100% right.

  7. Typically, I don’t listen to T.D Fakes but this is real, he’s right on this one.


  9. Many women have had to take on many roles that never should of been.Many women won’t marry and that is caused us to have more masculine trait….Jesus is my head and I have submitted to him… The problem is the breakdown of the family and it starts with the man….I am no way bitter,many women want to marry and be able to treat our husbands right but where are the Men….If you are a bitter woman/ man pray that God changes your heart so that you don’t destroy others life… #Accountability….

  10. Women are becoming head of household because men don’t want the responsibilities.
    The men are being raised to believe that equal rights define they do nothing.
    Instead of working together in the home.
    Get it right!
    We didn’t force ourselves to leave the home environment to work and raise our children, the world did.
    We can never be or become a man.
    Unintelligent statement.
    The two should become one.
    Equally yoked as Christ is to the Congregation.
    The world has put women in this position.
    Not women or the parents of women but the world.
    And it has been allowed by those who choose to only talk on particular topics and not on every topic.
    When we need to hear you those that claim to be leading there isn’t a sound.
    Because you are being told when to speak and when to be quiet.

  11. If my mother would not have been tough, my sister and me would have starved to death! Since slavery black women are the reason our people survive. If men would stop being a slave to their sin nature we could take our rightful place. Stoppp with the women thou are loose! Fix the head and stop focusing on the neck!!!! Praying

  12. Women became what we became out of necessity! If we didn’t do it it wouldn’t get done! Bills have to be paid, children have to be fed! Yes it’s out of Devine order but my whose hands?

  13. This was problematic for me, but let me start by saying I stand behind all of my sisters of all backgrounds, whether they decide to be stay at home moms, become captains of industry or anything in between. I do, however, have a few questions . . . Why should femininity be defined by a man? It seems to me that my woman-ness exists by sheer virtue of my being a woman. Are men now going to tell women we are “womaning” wrong? Did this man just try to mansplain being a woman? My other question, and maybe I missed the point, is can success outside the home only be gained my men? I mean the second most powerful person in the world is a woman.
    When a woman says or is perceived to say, “I don’t need a man,” I don’t think it’s intended to relegate men to these useless beings. A relationship, after all, should not be one person solely reliant on the other. It should be a partnership. Now, if men are feeling some kind of way about women occupying spaces that were (and still are) dominated by men, that’s an issue those men are going to have to work out for themselves. I, as a woman, am not going to dim my shine so that you can feel better — there’s enough shine for the both of us. Maybe I’m “womaning” wrong, but I just needed to get that off my chest.

  14. He is negating the fact that if the black man who is supposed to be the head of the house was on his job, then sister girl would not have to climb that corporate ladder of success so hard. Most black men are not goal oriented, educated, family oriented or don’t even desire to be in a relationship with a black woman. It doesn’t make a woman who doesn’t want to live in poverty or just be barely making it in life a man because she decides within herself to accomplish great things. The problem is most black men don’t like the black woman because she is strong and can get things done with or without him and chooses to go to a white woman instead. What he doesn’t realize is that he and the black woman was created to accomplish great things together. No, the woman should not rub anything in her man’s face about her success, but should uplift and encourage him, but he should not be intimidated by her success because her success is their success. I believe TD Jakes need to have several seats, because he is clueless as to what is really going on between black men and woman. He should be using his platform to tell people about the Spiritual Truths and how he and many other religious leaders are leading people down that wide gate which leads to destruction, because they are lying to the masses about true salvation.

  15. 🤣🤣😂
    When you black women get called out you start re-writing history, you were never abandoned, And there were high marriage rates before feminism (go check the statistics). You traded black men for welfare, baby momma support, and feminism. Ever since then, you began antagonizing men, promote thot culture, and blame men for the results of your own poor decisions such as chasing around anyone with a nice car, sleeping with gang members, worshiping ball players and becoming a single mom as a result, even congresswoman Maxine Waters praised cardi B and Megan stallion for that filthy song and video called WAP. Constructive criticism is grievous to you but you surely love telling people what’s wrong with men 😂🤣😂…so stop being salty and bitter, which is why the majority of black man have decided to deal with the women of the other races rather than dealing with you.


