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Biracial daughter hammers ‘racist’ father at his funeral

Samantha Foss slams dead father/YouTube

Biracial daughter rips white dad. 

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BROOKHAVEN — Welp, somebody has daddy issues! Samantha Foss, a pansexual mulatto student at Oglethorpe College, ruffled some feathers when she danced on her own daddy’s grave during his sepulture — calling him a “racist, Trump-loving, cis straight white man.” Dayuuummm! Samantha’s father, Michigan billionaire Donald Foss, was the founder and CEO of Credit Acceptance — a subprime car finance company. The old man kicked the bucket on August 14th following a fierce bout with cancer. He was 78. Donald, who made Forbes’ 2022 Billionaires list, had a net worth of $2 billion when he croaked. Most, if not all, of those pecuniary resources will be allocated through his last will and testament. That said, all hell broke loose when Samantha sauntered on stage to deliver what was supposed to be a panegyric. “Dad, please know that I am grateful, and highly aware of what you have done for this family, [but] I still don’t miss you,” she proclaimed in front of a stunned audience.

“When you died, I felt like there was a hole. I missed something, but it wasn’t you. It was the idea of what you could [have] become. I missed being able to hope and wish that one day you’d turn a corner and see the world from my perspective. You are everything I aspire not to be and I refuse to stand up here and sing the praises of a man who is the paradigm of white supremacy … I swear to God, I will make this world a better place. Not at all because of you, but in exact opposition to you.”

Samantha then walked off stage amid a light smattering of applause.

A close source refuted Samantha’s assertion that Donald is racist, claiming he took pride in being a swirlin’ Zaddy. “He dated women of color, he married her mother, if anybody loved a black woman, it was Don,” the insider explained. “[Samantha] went to a very diverse high school in Michigan, they played lacrosse and he [Donald] would go to their games. They didn’t lack for anything.”

Samantha, a self-described “black supremacist,” is the youngest of Donald’s three children.

Her college tuition costs more than $57,000 per year.

Samantha said even though she won’t miss Donald, she’ll gladly take this money.

Was she outta line for disrespecting her father’s memory?

Was the funeral director wrong for not shutting off her mic?

Watch Samantha’s diatribe.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. She will come to hate herself in the near future. How dare her mother allow this.

  2. how can people just sit there and listen to it? i wouldve been the first to get her arse off the stage – disgusting

  3. Knowing that there’s 3 other children where were they at that funeral I know what would happen if I had done that to my dad and his funeral my brother’s and sisters were to got up and fucking beat my ass you don’t talk bad about the dead cause remember you’ll be there soon

  4. Someone needs to tell the little bimbo that she’s half white so she doesn’t know what it’s like how she doesn’t even know it’s like to be a normal white kid because aint no normal white kid got a multi billion dollar father she lives in a whole different world than the rest of the world does she should be slapped and knocked on her ass

  5. The level of disrespect is unbelievable..if she truly hated him then why take his money..this girl is shitting all over her dead fathers name for attention

  6. Mother: Here honey, have your cookies and milk. Your father is a no-good, whi…..
    Daughter: Thanks mama. I hate daddy. Can I have a new bicycle?
    Mother: Of course you can. There’s nothing like a mother’s love………………….

  7. Did she complain about the white privilege she received. Don’t think so

  8. Someone should’ve pulled the plug out of the mic this girl is a spoiled brat and this is what happens to a society that allows children to do whatever they want and spoils them with whatever they want and send them off to these communist controlled ridiculous colleges.

  9. Nobody like these white men. I think it’s true Satan is a white man

  10. God commanded honor your mother and Father i was raised by an alcoholic she was mean but i always did my best to respect her she did alot of bad things she is gone now i did my best to be a good daughter thats what your supposed to DO period.

  11. I feel this generation is so lost… I can’t believe not ONE person stood up for her father and snatched her from that podium… So he was a Trump supporter, I bet he was telling her to get her life together and she didn’t like it… Oh but she’ll have no problem spending his money…

  12. She disgusts me when she says I’ll take your money after trashing her father.

  13. This is why I’m not leaving shit to anyone. I won’t rob my children of life’s opportunities to teach character. I’ll let them struggle and get humbled as they should be.

  14. I can’t watch this shit. You know, the problem we have today is people not minding their business. People criticize her for being part of the “woke”, but neither one of you are better. Simply because you’re following along with all this social media bullshit where everyone is involving themselves with people, their relationships, their political stance, their religion, their race, the way they care for their child, etc… You were not in the house with the girl, you have only portions of story of what she might have gone through…it’s not your experience or anyone else’s. The girl has the right to say whatever she wants about the pain she endured. She didn’t break any laws, she didn’t speak for anyone else but herself. Instead of attacking people, try understanding what brought them to this point. If there’s God, he will judge her by her actions. Until then, try not involving yourself in one’s personal matters. Just worry about your house. Besides, deep down….you know damn well why you’re attacking her.

  15. I truly think her black experience – which seems to be somewhat torturous to her- is a direct result of a far left liberal education filled and based on CRT.

  16. He Married A Black Woman. He Is Obviously Not Racist. That Girl is Just Delusional.

  17. @Dbz Directioner: Massa was racist too but he raped every black chick on the plantation. Does that make him not racist?

  18. She was the mixed child of a WHITE AND BLACK couple ffs! He LOVED and FUCKED a black woman and lived with her. How can he be RACIST and MISOGYNISTIC.
    HE HAD A DAUGHTERRRRR which he loved.


  19. Black people should understand that most m!x people hate being mix. Especially when they start understanding black excellence, I definitely believe the myth about the traffic mulatto. Just sad. Also even tho her mom is black her spirit is white. And black people wonder why they messed up because of the defiled infiltration of the sister womb. Ungodly

  20. We see more and more of this. The problem with the country isn’t the color of your skin. It’s if you’re stupid or not. Ask a smart black person. They are doing just fine. The stupid one’s not so much.

  21. The left is a cult that’s gone too far. There’s crossing the line, then there’s being so far past it you can’t see it.

    She’s a disgrace! My mom’s dead to me having left me when I was 18, I wouldn’t dare say anything like that as she’s still my mother in the end! If she still has a mom I hope the mom slapped her brat of a daughter across the room.

  22. All I feel when watching this is sadness, deep sadness; not for the late father, not for the family, not for society, but for this young woman. If in years to come she matures out of the cocoon of hatred and intolerance that binds her and breaks free from this stifling emotional incontinence, she may come to look back and regret this abominably toe curling cringe display. If the scales of brainwashed cultist bigotry do ever fall from her eyes and she awakes from her coma of virtue signalling self indulgence, the pain she may fell if/ when her senses and lucidity return will be agonising… but, at least she’ll finally be free from this horrific mental enslavement. Meantime, whatever harm she thinks she’s done to her father’s memory, she’s actually only bought upon herself – we should not hate her, we should weep for her.

  23. All you weirdos talking ish about how this woman should feel are the weird ass problem…. maybe she felt fatherless… yeah… it’s time you weirdos stfu

  24. I have a very bad relationship with my father but I still would never do this at his funeral. I don’t believe in speaking ill of the dead

  25. So apparently he never abused her or her mother, he was a normal loving father who provided for his family and provided quite well mind you, but the ungreatful bitch didn’t agree with him on his political beliefs so she disrespected him on his funeral. Spoiled brat. She should have been spanked and grounded as a child and taught some she will learn it hard way

    Karma will catch up with you girl..karma is a bitch and it is coming for you..

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