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Uvalde Massacre: SWAT frightened, parents mad

SWAT team full of bitches/YouTube

SWAT team scared sh*tless.

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UVALDE — Media outlets in Uvalde, Texas released surveillance footage of the decimation that transpired May 24th at Robb Elementary School. The video shows a SWAT team scared sh*tless despite the fact officers were heavily armed and draped with protective accoutrement. Some even had shields. After hearing gunshots coupled with caterwauling from dying children, a handful of cowardly cops scurried the other direction and waited at the end of the hall. Straight chickensh*t. There was also no exigency. Two cops gave each other a fist bump, one scoured his palms with hand sanitizer and others casually checked their cellphones. Ain’t that a bitch? Parents blew a gasket. The gunman, 18-year-old Salvador Ramos, was in the school 77 minutes — roaming the halls, shooting every kid in sight — and officers took their sweet time. After the dust had settled, nineteen children and two teachers were killed. Seventeen more were injured and Salvador lost his life in a shootout with police. Too many Western men, including some in law enforcement, have become pussies.

You’d be sagacious to start protecting yourself.

Watch Salvador intimidate an entire SWAT team.

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  1. It’s a shame they killed that peice of shit ….that was too easy…should of made him beg to die.

  2. What a disgrace …those police officers involved need to kill themselves

  3. Throw the whole police force out this is absolutely disgusting. If that was one of my kids these pssies would disappear one at a time

  4. That one cop, keep grabbing the other one lol so hard he was so scared lol holding on for dear life lol

  5. Policing in this country needs to be reevaluated. This is beyond pathetic.

  6. Poor kids man SMH, this is raw proof that these cops are 😾 & only are truly effective when there’s no other weapons on their opponents, strength in numbers isn’t even enough leverage for them these days smh 💯

  7. Keep in mind every sec that passed children were being slaughtered! They basically had a small army in the hallway and waited to face the gunman! Smh I’d be pissed if I lost a child that day😒😒😒

  8. @Turd Burglar: I hope the parents sue that dept into the ground and force it to disband. this is one of the most disgusting things ive ever seen

  9. Those cops are all a fucking joke takes almost a hr to breach in just because they need a shield and some hand sanitizer lost beautiful little kids with a bright future now it’s taken away because of the way the cops took care of the situation and worst thing about it someone called it in before the gunman began his rampage inside the school so they had a 5-10min headstart to take him down before he went shooting up the place

  10. What were they supposed to do? Cops aren’t hero’s. They are dudes with jobs. Cops get called AFTER something goes down. They don’t prevent tragedies, they are clean up crew who show up after to take names and numbers. The guy supposedly had already fired 100 rounds before cops even showed up- what do you mean rescue attempt? Those kids fried already. They could’ve shown a bit more resolve and pushed into the room but at the point, life is already lost. I wouldn’t brazenly run into a room where a guy has a fully loaded AR and all I got is a damn pistol- I don’t care who he shooting. But that’s also why I’m not a cop, I don’t want to risk my life to save anybody.

  11. Every officer who stood by as that price of shit massacred them poor babies needs to be executed , I. Sorry but that’s how I feel ,, how could u just stand there, I just don’t get it.

  12. @Miss candie: Then why be a cop, where you have to kill and defend yourself as a part of your job

  13. @Ebola Kun: Sick. The tone of your passage is just so unsympathetic to all those babies killed. Those cops were cowards, plain and simple. It starts at the top, half of those cops were obese and should’ve been fired on not meeting a physical standard alone. Poor leadership lead to more loss of life. Live DEFINITELY COULD have been saved. You can’t possibly have kids, FOH

  14. @Ebola Kun: Wtf you talking about? 19 minutes in, the cops had ARs and ballistic shields. Some of the victims could’ve been saved at that point. Let’s just call it what it is. Those cops are pu$$ies plain and simple. Don’t defend these cowards. It’s their job to put their life on the line to save and protect people. If you’re not willing to do that, you shouldn’t sign up for any type of law enforcement.

