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Hockey star dissed LGBT community’s ‘Pride Night’

Ivan Provorov ain’t woke/YouTube

Hockey player disses gay pride.

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PHILADELPHIA — Unlike America, they ain’t woke in Russia. Philadelphia Flyers defenseman Ivan Provorov is under fire after he refused to wear an LGBT jersey to celebrate gay pride. The boycott transpired during Tuesday’s game against the Anaheim Ducks, when the Flyers celebrated their annual Pride Night to succor the LGBTQ community. Players donned homo-themed jerseys and used hockey sticks wrapped in rainbow Pride tape. Ivan, however, wanted no part of it. The 26-year-old Russian didn’t participate in pregame warmups. But played roughly 23 minutes in Philly’s 5-2 victory. “I respect everybody’s choices,” Ivan explained after the game. “My choice is to stay true to myself and my religion. That’s all I’m going to say.” Flyers coach John Tortorella had Ivan’s back. “It’s one thing I respect about Provy, he’s always true to himself,” he told reporters.

Canadian news anchor Sid Seixeiro blew a gasket. He implored NHL officials to levy a fine of $1 million against the Flyers then accused Ivan of being a liar. “Nothing scares me more than any human being who says ‘I’m not doing this because of my religious beliefs’ because when you look at people’s lives who normally say that publicly you’d throw up at what you saw,” Seixeiro ranted. “I’ve seen that a million times in a lot of different ways, so don’t give me that… don’t feed me the religious beliefs line.”

NHL Network analyst E.J. Hradek said Ivan can take his ass back to Russia if he has a problem with gays.

“Ivan Provorov can get on a plane any day he wants and go back to a place where he feels more comfortable, take less money, and get on with his life that way. If it’s that problematic for him,” Hradek vented. “If this is that much of a problem for him to maybe assimilate into his group of teammates and in the community and here in this country, that’s okay. You can feel any way you want. If it bothers you that much, there’s always a chance to leave.”

Fans are definitely on Ivan’s side.

His jersey sold out less than 24 hours after the incident.

Do Russians have bigger balls than Americans?

Is it time for gays to quit pushing their bedroom deportment on others?

Should we create Straight Pride events?

Watch Ivan elucidate his stance.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Sid, come on out the closet, we have many hotdog shaped foods for you and your double chin 🤡

  2. Provorov is the man! These fascists are forcing people how to think and what to wear in the name of “tolerance”

  3. Yeah, this is why US is trying so hard to destroy Russian Orthodox church in Ukraine.

  4. Well done Provorov, dont let them bully you into anything. Shame on the flyers and the NHL for forcing this crap on players.

  5. I enjoy Sid’s rants, but this is ridiculous. You can’t punish an organization if a player disagrees with an ideology being forced down everyone’s throats

  6. Adolf Hitler forced the Jews to wear Stars ⭐ on their clothing to oppress, mark and control them, this is the same. Stop trying to force us to wear a mark, that shows your choice of sexual orientation…

  7. If he were Jewish and they had a team pork buffet would he be bashed for not participating? People are tired of having this agenda jammed down their throats… no pun intended

  8. I can’t buy his Jersey, they’re sold out! Good for him, way to stand u to bullies! clown world

  9. So Ivan is a White Orthodox Christian, so if he was was Muslim this probably wouldn’t be an issue.

  10. What an absolute stud, I hope young kids see this example of how to be, and look up him as a role model, too few good ones anymore, breath of fresh air, no hate whatsoever, a man who stands by who he wants to be, and stands his ground when questioned.

  11. Just horrible how deviants stole the rainbow from children. But then again their aim is grooming and pedophilia. Sid is clearly a groomer.

  12. EJ is a leftest nut job. Ivan was NEVER offensive. I have nothing against someone’s sexual preference but this leftest garbage being pushed on everyone needs to stop.

  13. finally someone stands for what they believe much respect, todays society try to force stuff on to you and your just suppose to except it.

