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Mo’Nique’s out the closet, announces she’s bisexual

Mo’Nique likes men & women/YouTube

Mo’Nique likes to f*ck girls. 

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HOLLYWOOD — If you recall, Mo’Nique raised eyebrows a few years ago when she announced she and her husband — Sidney “Cuckold” Hicks — are into “swinging.” Welp, turns out, there’s much more. Not only is she involved in an open marriage, Mo’Nique is bisexual. Yep, she copulates with chicks while jerking d*cks. Big Mo’ egressed the LGBT closet in her new Netflix comedy special “My Name Is Mo’Nique.” The 55-year-old comedienne has already lured a harem of popsies into the bedroom and Sidney ain’t complaining. Why should he? He’s probably treated to a Ménage à trois every night. “I said Daddy, I want to be with other women sexually,” Mo’Nique pleaded. “And he looked at me so patiently and so lovingly and said ‘Bitch, I do too.’” Sidney also said he’s sticking with Mo’Nique, side nooky be damned. After all, they’ve known each other for decades.

“[F*cking other people] is not going to change the dynamic of our relationship because I’m in love with this woman,” Sidney explained. “I’ve been involved with someone for 33 years of my life, since we were kids. I’ve known her longer than I haven’t known her, so when you start saying to yourself the spirit that you came into this universe with is the spirit that you’re gonna exit this world with… are you going to be yourself through having an open conversation and an open dialogue and an open relationship?”

Social media reaction was all over the place. One viewer wrote, “I don’t judge people for what they enjoy in the bedroom. But why does everyone have to know?” Another chimed in with, “The more I learn about the Satanic nature of American women, the less I want to be in a relationship with ’em.” A third observer added, “Very disgusting. Fellas, get your passport.”

Last year, Mo’Nique reached a $50 million settlement with Netflix in a discrimination lawsuit.

Now she’s coming out bisexual.

Do you sense a correlation?

Share your thoughts.

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  1. U know she was sleeping with younger men while married now she wants to sleep with other women..the man clearly doesn’t have no balls

  2. I know I could never be okay with watching my girl sleep with another man in front of me. Hell no. I would only do a three some with two girls in a serious relationship if we were all on the same page. Never ask a girl who doesn’t want a three some to try. Girls do leave men for other girls. So the respect has to be first. It builds the trust.. those two have to be the foundation for any relationship. Regardless if it’s polyamory or monogamous

  3. This why you don’t get with masculine women, they act like men in every aspect. She reminds me of a funny version of Oprah.

  4. This doesn’t surprise me one bit. The way her personality is, not surprising

  5. Who would want to marry Monique? Non attractive, nasty ass attitude, literally will cause you to lose money.

  6. My ex told me all the freaky shit she wanted to do she did when she was young threesome bisexual stuff etc so now it’s out of system she just want nasty sex haha

  7. Damn y’all acting like she said she wanted to marry another woman. She trying have some extra fun with daddy 😏

  8. Are we surprised??? Why???? Most black women are in the closet! I mean c’mon family? Am I wrong??

  9. Monique needs to sit her old azz down. She too old to acting like she still on the Parkers back in the 90s chasing the professor 😂

  10. Once you’re at the point were you need spice in your marriage, it’s over. I can take sex or leave it. My relationship with my wife is not centered around sex. As a matter of fact, sex is only about 2% of our relationship. It may be because I’m older now.

  11. C’mon man. She’s doing stand up. The art form is about exaggerating for the sake of laughs. It was a joke. Are we really taking this shit seriously?!

  12. Saw her Netflicks special She not funny Monique was just cursing like a sailor Talking about a about about being a special Ed student She no Chris Rock, or Dave they are funny. Her tv show where she plays a club owner is going to be wack also It wasn’t funny and kinda sad at a point .People don’t want her life story they want comedy.

