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Nursing student ‘killed’ by jealous ex in front of baby

Azsia Johnson shot dead/YouTube

Jealous baby daddy kills ex. 

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NEW YORK — The adventures of Pookie & Ray Ray continue. Isaac Argro, 23, was thrown in the slammer after he murdered his baby mama, 20-year-old Azsia Johnson, while she was pushing their infant child in a stroller. The femicide transpired June 29th in Manhattan, New York. According to police reports, Isaac told Azsia to meet him on the Upper East Side so he could give her items he purchased for their 3-month-old daughter. Donning Stygian apparel and a ski mask (à la Jason Voorhees), Isaac ran up on Azsia and opened fire — shooting her point-blank in the cranium. Azsia, who also had a 2-year-old son, was in medical school to become a pediatric nurse. Isaac is a felonious thug with no goals or aspirations. Social media reaction was fierce. One person wrote, “He ugly as hell. She could have done way better.” Another added, “These girls love these little ugly, unstable, dusty looking little boys! He literally looks like bad news. She was a beautiful girl. I don’t want to hear anything about me commenting on his physical appearance because it’s the truth! Even more than that he is emotionally unstable, heartless, and yes…dusty! What on earth did he have to offer her or a baby? That girl was out of his league and he knew it even though she tried to love him. She was a beautiful young woman. I wish she had never stopped to even talk to that PIECE OF SH*T!!!”

As soon as she learned her daughter was dead, Lisa Desort told investigators she knew Isaac was culpable because he’s a serial woman-beater. The gun-toting malefactor also called someone in Azsia’s family and told ’em they’re “next.” Isaac was arrested and charged with second-degree murder and two counts of second-degree criminal possession of a firearm.

“As alleged, Isaac Argro murdered Azsia Johnson, the mother of their 3-month-old child, in a premeditated act of fatal domestic violence,” Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg said in a statement. “Committing this type of killing in front of an infant is horrific, and I cannot imagine the pain that Ms. Johnson’s family and loved ones are experiencing.”

As customary with Pookie & Ray Ray, Isaac determined if he couldn’t have Azsia no one can.

Watch the sad report.

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  1. I’m still trying to understand why she slept with him in the first place. He had nothing to offer her. Written all over his face….

  2. He wouldve been dead the first time he hit my daughter..I dont get why ya’ll put up wit these punks.

  3. Beautiful as she was and how he look jealousy was most definitely going to play a part she was too beautiful for him I’m sorry I have to speak facts. He looks mean and calculated and like he has a jealous streak in his body this is so sad and disheartening poor girl and baby prayers for her and her family 🙏🏾❤️

  4. She was wayyyy tooooo pretty for HIM! HE WAS LUCKY THAT SHE EVEN GAVE HIS UGLY DUSTY ASS THE TIME OF DAY!!!! RIP😓

  5. She was too beautiful to give a dusty looking bum like him a chance. He should have been privileged to be with her.

  6. This young woman was simply amazing in everyway, she didn’t deserve to have her life cut short and taken by demon. It angers me that she had so many positive things coming her direction and was simply trying to build a better life for her children and herself. I just can’t understand why someone would one to do that to an incredible woman. Azsia may you rest peacefully in the arms of the Almighty father and his incredible angels, I pray that your children grow up become successful people in every aspect of their lives. I’m tired of seeing good people being taken too soon, I’m honestly vexed at this situation.

  7. Be careful who you sleep with. Fatherless boys usually make weak husbands & fathers. 85% of youth in jail come from Fatherless home. 71% of high school dropouts come from Fatherless homes. I wonder if he had his father growing up?

  8. What a piece of garbage who needs to be taken out of free society and put in a cage for the rest of his life .
    And the daughter is going to have to go through life knowing her mother was shot and killed by her father as her mother was pushing her in a stroller.
    Just another piece of trash who has no regard for human life

  9. @Baby Nieve: Looks has NOTHING to do with this. He was just obsessed and crazy. Some handsome men have done the same thing. If he was kice looking then u all would say she only dated him for looks. He was obviously someone that felt he had nothing to lose.

  10. Dude’s ain’t playing that Child Support nonsense anymore. Think twice before having kids for a paycheck 😂😂😂

  11. Man we gotta get niggas like this out of here! Killing our queens and princesses!

  12. i don’t know why all these beautiful young girls mess with guys that have no future ..i was a teen mom and i know how it is to want to keep your family together and want a BD for your baby but sometimes it’s not worth it ,,,This is so cold blooded to walk up to her w her back turned and shoot her execution style this guy better never see the light of day again EVER …btw she could of done soooooo much better than him

  13. You females always want them killerZ…..Well here ya Go….Try too Gaslight ya self out of this one….I dont feel sorry for her not one bit

  14. When you vote for Democrats these are the results….Democrats are the party of catering to the criminals and not caring for the victims…You people who vote for Democrats are the blame for all this crime thats happening here…This is what you people voted for so this is what you’re getting

  15. Now because of that selfish bastard, the baby has no mother or father, what a piece of shit this guy is!

  16. It’s obvious dude was pussywhipped,can’t handle rejection.He’s a clown and will lose his freedom quickly in jail.And what did this young lady see in this bum,he’s a street dude with no education,nothing to offer

  17. This is what happens when you keep on dating and making children with Pookie and Ray Ray this is what happens but black women you never listen this is what happens if you keep on making kids with Pookie and Ray Ray can’t have kids with a good black man because he’s too corny and he’s too nice but Pookie and Ray Ray always get what they want but then the black woman always has to pay with their lives

  18. Wtf!!! What she doing
    With that Savage wild
    Animal?gotta look!
    Before you Leap!!
    That p***yhole!
    is an Evil POS!
    Let’s see him fight
    Off those prisoners,
    Off his Ass! In

  19. Guys – if a relationship is Over, you need to accept it and move-on. Be a Man. Act like an adult… not a Heartless, Coward. “If I can’t have you, then no-one-else can” attitude . . . is weak, childish and ridiculous. There is a world full of people. Meet someone else. Have confidence in yourself. You Don’t Take someones Life.

  20. Can someone tell me how long that baby girl was left out there alone with her mother dead. I sure hope she’s doing okay. 😢

  21. SIMPS get a lightskin chick and get too excited! Aww my feelings HUT cuz u gone leave me.
    Sissy. Replace don’t chase that’s RED PILL

  22. Red Flag 🚩 Never meet up with an abuser who is dangerous to talk alone even if he is the father of your child…Always see him in court under supervised visits where he is monitored… 9 times out 10 he will never fight for visitation rights because he has no interest or love for the child… The abuser is only interested in abusing and terrorizing the victim which can lead to sadly losing your life…

  23. I don’t get why guys go so crazy over a woman. Always another relationship around the corner.

  24. Rip for sure. But damn, when the f*ck are you muthaf*ckas gonna learn to not give pieces of shit the time of day. LEARN

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