  17. Dont worry fellas, covid. and inflation is killing feminism. Once world war 3 breaks out you’ll be fighting them off with a broom. Get your passports, my next vacation I’m going to the Philippines. I’m DONE with women in the U.S

  18. I’m a woman whom whole heartedly agree with the Bishop. With that being said, society & social media have painted this picture of allowing women to believe they don’t need a man. Well, I need a real man, yes I can do a lot for myself, however, that doesn’t mean that a real man is not needed. All of this craziness about high value men & women is such a toxic belief. This competition between men and women about who makes the most money. What happens when the money runs out after you’ve put all of your worth into the value of your dollar?

  19. “And men are being raised to be trans”
    Yep America is jacked up 😐

  20. There is nothing wrong with the message to either men or women. I do not want to depend 100% on my men however I do want him to be 100% the engine and me the wheels that support him. I don’t feel ashamed to cater for my king as long as he respect and treat me as his Queen. I am so done with these craps about “Independents women” era…😂

  21. You don’t even have to be a Christian to understand that a female is NOT a male. A female simply CANNOT do the things that a male should do. Biologically, we’re not created that way. Get over it females! I am a female and I love being a female. I love my husband being a man and I love him doing things that only he is supposed to do.

  22. He ain’t lying….. Just look around ; divorce, divorce , divorce . Numbers don’t lie & God Almighty Lord Jesus can not lie at all . However , T . D . Jakes approve of same sex marriages , which is a absolute No-No 💯 yet it is still possible for a false prophet to preach truth from time to time . See how I just did that ?


  24. Kevin Samuels has been saying this….We have to stop having civil wars with each other because of the constant pain we inflict on ourselves. Eventually ppl need to be held accountable. If I’m pouring into it’s coming from the heart and some of us men shouldn’t be penalized for that. T.D. Jakes is absolutely right

  25. NO lies told!!! I’m glad to FINALLY hear someone in a position of leadership speak on this!!! We need MORE speaking out about the state of Black Women. The soft and pink of feminity is GONE. I ENJOY JUST BEING A WOMAN THAT has a MAN that takes care of her! I’m intelligent, beautiful, smart and I CHOOSE to be a Wife FIRST. NOTHING I have to do is more important than being a Wife & Mother and being there for my Family. 💯💯💯HE TOLD THE ABSOLUTE TRUTH!

  26. What is funny blk women will not hesitate saying to anybody that will listen what they want from a black man what a black man needs to do and how much they don’t need us. But as soon as we say what we want from them we become the evilest thing in the world we need to shut up telling women what to do but they have no problem telling us what to do how they want us to be as a man

  27. Ya’ll need to stop listening to these “BOSS BI$&HES” before your eggs dry up and you’re ALONE with no one to share your life with and no kindergarten drawings on your refrigerator. THINK ABOUT HOW GOOD YOU FEEL WHEN YOU KNOW YOU’RE NEEDED. YOUR MAN NEEDS YOU TO NEED HIM!! Pay attention to how the roles are reversing because that’s how the enemy is stealing our families! We got Men running around here acting, dressing, looking like Women and being with other Men. Women are busy chasing the bag and not raising their children. I do understand that SOME Women have no choice because SOME Boy hasn’t stepped up like he should 🤔🙄 and they are hurting and tired. You have to be deliberate with the choices you make when it comes to relationships and love. Women have lost their place trying to be equal and we were NEVER meant to be equal. 💯 #MenPourIn

  28. This just confirms everything we as men have been saying how the black church really is.. BW can have 4 or 5 kids, no husband and no one can criticize her.. Until they start calling out the BS for what it is men arent going to be coming back

  29. This is the result of the black church catering to Modern Women since the 1990s. That sermon came 29 years too late. The damage is already done.

    You can dog out black men every Fathers Day for 30 years and the women will shout and throw money into the tithe bucket.

