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Bills safety Damar Hamlin representing the Illuminati

Damar appears at playoff game/Clutchpoints

Hamlin shows Illuminati love. 

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BUFFALO — A viral video shows Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin (or his body double) throwin’ up Illuminati hand signs as his team was gettin’ pistol-whipped by the Cincinnati Bengals in Sunday’s AFC divisional playoff game. CBS television footage shows Hamlin in a luxury sky-box representin’ with an admixture of pyramid gestures and 666 finger contortions. The 24-year-old also wore shades, donned a hood and didn’t show his countenance the entire time — raising speculation he was supplanted with an imposter. Hamlin, if you recall, suffered a mysterious heart attack the first time the Bills faced the Bengals on “Monday Night Football.” He didn’t collapse. Instead, Hamlin fell safely on his ass. Now he’s suddenly healthy enough to attend games. Nevertheless, if you recall, the entire Bills roster also performed a freemason ritual in wake of Hamlin’s puzzling injury. But selling their souls didn’t equate to a Super Bowl appearance which goes to show Satan is a chronic liar.

Now that the book is closed on the 2022 Bills, here’s their entire 3, 6, 9 freemason numerology rundown: Hamlin wears jersey No. 3. He reportedly suffered Commotio Cordis at the 33-yard line. Team doctors performed 9 minutes of CPR. Bills quarterback Josh Allen threw for 33 yards when the game was suspended. During the team’s midfield orison, Bills cornerback Siran Neal was the only player standing while everyone else kneeled. Neal’s number is 33. Jesus died at 33 years old before being resurrected.

In Buffalo’s first game after Hamlin’s perplexing injury, running back Nyheim Hines returned the opening kickoff 96 yards for a touchdown. 9 and 6. It was the Bills first kickoff return TD in 3 years, 3 months. 3 and 3. Hamlin was released from the hospital 9 days after the alleged cardiac arrest. He was born in March, the 3rd month of the year. The weird injury took place in 2023 and Hamlin’s GoFundMe account has accumulated roughly $9 million. Yessir, the Bills are all about 3, 6, 9. They ain’t even hiding it.

So if you multiply three times three, you get 9.

If you multiply three times two, you get 6.

And if you calculate six hundred threescore, you get 666.

Watch Hamlin represent the Illuminati.

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  2. Creepy big ritual hood can’t even see his face🏌️‍♀️🏌️‍♀️🏌️‍♀️

  3. I hate to say this but he’s gotta be dead. If he was alive then they wouldn’t have to lie about it like this. We’re not children who can’t handle the truth as if we’re finding out for the first time that Santa Claus isn’t real. It’s actually an insult that they think that we’re all this stupid. This shoube a joyous occasion and a celebration. The way his family members carried themselves and they’re body language doesn’t seem like they’re celebrating. They avoided the cameras and media like it was the plague. All it would take is a simple brief statement by the family and Damar himself to go on camera and say a few words and ask people to respect his privacy at this moment considering what he’s been through. Very simple. But not a word. This whole thing stinks to high heaven. He’s dead and the NFL and media are covering it up because they know it’s because of the covid jab. I wonder how they’re gonna try to coverup if more incidents happen like this in the NFL. I hope it doesn’t happen but there have been almost 1500 deaths now from athletes around the world because of heart problems in only the last 2 years. The same time that they started handing out the jab. That’s more than the previous 40 years where 1100 athletes died from heart issues

  4. Here’s even more evidence to prove the nfl worships satan you know when you get a touchdown you get 6 points and the average score involves 3 touchdowns you get 6 6 6 the nfl is just shoving it into our faces at this point

  5. Hamlin is dead. My theory is they will have ‘him’ retire or die after the Super Bowl. They had to write the ‘Save Pfizer’ script, and the Bills are no longer in the playoffs, so no need for Hamlin to give interviews or anything of that nature. His family looked like they were there against their will. It’s all wild as fuck.

  6. Just read an article, Hamlin wasn’t at this game, he’s on strict doctors orders to rest etc. WhoTF was the imposter?

  7. Tupac is dead but many people insist he’s alive. Damar might be the reverse Tupac

  8. If it walks like a conspiracy duck, smells like a conspiracy duck, and quacks like a conspiracy duck- it’s probably a conspiracy duck.

  9. That’s not him. He wouldn’t even be out and about after a severe medical situation like that. Something isn’t right. We aren’t stupid. He should be home resting not out and about. You saw the brother and mother clearly, but not him. I believe he’s dead and this is an impostor. Or the NFL is running the bigger scam. They do a lot of rituals. Masons or Illumanati. All of it is rigged anyway. A lot of people nolonger bother to watch NFL or NBA games. I think that they are trying to get viewership and ratings up. It’s so sad that it’s come to orchestration! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  10. Hamlin’s handlers and the NFL are furiously trying to concoct a script for maximum profitability. Don’t fall for it.

  11. Where’s Ray Lewis when you need him to accidentally say some shit loud as hell….

  12. I’m not sure if he sold his soul, but he sucked all the energy out of his team. They should have continued the game once he was driven off the field. That long dragged out emotional crap destroyed his team. He should have kept his ass at home and left his team alone.

  13. Omg lol this is great. Throwing up the Illuminati hand signs. Really going for it hard. U think that’s a signal that the game is on? Their final act of their plan? Armageddon.
    Yeah, why did he cover his face and did the same in that weird hospital Pic? Could it be he is a terrible actor and it’s written all over his face? Probably. I think that’s probably him but he’s either having a crisis of conscious or more likely, he’s just a terrible actor.

  14. Tv Mind Control can make anybody do anything. We saw that when people lined up like sheep for the clot shots

  15. The NFL wouldn’t want any attention if it was real. You know it’s fake when they draw national attention…

  16. I’m just sick of this fake NFL! Just look at how their overplaying this situation. #NFLgoneWOKE

  17. Yes and notice how when anybody else gets badly hurt or any even paralyzed, they never get this much attention so yes you got it right on the nose!!

  18. There are just too many unanswered questions. This whole ‘return’ to the stadium for the game may have poured gasoline on the fire…they did not show Damar clearly but rather in silhouette. Why didn’t momma & lil’brother walk in with Damar? Why doesn’t it look like the dude is wearing oxygen in the private suite. Damar really got excited flashing the hand signs during a touchdown…especially for a man with a bad ticker.

  19. Absolutely connected to the vaccine
    If in fact there is anything real to it but the Masonic symbolism makes it seem that it’s all fake drama Bs
    And YES the Masonic symbols are real and deliberate

  20. The power of the 3, the 6, and the 9. They killed the man that figured that out

  21. Man, fuck you you fucking piece of shit. the fuck is wrong with people. Everything has to be a fucking conspiracy. People like you have ruined the fucking world. Suck a fucking dick.

  22. So nobody saw NFL player Tre Bostons tweet on Twitter yesterday? He said the NFL is rigged and the tweet is still there

  23. It’s funny any time they show an owner or celebrity in the sky box seats you can see their face along with everyone else in there with them. So why can’t you see Damar or anyone else in there🤔🤔. That wasn’t him ladies and gentlemen

  24. Why hide his face? Why wear the hood the entire time he is inside? If he requires oxygen, where were his tanks? Looks like he’s breathing just fine by the way he was walking and waiving his arms. There was a cameraman inside the box with him. Why did he not show his face or say “hi” to his fans? Why has Damar not made a short Youtube video thanking his family, friends and team mates for their support?

  25. These soulless shills who’re doing the Prince of darknesses work will spend eternity in hell for such a very short time on Earth making our lives completely miserable . The end is near . Thank God 🙏🏼❤️

  26. Remember Tiffany Dover? She was the nurse who took the shot on live TV and fell over… never to be seen again. They did this same thing: Had a video where there was a nurse with black hair – who was in no way Tiffany – appear at the hospital wearing a mask. The video was 20 seconds long. And we were all told to shut up.

  27. Look the more they real things surrounding Drama oops I mean Damar the more this looks and sounds like some from a WWE broadcast. The NFL says it’s a sports entertainment company/ organization ect….tied directly into the Vegas numbers machine so well how deep do you want go? My father God rest his soul had two heart attacks that landed him in the hospital. I saw cardiac “event” patients as young as Damar. You do not go home a week after having what they claim he had occur. Why hide your face? Unless you wanted to cause exactly what is happening? 🤔 Speculation and quote conspiracy theories abound!! Beware the common man is thinking for himself again! 😂
    Now if we could only get folks to turn that kind of attention upon what is really going on with this world…….?

  28. I noticed most of those pregame sports announcers love to throw up that pyramid sign

  29. This whole ordeal is so overtly bizarre now – that either (a). Damar is either severely injured or dead by the ‘you know what’ and the NFL is covering it up or (b). Damar’s injury was faked, he is fine, and will make a public appearance soon; meaning this whole charade is being done on purpose to make folks who question the ‘you know what’ look like idiots.

    Oh, and there’s also all the freemasonic stuff that occurred around this incident, too – so that adds a whole ‘nother layer to this situation.


  31. Comment section is a cesspool of mindless drones. Looking for the next virtue signaling opportunity. They don’t even realize how fucking programmed they are. Their fucking thoughts are hashtags and news headlines. Their entire being is about validation, fitting in, which means they must go along with what they believe is the popular opinion. They’re caught hook line and sinker and don’t realize it. Yet their overestimation of their own intelligence is constantly on display.

  32. Clot shots, heart attacks, food production plants burning down, food shortages, threat of nuclear war, politicians lying, Epstein’s island flight list, GMO Food, Skittles and Simply loaded with cancer chemicals, massive depression, debt, suicide, homelessness, autism, cancer off the charts, cities burning, cops killing people, drug infested cities, a president so senile he can’t speak…and I could list another 100 things, but I’m not going to. They are doing all this to us for their Agenda. In the year 2030 they want it all in place. There will be far less people, and the remaining pheasants will live in smart cities. You will own nothing and you will eat bugs.

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