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Black chick slams Wakanda Forever for doggin’ out men

Courtney hates Wakanda Forever/YouTube

Vlogger slams Wakanda Forever.

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HOLLYWOOD — A viral video shows YouTube vlogger Courtney Hawkins lambasting Marvel’s “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” for disseminating a matriarchal agenda towards the urban community. Rather than recast Chadwick Boseman’s character, director Ryan Coogler inexplicably chose a female protagonist as his replacement much to the chagrin of moviegoers everywhere. Now people are calling the film WokeKanda ForNever. “So I just left seeing ‘Wakanda Forever’ and I’m pissed,” Courtney vented. “Because if pushing an agenda was a movie, this would be in the forefront of that. This was ‘Woman King’ on steroids. If you think that I’m gonna believe a 100-pound black woman, soaking wet, is just an almighty warrior and can just [body slam] dudes like there’s no tomorrow, come on?” Social media reaction was mostly congruent. One viewer wrote, “They are trying to destroy masculinity and femininity to reduce population.” Another added, “Consider the source. We live in a country full of jealous heathens who love to tarnish the image of all melanated people. That’s why BET is owned by whites.”

Courtney also lamented the fact that a handful of male actors were subverted by a “weak” dramatis personae whereas female thespians were built “strong” like Hercules. “What is this saying to us?” said the prepossessing film critic. “Perpetuating the idea of a strong black woman and a subservient black and feminine man. I just think it’s disgusting. I’m completely upset by the movie.”

Do you agree with Courtney?

Is Chadwick rolling over in his grave?

Watch Courtney’s movie review.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Not honoring Chadwick boseman’s wishes for tchallas story to continue was just ridiculous

  2. They’re so many 100 lb soak and wet white female “warriors” who are also bodying dudes sooo…. It’s called fiction hun🤷🏽‍♀️ no you’re not supposed to believe that 😂

  3. I saw this last week and loved it. Didn’t think there was ANY kind of agenda here.
    On top of that, there was a man depicted that was damn near a God, he was so strong.
    Sorry, I disagree with the take. Loved it and look forward to seeing it again.

  4. They didn’t push any agenda. Okoye lost against Attuma. Queen Ramonda was killed by Namor. Shuri never wanted to take the place of her brother as the black panther. She was forced to have the power because Namor killed her mother. And in the end M’Baku is the king of Wakanda.

    Black panther wakanda forever wasn’t like She-Hulk or Captain Marvel, where they wanted to show the “independent strong woman”

  5. The movie was so bad, the men were walking off the ship committing suicide.

  6. This is the best movie review so far, I didn’t like the movie 🍿 it was trash they got the mexicans all wrong marvel died on End Game, I feel a sleep in the movie. Why they can make a good movie with no agenda

  7. This is what happens when you don’t know what you’re talking about. You get on the internet making yourself look silly.
    First…Apparently you don’t know that the heart-shaped herb gave Shuri superhuman strength the same way that it did for T’Challa. That’s how a “100lbs black woman can body dudes.”
    Second, Shuri was also the Black Panther in the comic books.
    Third.. Most of the same dudes from the first movie were still in this movie. The only ones missing were Okoye’s husband and T’Challa, for reasons that should be obvious.
    Fourth…You know dam well that 99.9% of the women were not these built strong Hercules types that you claim them to be.
    The most unfortunate thing about this nonsense is that you’re going to get a bunch of other idiots to boycott the movie because they lack critical thinking skills and don’t know how to think for themselves.
    But stay woke, though.

  8. Hollywood wants to make Black kings Feel weak around they’re Queens.. and Some women don’t see that

  9. Not the worst of it. How about Namor being a LITERAL wet back. Like, his weakness is being dry, they take him down by scorching his back.

  10. Wow! 👏🏾 I was waiting to see if others felt like I felt after seeing that movie. I felt hood-wrinked and bamboozled, literally tricked into going to see that movie, after having waited 4 years to see it. For me it was for another reason though. It was for the reason of them further planting a seed of “division”. I was distraught after seeing and “feeling” what they displayed on the big screen for all to see. I know melanated people to be the true “blue people” of the land. So, for me they’re agenda was to plant a seed of division by having us pitted against each other and once again fighting amongst ourselves. Shameful! Disgrace! That Movie!!! So glad someone finally spoke on the problems with this movie! Gratitude to you Sis!!! ❤
    And Ashé to the Ancestors!

  11. That’s why I didn’t support the mcu after infinity war. Any black actors and actresses who work in Disney films are a sellout. Marvel black heroes are not done organically right.

  12. Damn, I am a heterosexual man and even I can’t stand a whole movie with only women, even without the wokesh!t agenda.

