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Black chick slams Wakanda Forever for doggin’ out men

Courtney hates Wakanda Forever/YouTube

Vlogger slams Wakanda Forever.

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HOLLYWOOD — A viral video shows YouTube vlogger Courtney Hawkins lambasting Marvel’s “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” for disseminating a matriarchal agenda towards the urban community. Rather than recast Chadwick Boseman’s character, director Ryan Coogler inexplicably chose a female protagonist as his replacement much to the chagrin of moviegoers everywhere. Now people are calling the film WokeKanda ForNever. “So I just left seeing ‘Wakanda Forever’ and I’m pissed,” Courtney vented. “Because if pushing an agenda was a movie, this would be in the forefront of that. This was ‘Woman King’ on steroids. If you think that I’m gonna believe a 100-pound black woman, soaking wet, is just an almighty warrior and can just [body slam] dudes like there’s no tomorrow, come on?” Social media reaction was mostly congruent. One viewer wrote, “They are trying to destroy masculinity and femininity to reduce population.” Another added, “Consider the source. We live in a country full of jealous heathens who love to tarnish the image of all melanated people. That’s why BET is owned by whites.”

Courtney also lamented the fact that a handful of male actors were subverted by a “weak” dramatis personae whereas female thespians were built “strong” like Hercules. “What is this saying to us?” said the prepossessing film critic. “Perpetuating the idea of a strong black woman and a subservient black and feminine man. I just think it’s disgusting. I’m completely upset by the movie.”

Do you agree with Courtney?

Is Chadwick rolling over in his grave?

Watch Courtney’s movie review.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. This is what happens when just any dumbass can go watch a movie. Learn the comics first , and maybe you’ll understand it’s source material. Just stay home next time and let us who actually know the comics watch the movie. #you’re_not_woke

  2. Namor was never Mayan. In comics he a white homie from Atlantis

    TChalla was better as Black Panther. They should of recast him . Theres many good black men actors to play that badass superhero. Shuri sucked as Panther. Wakanda Forever movie is too long almost 3 hrs. Movie is slow action scenes were ok the first movie is better. Women King movie I liked better


  4. As of last week, Disney fired its CEO, and brought back the one prior due to the backlash from WF! Hopefully this is a sign of better things to come!

  5. It amazes me how Courtney cares more about black men’s image more than most black men do. It’s kind of sad.

  6. Yall so woke until yall dont even know what yall talking about the queen took her spot back which made sense she died shrui took over which made sense an there was women warriors in the first 1 so what’s the difference an mbaku was in the movie an he was arguably was one of the main stars an he became king at the end of the movie everything literally made sense

  7. Angela Bassett is still sexy and hot. I want to stick my tongue her throat👄

  8. I bet if you ask these women they think they can beat up a man. You can see the misery and loneliness in there eyes. Yes it’s fiction but your also so supposed to make it believable. They really think they can fight a man and win. A teenage boy would be able to whoop on you. Not condoning it. Y’all need to see what judge joe brown had to say about it. Hilarious

  9. That movie is not based on the comic. Shuri was a fighter a warrior a skilled fighter as skilled as T’Challa. Not some science nerd and it was for a brief moment while he was sick not dead and leaving behind a child with a single mother. She also had to go through the combat trials to become the black panther not some synthetic herb she made up out her ass. The dahome whee getting there ass whooped and where direct cause of slavery in Africa. These people are sheep

  10. There’s a lot of ignorance in the comment section. Here’s a thought, write a script.

  11. Powerful white folks have always felt threatened by strong black men, there’s nothing more “dangerous” in their minds.

  12. The first one was too powerful..I remember reading that a white director said he didnt like the movie because of the way it made black kids feel. So they had to dumb this one down and make us look weak to make sure these black kids dont feel good about themselves.

  13. Marvel could have given the male characters just as much screen time as the female characters in the first movie.
    They made sure the viewers could see strong male and female characters. Wakanda Forever doesn’t show enough strong male characters. They made Namor a strong depiction of strong masculinity. He can accurately predict the future of his people based on the actions of his enemies and other nations. This was something neither of the female leaders could do.
    I feel like this is where T’Chala would have ventured to after facing Killmonger.

    T’Chala would have a more keen look at the other nations and stand against them from acquiring vibranium without some policies to control the other nations.

  14. As a man watching I thought it was natural, smooth and good. Not once did I even think of it being a mostly female cast because it was that good. The men weren’t feminine just not the main character. A feminine man is a nigga that act like a female. Never happened in this movie🤷🏾‍♂️

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