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Outkick’s Clay Travis says vaccine is killing athletes

Clay Travis slams COVID vaccine/YouTube

Athletes droppin’ like flies.

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COLORADO SPRINGS — Sports journalist Clay Travis at said it’s time for the Biden Administration to launch a federal probe against the COVID vaccine to see if it’s culpable for a Commotio Cordis outbreak among young male athletes. Females are fine. But something’s up when it comes to masculinity. Airforce football player Hunter Brown, 21, blacked out and died while walking to class. Colorado College tennis player Jack Madison, 20, passed away in his sleep. Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin, 24, allegedly perished twice before being resurrected. And several soccer players collapsed via cardiac arrest. Conspiracy theory or not, bottom line is athletes are droppin’ like flies and something has to be done… and fast. “We need a deep-dive investigation into whether the COVID shot is leading to more deaths of young, otherwise healthy people,” Clay said on a recent podcast. “How many different athletes have to collapse before we say, ‘Hey, let’s vigorously analyze whether the COVID shot might be causing any of these incidents at all.'”

Clay also lambasted his confrères in sports journalism for remaining taciturn, calling ’em craven. “Why am I like the only person in sports media asking these questions?” he said. “Where is everybody else in the media? They’re all silent. They’re all cowards. They’re all complicit in selling what appears to be a lie which is there’s no risk factors whatsoever.” Renowned immunologist Dr. Anthony Fauci smugly repudiated inquiries about a possible correlation between the mRNA panacea and an upsurge in athletes collapsing.

Do you share Clay’s sentiment?

Is it time to put Pfizer and Moderna under a microscope?

Watch Clay get some stuff off his chest.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Every company that made a vaccine and every board member and CEO should have all accounts drained and evenly distributed to everyone that WAS FORCED to take the jab.

  2. Whether the “Fauchie Ouchy” has anything to do with this we don’t know, how ever yes the “Ouchy” will have side effects, how would the jab coordinators know how it will affect a human body in years to come….which one of them had a time machine? It’s going to be scary.

  3. Colorado College is a limp wristed liberal regressive school. Jack had to get the jab !

  4. They are dropping like flies because they were forced to take that stupid jab that nobody needs to take!!! The jab doesn’t stop you from getting the virus and the jab doesn’t prevent you from spreading the virus, PERIOD!

  5. This guy makes a ton of sense. Why is it so blatantly weird that autopsies are not done on these bodies? I think everybody really knows the answer

  6. I know it is athletes and famous people making the news for just dropping like flies. The question is, how many people are dying that is not being reported.

  7. There is a study that says many young healthy men who had the Covid shot have had cardiac arrest within a short time of the shot. If he had been on the football field with EMT people on the field he may also have lived. Biden mandating the shot was terrible and I cannot believe a free country allowed this for months.

  8. The greatest thing about being a conspiracy theorist is not having Myocarditis

  9. It is the jab. The people that deny and label it conspiracy theory are just scared and in denial. The mistake made in the very beginning is not letting it run its course. Now look at the mess we’re in. This was all about money and coverup. Fauci paid for the research that created this. Wake up people and face it. Denial isn’t going to fix it.

  10. When the jab came out, people who questioned the jab were “conspiracy theorists “ or “wackos”…doesn’t look like conspiracy to me. Does it to you?

  11. It’s not a vaccine. It’s a bio weapon. No one should be taking it ever!

  12. @Barbara Smith: Another study showed about 30% of young male subjects in the study suffered cardiac events such as chest pain, palpatation, myøcârditis and perîcârditis. Another study showed 3% of subjects in the study suffered myøcârditis specifically. 3% doesnt sound like a lot but compare that to the infinitesimally small chance of young healthy males dying from CV.

  13. If you haven’t seen it yet, watch the documentary “Died Suddenly”.

  14. It’s causing scarring on the heart. Subclinical Myocarditis that they’re not aware of and then dropping dead. The whole thing is a diabolical depopulation event

  15. 90% to 95% of the deaths are due to the Jab! But they try to pay people off not to list that it was from the so-called vaccine. There is plenty of documentation out there by many doctors how dangerous this jab is but everybody refuses to listen and still want to only believe the mainstream media and the lies coming out of the present evil government running us! If people would just do the research and quit listening and believing the lies from the government people wouldn’t be in the position they’re in at this point!

  16. This is why big pharma doesn’t want to release their jab data for 50 years, let that sink in

  17. Dr. Anthony “Start the Virus, Sell the Cure” Fauci is still pushing the COVID “clot shot” for kids and adolescents who are at virtually zero serious risk from COVID. This is pure ABSOLUTE EVIL.

  18. Vaccines were a scam to make money and get future money from side effects. Faucci is a criminal.

  19. Libs think they can control EVERYTHING! They think the can control a VIRUS…(Laughable), they think the can control the climate (Laughable), thye think electric cars are “Earth Friendly” (take a look at the earth mining by china to make those precious batteries! People please wake up and turn off the Main Stream Outlets. Most are simply LYING to you and telling you what the politicians want to feed you!

  20. The CDC just made a statement linking the Covid shot to strokes and elderly people. If it’s doing that to the elderly, what is it doing to the young athletes? It doesn’t take much to put two and two together. The shot is killing people, massively.

  21. All these people willingly took that jab without question. Without QUESTION. You trust the government? This government? This administration? Maybe now you’ll wake up.

  22. Watch Died Suddenly on Rumble. Drs do NOT do what embalmers do, and they are the ones confirming what they are pulling out of arteries!

  23. Nobody had a gun to their head to take the bio weapon shot, Everyone had a choice. The devil deceives!!!

  24. Did anyone who got the jab actually read the informed consent form before signing and getting it? It says right on the form every medicine can have a side effect and that the person agrees to hold harmless the pharmaceutical company and the medical professionals administering it.

  25. It’s just another part of the plan to reduce the global population. Now get back to work you filthy W2 wage slaves…

  26. Show me stats – I don’t see ANY increase in athletes dying suddenly compared to times before the covid vaccine was available. Maybe that’s why you don’t hear lots of other people reporting this.

  27. It’s funny, people felt it was ok to ask if you were vaccinated in order to go to work, fly, enter a business, eat at a restaurant, go see a movie or show yet when someone drops dead then asking if they were vaccinated suddenly becomes “inappropriate” and private medical information.

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