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Merchant: Asians & Whites against blacks makin’ cash

Asian admits screwin’ blacks over/YouTube

Asian admits blacks are redlined. 

Blog King, Mass Appeal

LOS ANGELES — A viral video shows an Asian business owner admitting that her descendants and white folks work in cahoots to keep black people down. Ain’t that a bitch? Give her credit. Takes big cojones to do that. The Sweet N’ Sour proprietor confessed that Caucasian lenders give Asians loans to initiate businesses in black neighborhoods to siphon negro mazuma then take the profits back to Asian communities — leaving blacks destitute. “Asian Americans were redlined from opening businesses in white neighborhoods because white people didn’t want Asian Americans profiting off of white people,” she said. “Asian Americans are weaponized to oppress black people. Asian Americans were given loans to open businesses in black communities even though black people were not able to receive loans to open businesses in their own communities. As a result of this, black wealth is essentially paid out twice when it goes to Asian American businesses.”

Damn. She’s 100 percent correct. But this is hardly groundbreaking news. White supremacists have sabotaged black entrepreneurship for centuries. Half of it’s jealousy. The other part is pure evil (research the Black Wall Street Massacre of 1921). That’s why a wake-up call is necessary for clueless black athletes. They’re worth boatloads of cash. Think about it. The NFL and NBA are billion dollar industries. Yet, despite blacks comprising 80 percent of marketable skill, we only have one negro majority owner — Michael Jordan — and many believe he’s been killed and cloned.

Because the NFL and NBA are wildly affluent, and because blacks make up 12 percent of the U.S. population, conventional wisdom suggests — if we seized proprietorship — every African American would be a millionaire. It’s basic math. That said, racist politicians and bigoted bankers have gone out their way to keep blacks penurious since Lucifer hoodwinked Adam & Eve into manducating that damn apple.🍎

Black oppression ain’t a secret. Nobody’s hiding anything. Simply read a history book or search Google and you’ll descry ample despotism. The Asian woman in the video, and many alike, are finally coming clean about how blacks are discriminated against because they realize society’s cessation is growing near. Banks are closing. Restaurants are shutting down. Businesses are bankrupt, and we’re damn near cashless as a global civilization.

It’s over.

It’s a wrap.

The world as we know it is toast.

There’s guilt aplenty and, if you’re a person of color, you should relish the moment.


Because Matthew 20:16 says, “So the last shall be first, and the first last: for many be called, but few chosen.”

Hang in there folks.

The bible doesn’t lie.

Every dog has its day.

Ours is comin.’

Watch Ms. Asia confess some pecuniary wrongdoing.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. white people have always been jealous of us thats why i dont swirl

  2. Stfu lady.. you don’t know what you’re talking about. Most asian own businesses are owned by men. You know jack shit. Stop lying. Stop trying to spread your bs. Immigrants go where there’s a gap in the market, it’s cheaper to open in those areas, where there’s no competition. There’s no racism involved. It’s called business.

  3. The only loans that they give black Americans, are student loans. they give a $30,000 a year student loans.

  4. Black don’t need nobody telling black people how this system was design we should already know the system was build for every race but black people

  5. Where are the brilliant black lawyers. Ben Crump is busy fighting police brutality which is well and good but this is a fight other lawyers need to take on. If a supplier refuses to supply goods based on the fact that the business owner is black I am pretty sure that is something that can be tested in a court of law and any other parties involved in the colliusion would be part of it and should be made to pay up. This is really sad, but like I said black lawyers need to interrogate this. Where is the NAACP, where is Rev Al Sharpton and his National Action Network. It needs to move from protests to the legal battlefields.

  6. This is mind blowing! I always wondered why most black beauty businesses were owned by Asian people.

  7. I’ve asked my woman to shop at black owned beauty stores. Im not mad at Asians opening a business to support their familes but at the same time I’ve never seen any Asian shopping at a black owned store or eating at a black owned restaurant. They say all the time they stay to themselves, so why can’t we have that same energy?

  8. Yeah, this needs to stop ASAP. We blacks need to stop doing business with people who dont look like us and who dont respect us. A black business would never be allowed to open in an asian neighborhood, let alone get any patronage from them.

  9. This explains why there has been distrust and resentment in the black community towards Asian people.
    The oldest game in the book divide and conquer. Keep people fighting amongst themselves so they don’t come after the true villains.

  10. The moment when Asians and non-Blacks realize that this is how White Americans effectively keep all of them out of their communities and make sure none of them compete with White American owned businesses is to only allow them to own businesses in Black American communities. With the exception of the token Chinese restaurant.😮

  11. Blog King is right. She’s not saying anything new… we speak on this all the time… we’re just waiting on black America to wake up and realize that we are the original landowners of America and that foreigners were brought in this country to replace us…. we don’t need to fight for reparations, we need restitution.

  12. the government gives them loans to open stores in our hoods???? dam thats foul

  13. If Black people would stop going to their stores, wear their own hair, boycott their businesses because we don’t want them there and whites don’t want them in their neighborhood either they would stop the nonsense and be more friendly where we are concerned, but I highly doubt that because white supremacy run so deep in every other race, including the black race and you can’t tell the unintelligent to wear their own nails it’s not gonna happen🤦🏾‍♀️ these people are not docile and timid, as one would believe they are violent and aggressive, and they have shown themselves to be this through their actions toward the black community, and they continue to do so

  14. The kind of video that EVERY immigrant should be forced to watch prior to getting their paperwork. But we know Murica dont want folks seeing American blacks as humans.

  15. I’ve always said this and this is the reason the other races hate us because they are in competition to be at the white race table because it comes with alot of financial mobility but one of the ways to be at the table is to hate black people. If you dont have the same enemy as the white man they are not going to accept you at the table.

