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Jerry Springer claims he’s culpable for crazy society

Springer was King of Trash TV/YouTube

Jerry Springer blames himself. 

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SARASOTA — The world has gone batshit and Jerry Springer claims it’s all his fault. The quondam Mayor of Cincinnati had one of the most popular television shows in the ’90s mainly because his guests did nothin’ but act a damn fool. When they weren’t airing dirty laundry, guests were busy punching each other’s lights out. The show was a hot ghetto mess. Springer, 78, apologized during a recent appearance on Behind The Velvet Rope. “I’m so sorry. What have I done?” he bemoaned. “I’ve ruined the culture. I just hope hell isn’t that hot, because I burn real easy. I’m very light-complexed.” Social media reaction was icy hot. One person wrote, “Jerry Springer did a lot damage. He exploited people for his own gain and everyone loooooves him… Mindboggling.” Another added, “People called this a trashy show but Jerry’s Final Thoughts are what we all need to hear.”

Springer said landing the talk show gig was more so serendipity than career aspiration. “I started out being a lawyer and working for Bobby Kennedy,” he recounted. “My background is political and legal. And then after being mayor, I was offered the job to anchor the news for the NBC affiliate in Cincinnati. I did that for 10 years and that was a kind of, rational transition.”

Do you agree with Springer?

Has he ruined our culture?

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  1. Not to be crass or haughty, but remember Jerry is a lawyer and is highly intelligent. Most of these guests, and possibly by extension, many of the viewers are low I Q individuals.

  2. I love Jerry 💖💖💖 such a genuine and caring man 🙂😀💖👍

  3. Jerry would have been a great American president but I don’t think they’d accept him because he was born in England

  4. In the ’90’s when this came on after “The View” and I was too sick for elementary school I’d watch this on ABC.
    The ’90’s was the decade of shitty talk shows; I remember them all.

  5. That show got so crazy that the security guard got his own show in the same vein.

  6. Im pretty sure some of it was staged. Which still says something about the type of society we live in for that type of entertainment to be entertaining.

  7. You guys do realize it was all fake, all of the guests were actors, very poor actors at that.

    It’s weird seeing people talking about Jerry Springer like the show was real.

  8. I remember as a kid watching jerry Springer after school a lot. Maybe that’s why I’m like this…

  9. Jerry is a Legend! He hated this shit but he ran with it for that DOUGH!

  10. Gotta respect jerry springer he was able to monetize trash tv like no other

  11. I hate how Jerry show encourages violence; have no respect to the lgbt especialy transgenders ; and allow the audience to be assholes; homophobes ; and just insult anyone they want .

  12. The great thing about Jerry Springer…..something I can even respect was the fact that he knew his show was pure garbage and he didn’t care! He didn’t give two fuks!
    He knew that lots of people wanted to watch the Live version of The National Enquirer.
    A shameless media scumbag like Howard Stern.
    Long love the King.

  13. Anyone else remember when TV tried to censor the fighting? Its was sooooo cheesy. They brought it back to 50s comic books and then the words “Pow” “Wow” “Bam” would pop on screen? Then they said F that & brought it back lol. I swear to god look it up, hilarious 😂

  14. I have a good friend who was a guest on Jerry springer, and he not only confirmed that all of the plot lines are 100% fabricated and written out by the producers, but he also ended up recruiting other people to go on the show.

    All these people are 100% acting, none of this is true, and most of these bf/gf don’t even know eachother.

  15. I was asked to be on Jerry Springer back in like 2013. Apparently people call in and suggest someone to the show & the show reaches out. I think it was a joke from someone I knew or maybe a crazy ex but I never found out who did it 😂 The show said they’d pay for me & whoever I had drama with to fly out, as well as lodging/meals. I told them I didn’t have any interesting drama so I declined. But I considered making stuff up to be on TV. It sure was interesting getting that call.

  16. Shows like these make me so depressed. Honestly watching them and seeing how these people live their lives really just gets me down. I think people who are unhappy with their lives like to watch shows like this because it makes them feel better about themselves. Idk why I have the reaction to them that I do exactly but all I can say for sure is that trash tv like this legitimately makes me feel sad.

  17. I would give anything to go back to the 90’s, the best days of my life so far

  18. I’ll never forget, rushing home after school to turn on the Jerry Springer show @ 3:00pm. Those were the days

  19. I was on the Jerry Springer Show with my friend and her husband and we pretended as if I had sex with her husband behind her back while she was taking care of her sick sister and me and her had a cat fight on stage we all flew there together we all stayed in a hotel together and then we laughed about the fight we were going to have and then went home together $300 richer LOL we did professional wrestling so we were used to fighting each other so this was nothing to act white trash and a fool on TV like they take you to get your hair done and get you outfits if they don’t like what you brought and they encourage you to kick your shoes off when you go out so that you don’t hurt yourself and they have a lawsuit.

  20. Just like how Dr Phil is also a scam show. Everything is scripted, like literally every single encounter.

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