  14. Total respect for this man. Im not sure why any NHL team has to come out wearing pride jerseys. I’m sick of stuff being shoved down our throats that may or may not align with our morals. To me it’s like somebody saying you should support the NHL on every game you should wear the jersey of the opposing team to show your support. Uhh noo. I’m all for there being 32 teams but doesn’t mean I have to wear the jerseys to support them.

  15. The Flyers organization handled this ALL WRONG!

    Take my employer for example. Our grocery store told us we can wear pride colors in support. Half did. Half didn’t. No pressure. I had zero problem with that.
    What I have a problem with is when a company makes a uniform for everyone. Why? Because now that you are supplied the uniform and choose not to wear it, you come across like some kind of bigot.

    This may shock some people but you can be respectful of someone’s lifestyle and not wear pride colors in support at the same time!


  17. Liberals: Everyone needs to have freedom of opinion, religion and expression.
    Conservative: *exercises freedom of religion without a word of offending anyone
    Liberals: Wait, you are not supposed to do that!

  18. Not all heroes wear capes! Love this guy! The world needs millions more like him!

  19. Good for him for being true to himself. Your bedroom antics don’t belong on our players. Who cares what you do in your bedroom, no ones business and no reason to flaunt it everywhere. So proud of him for not bending to the insanity of the mob.

  20. Homosexuality is repulsive to me. Doesn’t mean I’m gonna go on a rampage against any homosexuals, but I’m sure as hell not going to promote anything that has anything to do with their lifestyle…THATS delusional too.

  21. going out in LGBT colors is a shame for a real man. American society is deteriorating

  22. Down with the sodomites! Americans! We stand with conservatives and family values as before! Vladimir Putin, Russia, supports supporters of family values and sound conservatism! Stop mocking sensible people and telling them nonsense about gender and homosexuality! Stop poisoning children with the poison of Sodom and Gomorrah! The US and Western governments have established a dictatorship in their countries. The dictatorship of perverts.

  23. I believe it’s looks worse on the players who went along to get along. Getting that pay check trumps any morals,or criticism they’re trying to avoid. Cowards for a check.

  24. Not many bitches in the NHL but the NHL is on a path to go broke with it’s woke BLM LGBTQ crap.

  25. NHL lost me as a fan years ago when they pushed this insane Ieftist crap. They don’t realize the majority of people that watch the NHL are so called EVIL White Christians. They don’t even know their own demographic. They are a stupid organization that will result in the NHL dying off. Maybe these Hockey players can go play for another league.

  26. No matter the cultural pressure, homosexuality will always remain unnatural and a sin (Romans 1).

  27. I respect that hockey player fuck the abc group cause don’t get me twisted we don’t care what u do but don’t make us or force us to watch that shit

  28. What pisses me off is when the media takes this shit out of context. As a hockey fan and am part of the LGBT community, I absolutely respect Provorov for what he believes. That’s his choice. I believe the NHL and the Flyers organization did the right thing in respecting and defending Provorov’s decision.

  29. These homosexuals will soon start demanding that every NHL team has a gay threesome.

  30. If you want to be a faggot do it in private. No body cares your gay, but stop trying to force your opinion on somebody else. Maybe the police will arrest me for hate speech lmao WEF stuff 😂 Pew pew

  31. This is not about gay rights. Are there rights that gay people do not have in this country? Have gay people been banned from hockey in the past?? And now we are celebrating that gay people can come to hockey games? This is about pushing an agenda- I do not EVER remember there ever being any gay hatred at hockey games!

  32. Good for him. He did the best thing by keeping politics OUT of hockey. Just go for the game..thats it. Nobody cares who is straight or gay!!!!

  33. its amazing to see how many people support one man standing up against this crap, almost all the comments are positive towards Provorov’s decision. Just tells you how many people are fed up with this rubbish. except this Sid seixeiro who thinks he’s going to get some support for his foolish rhetoric.

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