  15. the officers scream in horror when they go in the class room and see all the kids…you pussys should have been in there an hour ago.

  16. Fuckin’ clowns. Remember, this is only footage of the side entrance. The report also states that police officers with kids in the school were going through the main entrance and retrieving their own kids.

  17. That’s f’cking sad all them cops should get fired and charged with something. Because these mudaf’ckers will quit or retire get their pension, become some type of private security or cops in another district. They were washing their hands, looking at they’re social media status and just bullshiiting not once did any of them say we have to do something and fast kids are being killed.

  18. Y’all are hard on these cops.. but I don’t blame them for taking their time… they didn’t know what they were getting into… those kids were already dead before they even got there…

  19. Pooooosiiiieeees. Those are our children you run in nose first you fuken pooosi assss cowards

  20. The black weirdo using hand sanitizer while kids are dying needs to be fired! Plus he was learning on the wall browsing the internet on his cellphone. It’s amazing what P.O.S. will do when they don’t know they are being filmed!🤦‍♂️

  21. The entire department needs to be put down like rabid dogs for being useless.
    Why be a cop if you’re scared? Disgusting!

  22. the officer who went to clean his hands with sanitizer is a real liberal

  23. Go check out the Uvalde PD facebook page. Everyone is just trashing them in the comments

  24. All cops are fukking pussies when it comes to an actual threat.

  25. They whole time dude was killing folks in that classroom. And they was waiting outside.

  26. Bunch of scared mayo skins .. its in their nature when shit get real they always puss out

  27. All of a sudden those coward ass cops want to approach the suspect when he got shot and killed.

  28. They only feel tough when they’re harassing and got guns pointed at black people

  29. Now they wanna rush it after he was killed 77 minutes later. Bunch of cowards. Let those children die

  30. Don’t tell me cops aren’t fuqing cowards when they won’t even save your children with all that protective equipment we paid for and all the guns. There is a difference between the cops and the law. These mfkas should all lose their jobs. 77 FUQING minutes😒

  31. Mexican loser killin Mexican kids while Mexicant cops couldn’t do a thing….. Stop talking about the shooting and build that wall, this is normal in Mexico. Keep it there

  32. i’m sure a squad of idiots who play call of duty all day woulda done a better job neutralizing the threat

  33. This guts me in the worst way. Hearing those shots and seeing the men running back from them. Those kids had nothing. They had no tactical gear, no helmet, no weapons…. It’s disgusting to see how these men react. I run commercial office high rises for a living and we are required to do active shooter training as well. I’m now terrified that the things they taught us are not being followed in this video by the people we trust with our lives.

  34. Cowards! Why even join the force if your gonna run away from the job you signed up for! They should all lose there jobs. They would be losing less then the families of those poor innocent children and the teachers who also were involved! Rest in peace

  35. Everyone saying these officers are cowards would be cowards themselves if they were faced with an active shooter. I bet none of y’all would even get close to this guy with an AR-15. Don’t believe me? Why is it that no one wants to take a stroll down a poor urban neighborhood where little kids are getting shot and killed at a rate far higher than they are in schools? Why is it that no one even talks about them? In many cases these kids don’t even get justice because the media only highlights stuff like this that they can use to push for gun control and make police look bad. Y’all are far more selfish cowards than these officers putting their life on the line EVERY SINGLE DAY and getting little to no respect for it.

  36. The innocents are in heaven with the Lord. As for the shooter, I highly doubt he is in heaven, but I am not God, nor do I know the mind of God. This guy could of asked for forgiveness and accepted Christ with his last breath and is now with the Lord.

  37. Cops stood for hours doing nothing but protecting their own selves! My advice to all these officers, quit your job.. flip some burgers, it may be something else more productive other than protecting and servicing which you all TERRIBLY failed at! Man I would have gone in there myself to protect those little innocent children!!!!You guys failed that day to take down 1 gun man meanwhile there like 50 of your guys standing around on guard!!! Not ACCEPTABLE 🤦🏻‍♂️🤯
    My condolences to all family affected by this terrible evil incident 🙏May all those angles rest in a peace 🙏

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