  13. I’m not surprised! Black Hollywood seem like they are pushing this agenda heavily.

  14. That’s the only way you can be married to a gay man, and or have a open relationship. There has to be bisexuality going on‼️etc. Because otherwise in a heterosexual relationship this is unacceptable for me.. ‼️

  15. Big freaking deal. Monique is a bisexual. The whole world is doing it. What makes her any different? Are you in the world of the world ask yourself that question and then ask yourself that question about everybody else

  16. I think she’s lying for the LGBT community to support her and get her trending

  17. Idk? Is this some type of humiliation Ritual to get back on Top? 🤔


  19. Monique was already bisexual clearly. Did people not see the movie she did with Queen Latifah called “Bessie” one of the best movies ever! Go ahead on Monique and live for yourself.. Forget everybody else. Black people really need to stop thinking that because someone is gay or bisexual that makes their life easier. on what planet? everybody knows that if you are black and not heterosexual your life is a hard one. No one would do this for money, fame, or fun. Black people do not get rewarded for coming out! Instead they get shot at, disowned, atracked and harassed in the streets. I’ve seen it. Please educate yourselves people. You all are so blind

  20. She has alot of masculine energy so not quite a shock. I can see her being a stud

  21. After they blacklisted her, she now getting deals and offers? How much did she have to sell for this?🤦🏿‍♀️

  22. Not surprised at all. She played a butch lesbian in that movie bessie with queen latifah and they looked like they were having fun. Also I think her putting this out on display was some kind of agreement to you know, the ones who pay her. Why else would a gray haired, 50 something year old married woman need to speak on this? And now she wants us to support netflix now that she’s on it. Monique has let me down.

  23. For me when I saw the monique special on Netflix, I took it as far as her selling her soul because she sold out her whole family in that special and then at the end she started talking about how she likes women and I feel like they made her embarrassed herself embarrassed her family just to get that special because she talks so bad about Netflix in the beginning about Lee Daniels and now all of a sudden it’s all smiles and Hallmark cards


  25. This is the type of thing you do when you realize you aren’t relevant anymore. At her age, who gives af about her sexuality?

  26. “Daddy, I wanna be whiff another woman. Sexually.” I like Monique, but that sentence is so cringe.

  27. @Bust A Move: IKR? Now everybody All Of A Sudden Holier Than Thou! All she said was she was bisexual. Whats The Big Deal?

  28. Luckily Monique got money because nobody wants Monique extremely masculine self. Then she wants an open marriage. It’s too much going on.

  29. This is really embarrassing for a man to accept this kind of b***** from his wife. This is a man who wasn’t raised be a strong man to lead in his house. This is a man who doesn’t put his foot down and check his woman when it’s time to be checked. Is the man who’s afraid to do without her when she behaves like this this is a woman who’s showing she’s the head and he is not. Let me see this Fella’s no woman with money more than you is head of the house and don’t dictate you what you going to do and cannot devalue your manhood as a husband. She is a wife she needs to know her place and what a wife is to be to a husband. Monique does not display what a wife roll is. This is not an example of a Christian woman with Christian values Behavior like this to do whatever she wants and to be with whoever she wants with other men without thinking there’s no consequences coming from our husband. Where in 2023 more of these kinds of relationships are redefining what marriage is. This is a show of how far we are away from the Bible how we choose to disrespect the Covenant marriage. And women like Monique AR pushing the changes of the roles of a wife. And men have become weaker to allow a woman to come into a man’s life an exercise these behaviors as if they are men. Monique and showing every bit that she can move like a man and it shows that she doesn’t respect the man she is married to. And you can only blame her husband for allowing his wife to put this in his face because he too damn scared to check her ass and get her to understand her role as a wife because he is too comfortable with his life with her so make sure she understands there are consequences for her actions. Like Tina Turner says what does Love Got to Do with It. In this order men want respect from their women and women want love from their men. He lost his respect from his wife Monique because he doesn’t know the role of a wife she’s supposed to be in a marriage to him😂

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