  16. To me I don’t blame Asian people in the world 🌎 cause most of them are all going for a white wash people and when it comes to black gene, our gene is stronger than everyone of their gene 🧬 and oh now I see why Asian people
    Date white people apart from their race all I just know is African black European are the real Jew cause people gonna have issue with us in anything we do cause we’re superior people

  17. It’s time to start taking accountability. It’s long overdue y’all and honestly, the lack of it is getting old and tired 🥱
    Yes, it IS difficult and that difficulty stems from systematic oppression that has taken place in America for YEARS. But as hard as you go when you’re ready to defend your pride when someone disrespects you, your family, and your people, that same energy needs to be applied when you want to excel in America. It takes discipline even after you’ve been denied and are clearly targeted against. IT WILL NEVER BE EASY. Know that.

  18. Why don’t we talk about how Asian immigrants descend on the hood like parasites & treat the Black residents & patrons of their businesses like shiatsu 💩 they identify fully with the white oppressors & make every attempt to emulate them & their treatment of us. They assimilate willingly & most often very comfortably without hesitation or remorse into the system of white supremacy & jump at the chance to one-up us any way they can. They use the Black community as a stepping stone & have the nerve to look down on us. Not only that but they catch stray dogs & feral alley cats & then feed them to us at their nasty ass restaurants. 🤢🤮 Free meat, all profit. Cutthroats. Edit: & the truth is, despite this fake phony bogus “Stop Asian Hate” propaganda campaign, Asians in the Black community have initiated & perpetrated way more violence against us than we ever have against them. From Latasha Harlins to the L.A. riots to the nail shops & hair shops to this unfounded blame shifting in the media narrative their behavior towards us & treatment of us has been historically atrocious.

  19. How many times the average black man thinks about Asians within the day? ZERO. It’s team up against the black man cuz y’all cowards, we know. Just keep the same energy when judgement day comes around and who’s last shall be first. Gods chosen people are black and u clowns will look very lost and empty when that day comes💯


  21. Black people are too nice y’all accept any and everybody into ur community but don’t receive the same treatment when y’all go to where they live

  22. This is why black businesses needs to form cooperatives to combat this form division and oppression.

  23. I haven’t been in an Asian store in about 10-12 years!! No Chinese food…No Asian beauty supplies & No Asian nail shops!!! Let’s get more of our own businesses in our neighborhoods!!!

  24. The gov’t discriminated against them and then used them to discriminate against us… we all being played like a fiddle

  25. Lets not forget the reason why black owned businesses are so expensive is because it is not easy to get discounted products in bulk where as the asian community has easier access and lower costs. Some black people are even denied products just because they are black.

  26. This is all bullshit!! The reason why Asians run businesses is:
    No other race will do it.
    They make very little profit and their okay with that.
    They have no ego.
    Their children work for them for free!
    They support eachother
    They don’t get conventional loans they get money from their people.
    They have no social life.
    Gucci and carnival cruises mean nothing to them.

  27. Black woman need to rock their natural beauty. You don’t need all this ish in your hair anyway. I think if we loved our own hair, these beauty supplies wouldn’t have a reason to exist.

  28. Asian’s are predators and target black communities. Black people flock to the stores and restaurants like it’s a good business move. We as a Black Community should boycott these people out of our communities and support our own businesses. Black people should STAND UP. We are So powerful but seem we bow to every other culture and this is why we’re treated as low class and not taken seriously. Hair stores, Nail shops and Asian restaurants won’t dare set up in non black communities because those businesses bring the community value down. Please Please Please Black People Let’s take our POWER BACK!!!!!!! BOYCOTT BOYCOTT BOYCOTT BOYCOTT BOYCOTT BOYCOTT BOYCOTT BOYCOTT BOYCOTT


  30. I tried to find a black nail tech in my current city. No salons whatsoever, only a few mobile techs. Where I would pay 50-60 dollars for a simple , short nailed powder overlay, the black tech quoted me 85.00 PLUS a “travel fee”…… and I better not forget the tip.

    This is just ONE story.

  31. Negroes are in the comment section saying they go to Asian instead of Black businesses because Asian businesses have cheaper prices. I find this ironic because these same Negroes have no problem buying overpriced Gucci and Versace. A mattter of fact, they often show-off on each other as to who have the most expensive name brands.


  32. I absolutely agree! If you can’t get a loan operate out of your home, parking lot or food truck! Keep your fixed expenses as low as possible.

  33. This is all by design we been knew that.
    It’s not that white people love Asian they hate us that much more.
    And I dare a white person to debate that this shit wasn’t by design

  34. Suppliers don’t supply black owned businesses. Systemic racism is in every facet of The divided States of America. They will burn down our communities and businesses as well historically they have

  35. @Warren Martin: People forget Black Wall Street. Thats when white people burned down black-owned businesses and killed a bunch of black people.

    John 15:18-19 King James Version (KJV)
    18 If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you.(GOD CHOSE THE NEGROS THAT WHERE THE HATE COME FROM)
    19 If ye were of the world, the world would love his own: but because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you.

  37. Stop calling it the “black community”….call it the lower income black community. Because there are middle class black communities…and immigrants dont own everything in middle class black communities

  38. Buy black stop funding these other groups by any means necessary we at war with every other race we just don’t know it imagine being in a fight you don’t no you in every other race stick together and they all build off us

  39. And it comes down to the way you black folks think and vote in this country. The system in your communities are run by democrats. Until you stop voting for them, your problems will only keep piling up.

  40. So you can only shop at people’s shop who have the same skin tone as you. Okay. Stay out of my fucking community then.

  41. Asians profit off of black female insecurity. As black women we have to STOP BUYING HAIR THAT ISN’T OURS. It is so embarrassing as a culture that we’re known for doing this.

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