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Kenyan chick missing after cohabiting with fat Zaddy

Irene Gakwa still missing/Gillette PD

Kenyan chick comes up missing. 

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GILLETTE — Police in Gillette, Wyoming are searching for Kenyan immigrant Irene Gakwa, 32, who came up missing in late March after copulating with a corpulent Zaddy she met on Craigslist. Investigators learned the swirlers cohabited. But, the paunchy suspect — Nathan Hightman — hasn’t been charged in Irene’s disappearance due to paucity of corroboration. Irene is only  5’1” and 89 pounds. So it makes you wonder if he ingested her (à la Jeffrey Dahmer). Nathan is, however, facing 5 felony charges for transferring money from Irene’s bank account to his, and maxing out her credit cards after she vanished. He also changed her online banking password before deleting her email account. So there’s no question Nathan knows something. Social media reaction was fierce. One reader wrote, “What in the absolute hell did she see in this guy? I mean, just look at him. He looks like he SMELLS. She was 5’1″ and 89 pounds? How could she possibly defend herself? He probably just ate her.”

Another chimed in with, “As soon as she met him on Craigslist, she should have left. He looks nasty.” A third person added, “This woman deserved whatever happened to her. She’s a decent-looking woman who disrespected herself by going on Craigslist for love. What the hell is wrong with you black people? Dude is so fat, where is his penis? No one that fat is a happy or good person. This woman played herself.” 

Investigators said Nathan used Irene’s credit card at Walmart to purchase a shovel, garden boots and trousers.

Do you think he’s guilty?

If you have any information on Irene’s whereabouts, contact the Gillette Police Department at 307-682-5155.

Watch family interviews and reports.

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  1. This is what they do in Africa Marry white men symbolizes status to them smh 🤦🏽‍♂️

  2. I mean if he purchased a shovel with her card, that should be at least enough to get a search warrant for his home. Common sense.. what do you need with a shovel? Why is this man still free. If he killed her in the home, he’s had more than enough time to cover all his tracks!

  3. Eww who would date him? He look like he doesn’t care about life

  4. 😢😢😢😢poor Irene I know she was absolutely desperate if she was engaged willingly to this obese sloppy nasty 🤢 looking thing 😢😢

  5. She met a random stranger on Craig’s list? Wow, he had a lot of beers.

  6. The police know that Irene’s fiance has
    gotten rid of her because if he was
    innocent he would give police whatever
    Information they ask of him, wouldn’t
    have bought a shovel etc, wouldn’t have spent all her money & maxed out
    her credit cards. I am sick about this
    story. With that barrel missing, she is
    probably in it after who knows what he
    did to her. He is an evil man & with her
    being from another country, probably
    was blind to the bad things that have
    happened on Craigs List..and 24 search
    Warrants? Justice is partly being held
    up by Nathan & POLICE!! SO SAD🤔🙏


  8. Young women please stop meeting men online and going off with them. Remember stranger danger No secret meetings and not letting nobody know who you meeting with and where you are going with them. Stop this stupid behavior as a stranger owes you nothing and they tell you what you like to hear. There have been murders of many young women due to keeping secret dates with dangerous strangers. Learn a hard lesson now.🙏🏽🌹🌹😓😭😰

  9. She was very stupid! Kenyans are white worshippers it’s disgusting. I’m praying that the family get closure but Kenyans/AFRICANS stop worshipping white men and thinking they are safe.

  10. He just was a low level weirdo he cleaned her out and she didn’t even have not a damn thing. They released him now he can possibly do it again

  11. Yikes! All the evidence is pointing to this guy….Smh

  12. He bought “boots, a pair of pants & a shovel” with HER credit card – this dude killed her, burned her body in a 55-gal drum & buried her with her own money!! Yeah, I said it! I pray that her family gets justice ⚖️. ✝️🙏🏾🕊️🛐 #WhereIsIrene

  13. I didnt know you could find love on Craigslist. Our kenyan girl RIP🙏🏾

  14. Craig’s List still running? I thought they shut that shit down.😩

  15. @THE MACK: Her self-esteem may have been low, she may have been naive…he said the right things, sold her a dream. Thoughts and prayers 🙏🏽 to her family

  16. That fat no count bastard killed that lady. The moral of this is stop trusting strangers especially from a website. She walked right in the hands of the devil. I hope and pray justice is served.

  17. Ladies, there is no love to be found just looking at that man!!! Let’s do better.

  18. My African sisters, please stop meeting these foreigners online, stop going to these foreign countries. These people will use you and abuse you to the point of dead. African parents, tell your children never to trust the Asian man and European man. As a South African, this saddens me. No daughter of mine will marry a foreigner outside Africa.

  19. She’s gone! He killed her and they never arrested him. That’s white supremacy for you. That’s so sad

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