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A Dating Crisis: Bachelors eschew American women

Modern woman laments crisis/YouTube

American women not wanted. 

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LOS ANGELES — The lyrics to Lenny Kravitz’s “American Woman” go like this: “American woman. Stay away from me. American woman. Mama, let me be. Don’t come hangin’ ’round my door. I don’t wanna see your face no more. I got more important things to do. Than spend my time growin’ old with you.” Ouch! Lenny’s song came out in 1998. But it’s still relevant because a viral video shows a modern chick bemoaning the fact that, since COVID, men are no longer interested in dating American women. It’s her assertion more bachelors are purchasing passports and traveling overseas to find wives. Mail-order brides are also in high demand. “We’re in a dating crisis,” she said. “Relationships are down 50 percent.” Yikes! Social media reaction was wild. One commenter wrote, “There is no dating crisis. There is a transfer of funds crisis. If men are not dating then there’s no child support, no divorce, and no alimony.”

Another person chimed in with, “American women have made it very clear they are strong and independent and do not need no man… so we have listened. Either men are totally avoiding relationships and going their own way or some are finding more traditional women in Asia. The men who occasionally date American women are doing it just for fun… that’s it. Western women are worth nothing of value to a man. So we act accordingly.”

A third viewer added, “Living debt free, being able to relax, pursue hobbies and not have to deal with their BS is really priceless.”

Has narcissism and feminism doomed American women?

Is there hope for the U.S. dating scene?

Watch the video.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Personally, as a man I wish I could travel but having kidney issues along with being on disability definitely put that on hold but I am happy to see other men escape this nightmare over here.

  2. Well 99% of women are now stupid so it’s their fault. Sadly only 1% of women nowadays are in their right mind.

  3. