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Latin gunman shoots, kills multiple people in Chicago

A viral video shows convicted felon Samuel Parsons-Salas shooting multiple people at Portage Park Bar in Chicago. One victim was shot in the torso. Another received a hollow-point to the cranium. Scuttlebutt has it Sam groped the birthday girl’s tits and the bouncer kicked him out. The donnybrook spilled out into the street. Social media reaction was wild. One viewer wrote, “3 body bags in 30 seconds.” Another chimed in with, “Watch who U f*cking with. He wasn’t playing.” A third observer added, “Damn, he emptied the clip… made sure there were no survivors, headshots for good measure… you can tell by his demeanor, this wasn’t his first rodeo.”

Samuel shot the birthday girl, killed her dad and two others.

Watch the massacre.

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  1. The Chi has always been this Gang-ster, nowadays you see it more because of camera phones, survalence footage, and social media!

  2. Why do ppl even go out anymore? You’re taking a chance cuz them streets don’t love you

  3. This is crazy felt like i was watching Power and Tommy just canceled Christmas on they ass 3 bodys in 20 secs lol and he even found the one who was hiding smh shit crazy and look how he finished them off

  4. Most likely was in the military. He handled that very casually and under control.

  5. It appears as self defense… but that changes when buddy finish them off… which i dnt blame him… because if they live… they’re coming back & its best to finish’em

  6. The fact that some people are joking about this in the comments lets me know this world is going to 🔥.

  7. That was a mob hit. He did that shit clean and left no witnesses.

  8. Man hell naw this dude killed them people cold blooded for no reason smh what’s the excuse for walking up to those other people and shooting them at point blank range in the head

  9. Let this be a lesson. Do not fuck with strangers. You just never know. Could be your last .

  10. He killed the peacemaker and the woman hiding behind the van smh cold blooded they should of ran the other direction he needs to be locked away for life no parole

  11. What happen was the shooter was causing problems at the party inside the club he wasn’t even invited to. He came with someone. The shooter ended up hitting the guy daughter in the club and was kicked out the club. The guy approached the shooter and he opened fire shooting the father, shooting a guy across from the father, then going up to the fathers daughter as she tended to her dying father and shot her in the head, approached the guy he already shot and shot him in the head, then went to shoot a woman hiding behind the car multiple times. This guy had an extensive criminal record and was violent to begin with.Yes the father approached him with his hands in his pocket but this guy was looking for trouble to begin with.

  12. @BLUM PKIN: Leave it to a darkie to defend some retarded shit like this

  13. Lmao, people are so pussy nowadays, so they use a gun instead, “oh no he hit me with a water balloon, lemme shoot him 8 times” 🤡🤡🤡

  14. This is why you leave people alone, you never know who you fuccin with. The news isn’t telling the entire story, I seen the video on twitter they kept tryna fight that dude then he shot all of em. Not saying what he did was right but people fail to realize that they’re consequences for your actions in this life.

  15. In January 2014, Parsons-Salas was charged in a home invasion in Albany Park in which two people were shot to death. Parsons-Salas initially faced two counts of first-degree murder, but he pleaded guilty to two counts of armed home invasion, carrying eight-year prison sentences. He was paroled in September.

    Yeah, mass murderer

  16. Good job american justice system ! Fuckin LEGENDARY GOOD JOB GUYS.
    At this point its fully confirmed that american judges are going out of their way to get people killed.
    If this is happening, imagine all the rapists that are not being properly dealt with either.

  17. They rushed him with their hands in pocket…. multiple people running at one man. What do you expect? You want him to ALLOW them to beat his azz and stomp him? Come on

  18. Not to justify his actions… But I just watched the video and they followed him to the truck, I mean it was about 6 people that followed him out the party to his truck. The first guy that was shot and killed ran up on the girl and him, and acted like he had a gun so dude shot him. Now the other 3people that was shot, He was just on some John Wick shit… Note to everyone in these comments DON’T EVER FOLLOW OR RUN UP ON ANYONE, IF YOU ARE NOT PREPARED TO SHOOT OR GET SHOT.. Nobody fights now a days…. If they did not follow that dude out of the party to his truck, I believe these people would still be alive…. They should’ve stayed inside… The liquor got them shot and killed, thinking they was going to follow someone to the car and jump him… That is what I saw in the video….

  19. They shouldn’t have let this piece of shit out the first time! Way to go Illinois again! The fucked up part about this is this isn’t the first time a shit bag got out early and then killed more people. My prayers go out to the families of this brutal crime.

  20. Where is the death sentence for these animals? He is a serial killer at that point and needs to be put down so we dont have to worry about this happening again. Disturbing he was able to see the light of day again.

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