    Say ONE thing about those same women (even if factual) and lose half your congregation. 😂

    Looks like chickens coming home to roost to me. 🤷🏽‍♂️

  30. Now talk about the feminine dudes and the damage that the gay agenda does to our communities…don’t just stop there

  31. He too his a pulpit pimp, but what he said was EXACTLY CORRECT 100 %!!!!!

  32. They don’t listen to their men , or their pastors but they’ll do what that white boss tells them

  33. This is so annoying! I’m so sick of black women being blamed for having to take responsibility when we were left on our own to figure it out! Even in his first statement about Adam…God gave Adam the instructions and Adam abdicated his responsibilities blaming Eve!

  34. Every single human was Created BY THE CREATOR with FREE WILL – CHOICE.. The choice to do good or to do evil. The choice to keep the law or break the law of God. If Adam never ate anything, if Eve never did, any of his or her or their children could have made the same choices. The idea of Eve being to blame or Adam for all of us being DESIGNED TO HAVE FREE WILL/CHOICE, is nothing more than Christian misogyny. Judaism, who gives the world the story of Adam and Eve never teaches this “if it wasn’t for Adam giving in to Eve” mess as a blame game. “Original sin” is a concept that was created BY THE ROMAN CHURCH at one of their councils if I recall correctly. Not one prophet of Israel ever taught that sin is an “inherited” nature.

  35. It would be nice if he focused a bit more on how not every man is put together mentally, financially or spiritually enough to allow a woman to be able to let it go and follow their lead. What a relief it is to be comfortable and safe enough to follow the lead of a man..BUT until women have found that..Remaining strong is key….EVe was wrong…Adam should have stepped up as the MAN and reminded his other half of what God said..Put his foot down and said no….Wasn’t he supposed to be the leader…head of the house? I follow my Husbands lead because he is strong enough to know how to lead…Just saying…Maybe both were not doing their duties…He wasn’t leading and she wasn’t listening to God…..Folks ain’t ready tho

  36. The women who got mad at this must be slow. Like they really must’ve rode the short bus in school. How can you not miss the main point? The main point was men pouring into the women.

  37. I agree with Bishop 100 percent. As a married woman for 17 years, I never fought for my position as a woman. I embrace who I am. Proverb 31 woman who is not scared to grasp a knife by it’s blade. We’re a unit blessed to prosper and multiply. Women needs to learn how to be powerful and learn to uphold the position without intimidation or prejudice. I love it when my husband needs me as a woman and not his fellow brother.My kids know the difference between mommy and daddy. We’re strong in our own ✅

  38. I am not offended. I understand what Pastor T.D Jake’s is saying. You can still be a successful woman but don’t allow your success to make you neglect your children, forget your role, or tear down your significant other whose trying to make it work! Now for the relationships who peacefully decided to change roles for the betterment of their wife’s career opportunity, education, or if he has to be a stay at home dad for physically health recuperation, I understand. Y’all gotta make that work.

    As women we have to heal, it’s true. However, Men have a lot of work and healing to do too! This message is for the men as well which would be “Get down to business and do your “job” as men so women won’t have to
    take your entire role.”
    It hurts some men not be the provider but the “job” isn’t only about being a bread winner but taking care of her emotional, mentally, physically and spiritually in every aspect, honoring her in every way. Can she trust you to be devoted only to her and lead the way without manipulation of any kind. That’s a man that will be well respected. A lot of amazing women don’t have a problem submitting to a man with integrity, and order. She also does not have a problem being his helper and supporter at all.

    If you are a man being messy or a woman being petty work on yourselves for the sake of your life, legacy and children if you have any! It’s extremely vital. Taking trashful incidents to the public or social media will have you looking silly, insecure, building nothing at all for the next generation but embarrassment and more struggles.
    Stop this Black men vs Black women crap its tiresome and taxing!!!! Cut that phone off and get to work!!!
    Women can still be a virtuous, creative, and skillful.
    (Proverbs 31). I understand Black women and men have endured so much but Don’t forget the love, the joy, and respect and peace that is embedded in our DNA. Don’t let life situation, or bad relationship, or unfairness in life smash your hearts. Society is out here trying get us to destroy each other. Don’t fall for it! All love is beautiful especially our love❤❤❤💯💯We got work to do, let’s get it!!!

    Spokesperson: Black woman😂😘

  39. So…how did a sermon about men become about women? He needs to preach to his recently arrested sex offending son in-law.

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