  13. “What is this saying to us??”
    That those of us that read the comics are getting the characters we read about, thank you very much. The Dora Milaje have always been strong women. T’Challa “died” in the comics (he returned), but while he was gone Shuri took up the mantle. And since you watched the film, I hope you had the wherewithal to stay for the mid-credits & see T’Challa has a son & his comic storyarcs will continue through HIM after a time jump occurs.
    Where are the men?? Like M’Baku?? He was there. And a secondary character, as he SHOULD’VE been, during Shuri’s reign. That’s accurate.
    The Midnight Angel armor designed by Shuri, courtesy of Ta-Nehisi Coates comic run, was perfectly executed.
    Namor, another man in the movie, being given a new orgin to separate him from DC’s Atlantis was a stroke of genius.
    I’m wondering what “men” were so apparent in the first film besides T’Challa, M’Baku, Kilmonger (who was the villain, btw, but ALSO in Wakanda Forever) & Okoye’s vengeful husband W’Kabi, portrayed by Daniel Kaluuya, who said he had other projects so he couldn’t come back. So, out of 4 black men… one died on screen & still came back & will be back for other films, one died in real life, one had a scheduling issue, & one returned. And all but one were secondary characters anyway.
    If you didn’t like the film, just say that. There’s nothing wrong with you just not caring for it.
    But this movie means nothing for us as a culture.
    It’s not “woke;” it was made for comic fans & as a tribute to Chadwick, both tasks being beautifully executed. And by the time Secret Wars rolls around, Toussaint, aka T’Challa, will be the Black Panther.
    I hope you go into Captain America: New World Order with more optimism. Then again, it will feature Sam, his sidekick Torres in the role of Falcon II, & Carl Lumbly returns as Isaiah Bradley with his grandson Eli Bradley. So, there’s 4 guys right there; thine man quota is fulfilled.

  14. As a white man I can only apologize for what white elite liberals are pushing on black people telling you what you should think and believe

  15. Black Panther: protagonist Male Antagonist Male Supporting cast largely female. Wakanda Forever: Protagonist female Antagonist Male cast largely female. The decision not to recast Chadwick Boseman clearly changed the dynamics of the film… a decision I happen to agree with. In regard to the ancillary characters being “weak” how was this any different than the first film? Furthermore, not to be a spoiler here, but M’baku character evolved quite a bit and even assumes an elevated position. BTW the film was written by two BLACK men. lastly the Kyrie Irving comparison, false equivalency

  16. Thank you black woman for exposing the targeted takedown of the black man and the black male/female relationship by mainstream media #WhereAreDaMen 😂😂😂😂

  17. Most of the black people in this comment section are asleep and do not see the agenda being pushed on you. Disney is replacing all the male superheroes with female versions of themselves. Chadwick would have wanted the role of Tchalla recasted. His family confirmed this. And before he died, Disney wanted to replace Black Panther with Shuri and he argued against this. My favorite Batman Kevin Conroy died. That’s like saying no one else should play the role of Batman or no one else should play the role of Superman because Christopher Reeves died or no one else should play the role of The Joker since Heath Ledger died shortly before the The Dark Knight came out. But many actors have played these role before these actors and after these actors. The character should not be sarcificed because the actor who protrayed him died. Many actors have played T’Challa. The Disnified version of T’Challa was the weakest and my least favorite. Killmonger in the movie was more like Black Panther than Chadwick’s was. Black Panther was stronger in Captain America 3 than in his own movie. And remember Killmonger defeated T’Challa without magic and taken the purple serum to become Black Panther. The simplest solution was to convince Michael B. Jordan to take on the role as Black Panther since technically he is king and defeated T’ Challa in battle and would be third in line to the throne. Even M’ Baku would have made a better Black Panther. He could easily challenge Shuri for the title. He almost defeated T’Challa without the serum in his system too and will have broken stick figure Shuri in half. Now, as a female, I could see Lupita in the role too since she is a member of one of the royal bloodlines. Oh and another thing, the final battle was dumb. You get stabbed with a pole and still live. Shuri is more of an intellectual than a fighter. She’s more Iron Heart than BP. Namor is immortal yet was defeated by a girl with hardly no combat training we saw in the years of Marvel movies she appeared in. Yet, y’all making a white corporation rich just because they put black faces on screen and treating a fictional movie about a fictional place as a cultural moment of white validation because they put millions behind a production to promote a woke agenda of esmaculating black males, undermining the black patriarch and replacing it with the black martiarch, and protraying black males as idiots or submissive to black women. The one black woman who was loyal to her black man was shown as being killed for it.

    The first black Panther movie emasculated Black Panther any chance it got whether it was his mother, his sister, his woman, and his first in command undermining every decision he made. Heck, the final battle was black men and black women fighting against each other reflecting the black gender war between black women and black men on social media and ending with the black man bowing down to the black woman. It ends with him asking her if she would kill him. She said she would for her king. Who is the black woman’s king in real life? The white man.

    T’Challa would have killed Klaus himself regardless if the world was watching and he would have not trusted the United States government with vibratrium. Shuri is an annoying character in any version of BP even though I liked the actress. Her reign as BP was the lowest selling which led to T’Challa being raised from the dead.

    As far as the M- She- U

    Captain Marvel was original a man in the comics, revamped as a black woman, and then a white woman which Captain Marvel the movie was based off of.

    Iron Man was replaced with discount diverse black female Iron Heart in BP 2..

    Thor was replaced with Jane Foster as a female Thor in Thor 4.

    Captain America was replace with Peggy Carter as a female Captain America in Dr. Strange 2.

    Hawkeye was replaced with his daughter as a female Hawkeye in the Disney Plus series.

    Antman was replaced or sidelined in his own movie with a female version, The Wasp.

    Black Widow was already female so she replaced with another Black Widow in Black Widow movie.

    The Hulk was emasculated in Endgame as Professor Hulk then sidelined and replaced with She Hulk in the Disney Plus series. Mark Ruffalo is a diehard leftist and feminist and has no problem participating in his own cancellation.

    Black Panther is replaced with Shuri as a female version of Black Panther.

    Are we seeing a pattern or shall I continue?

  18. she has the heart shape erb thats why she is as strong as she is no on ever questions why peter parker a 5’8 skinny kid is taking down rhino and venom and as for all the other woman wakandans are similar to asgardians no one complained when they took down bucky sam and john walkers captain america naturally stronger then most humans

  19. Damn you musta watched some special version of BP2 no one else got the see cause the main characters in this movie ate L after L after L. Shuri lost every single tussle she was in, including her big fight with Namor. He nailed her ass to a rock and only had to retreat because he was suffocating. He fucked her up. Okoyo got fucked up by that Talokan dude and had to wear Power Armor to even the odds. Even M’Baku got wrecked in this movie.

    What fucking movie did you see because none of yoyr descriptions of what happened make any sense. The main characters did not win in BP2.

    Like not even close.

  20. They should have replaced Chadwick with either an alternate version of T’challa played by Michael B Jordan from another universe….or

    Had him injured in a battle that required his face or body be changed.

    Either way, there are precedents in the fantastical nature of comic books.

  21. I saw the movie last night and I will tell you it was excellent! I’m a bonafide passport bro who has met a Dominican woman IN DR, vetted her thoroughly, brought her back (she’s close to my age fellas, I’m 44), married her, and we have a great marriage. Now with that being said, I’m as red pill as they get. I think people are exaggerating about how this movie is feminist and makes black men look weak. It’s based on a comic book. Shuri is 100 pounds soaking wet and can fight BECAUSE SHE HAS SUPER POWERS. As is the same with the other bald headed warrior females and Lupita’s character. The movie is a complete work of fiction. AND, Namor was no weakling. Furthermore, the mantle will be handed back to Tchala’s and Lupita’s son, the boy prince. The movie was more about a sister who loved her MALE brother so much that she did everything in her power to honor HIM and HIS work. The only time Shuri really asserted authority over a man in the movie was when she spoke with king jabari. Otherwise, the rest of the movie was about her honoring her brother. People are really reaching with this one.

  22. @D C: Y’all can come try to defend black panther all day but we ain’t feeling it… We can see the wizard behind the curtains, sorry if u can’t ✌️

  23. Rename the film Black Pussy! It’s a joke the way they are emasculating Black men.

  24. I absolutely loved the movie. If scrawny Peter Parker can get bit by a spider and start shooting webs from his wrists and climbing walls, I have no problem with Shuri drinking purple flower juice and body slamming dudes 3 times her size.

  25. Bruh I’m bout to drop my girlfriend and finda beautiful black queen. This girl giving me vibessssss

  26. It’s sad. The MCU accomplished something quite amazing with all the movies up to Endgame. They did it without pushing any politics. The movies were fun. Part of the fun was that they didn’t take themselves too seriously. They just focused on fun stuff and cool stuff. Now it’s just all about agenda and it’s a real drag to watch anything from the MCU. I honestly don’t even care when they announce a new movie and I’m a person who saw Endgame in theaters 17 times.

  27. Dumbass people it’s a fictional story. Shuri is royalist and I’m sure she is trained in martial arts and all around self-defense. I’m sure Shuri also took the herb, the herb she had a hand in recreation and The Black Panther Suit yet again she created. With all of these things she can beat up on men and super power men. She is also a genius and can figure out ways to beat other beings. You choose to not know shit about comic books. You choose to downgrade this movie, because you choose to not educate yourself. Do you know how dangerous T’Challa is in the comic books? Physically and mentally he is a special breed. Your knowledge is limited.

  28. It just wasn’t good , a lot of people are saying it’s great because of Chadwick boseman stuff, but it was just sad and kinda boring. Namor was the best part

  29. They definitely wanted to make the main character gay so sooooo bad.
    But I can tell they must have cut it out the story. She was definitely giving lesbian. Especially towards the college student character. I was thinking they were gonna kiss in their last scene together when she fixed her car

  30. Nobody had beef with Xena warrior princess, kill bill, tomb raider ECT. White women been beating up on men for ever in there action movies. Where’s the beef for them she sounds silly.


  32. You can only talk about what the media wants you to agree with… black, white or anything else, if you dont’ agree… you are considered the enemy.

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