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Drunken boyfriend beats girlfriend to ‘bloody pulp’

Taylor strangled Sativa to death/YouTube

Sativa killed Thanksgiving break.

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CANCUN — The adventures of Pookie & Ray Ray continue. Viral Crimes released the murderous documentary of 26-year-old Sativa Transue who was strangled to death by her jealous boyfriend, 31-year-old Taylor Allen. Sativa was asphyxiated Thanksgiving weekend during their vacation in Cancun, Mexico.  The turbulent lovebirds stayed at the swanky All Ritmo Cancun Resort & Waterpark with a hotel room rate of $200 per night. Sativa’s family sensed something was amiss on Black Friday when they received text messages saying she needed stitches. “Apparently, [Taylor] was threatening to jump off a four-story balcony,” Sativa’s mother, Jayme Bolieu, told the Daily Beast. “Sativa was injured and had to have stitches.” Saturday morning, a housekeeper found Sativa’s sanguinary corpse sprawled out in their room. Taylor beat her to a bloody pulp prior to strangulation.

Several guests heard screaming coming from the room. But nobody reported it. Taylor was arrested and charged with femicide. Jayme told Sativa to leave Taylor because “he was very emotionally abusive.” Jayme also tried to contact Sativa multiple times but Taylor “checked her phone” and she “couldn’t text her because it went to her computer and he would check that.” Sativa’s sister — Mykayla Bolieu — called Taylor an alcoholic, saying “he would drink so much that [Sativa] called it… a different personality.”

The day before her quietus, Sativa told friends she and Taylor consumed 7 shots and two Piña Coladas.

They were both drunk as a skunk.

Watch the explosive documentary.

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  1. Watch out for insecure dudes ladies….leave them as soon as they start acting crazy for no reason….RIP Young girl…

  2. It’s really hard to get out of that kinda relationship. They threaten you with killing your family and or they make you feel like no one else would want you and they make it like your dependent on them..
    I feel so sad for this young lady lost her life. My condolences to her family ❤

  3. Dude is a coward murderer, that being said though…..what the hell was her parents thinking naming her Sativa???? I mean that just screams they were stupid liberals.

  4. That is my current situation. He could kill me. I saw it in his eyes. I am 60 and I’m scared

  5. If he was abusive why leave the safety of family and the US? Of course he wanted her to go Mexico.🙄

  6. I didn’t leave for 3 years because we had children together and he threatened me anytime I tried to leave. I also had no money to get out with. Thankfully I did leave but trauma bond is a very real thing.

  7. I had a roommate who was a Jekyll-and-Hyde drunk. It was scary, I never knew which person I would be coming home to. I can’t even imagine how much worse it is when it’s your partner.

  8. I was in an abusive relationship for 10 years. Married to him. Your fear takes over and they cut you down emotionally. You become nothing and your Self Worth disappears. It’s weird. It took a long time and a sign from God for me to leave. I’m still in fear of this Man. If your feeling this way, leave, get therapy and know that you are not alone. 🙏🏼❤

  9. I’ve been through a few DV relationships and it’s like they don’t show a bit of it at first then it slowlyyyy starts to happen.. they break you in very slow over time before anything psychically happens they have already mentally broken you. Then they start the DV cause they know at that point that they can, and that they safely can get away with it without you leaving, without you having a shread of confidence left, that they’ve torn your world apart and become your world.. and that they can dictate everything and make you look cRaZy if you do shout out somewhere god forbid that something is happening and they’re like I’m sorry Buddy she’s drunk, or ahh man.. she’s a little crazy she’s on some medication for it an mixed alcohol with it and your panicked and panting and huffing and puffing to breathe and tore up so you do look intense and half these ppl believe it or just don’t want involved and would rather watch you get your ass beat for a recording they can post and get likes on an act sympathetic on a video but not step in. Stepping in can be dangerous though I get it. That man will lose it.. also that girl is she isn’t ready to leave often she will fight for her abuser out of fear or still having a connection… it’s so messed up. My first abusive relationship was at 12 and he was also 12. It was insane. And it escalated FAST. Black eyes and busted lips by the time I was 16 I had to hide from my parents. We were together til we were 20. And then there was a couple others after. Abusive been have always been but they are very much very very much out there and not scared to do the crime.. the time.. etc and keep doing these types of crimes over an over…. RIP to this beautiful woman. 😞 he had NO right. And I hope he pays with spending the rest of his life in prison for this. Break the chain ladies. You can get out. You can get out the first sign you see of abuse.. I have babies now and I now have “found myself” and done some real soul searching and I’d run the second I saw a sign of abuse ever again. No! There’s something so much better out there for you. And being single and getting to know yourself is one of the best times. Embrace it. You’re worth it. And we have to help eachother!

  10. I was in an abusive relationship for years. I am lucky I made it out alive.

  11. Women need to start being responsible for their own well-being. This sort of case where the man shows CLEAR SIGNS that he is dangerous, makes me mad at him first, and her second. We have to look out for ourselves – we can’t expect others to be responsible for our safety if we don’t also make good decisions

  12. I was in an abusive marriage and part of it was not wanting to be alone, being used to the person, seeing the “good” in him. Thinking he’ll change. I left when he choked me in our room while our kids banged on the door crying telling him to stop. I have been divorced 3 years and now I leave at the 1st red flag. It’s so hard and no one understands until it’s you.

  13. “Femicide”? Homicide is Homicide, regardless if it’s a man, woman or child. I wonder if it’s Mexican police calling it that SMFH.

  14. @Bella Apple: Alot of times the mothers pick terrible men themselves and this is inherited by the daughters. Recently met a woman who claims she chooses bad men due to her mother. Shes almost 60 so i found it odd but hey..

  15. One thing I want to suggest is – when they are looking through phone and computer and reading your journal and if they are accusing you – THIS IS DELUSIONAL – when they poke poke and poke to bring an impulsive reaction from you – you MUST LEAVE

  16. Someone very close to me was in this situation. He was a complete narcissist. He made sure he was the best boyfriend in the world being the perfect man. But he was controlling, obsessive, stalked her and made her life a misery. He told her that his bad behaviour was her fault. She was so crushed by him and scared constantly she believe she deserved it. He manipulated her and made her believe she was worthless, this gorgeous, strong independent, funny, single mother was a shadow of the person she was and somehow she still loved him.
    He stole from her, he harassed her and her loved ones and broke all court orders. He was a man obsessed. I believe it was only through the help of friends and family that she got away and that he finally got jail time. But the time sentenced on him was pathetic compared to the two years of torture she endured from this man (under 35).

  17. I have a friend whose boyfriend not only checks her phone every chance he gets but one of the times he stole her phone, he downloaded her messenger to his own phone and began intercepting messages as well as blocking some of her male friends. Just as bad, if not worse, she has found a camera in their bedroom on 2 separate occasions.

  18. I escaped a horrific relationship, and am now 16 years married to a wonderful man 🙂
    If anyone reads this who’s still walking on eggshells every day, you need to leave – for you.
    You can do it – you deserve it 💖

  19. WTF….is it that women are not treated like we are human. What’s going on. I’VE recently lose a female cousin due to domestic violence and he’s still out walking the streets like nothing happened. Craziness

  20. This is sad women are not safe if you get out of a bad relationship there is no protection.

  21. Most of them don’t value your life! Going to prison is like a vacation. In there, there are no: responsibilities, bills, accountability, free wifi, free meals, and so forth… They don’t even want to get out and be productive.

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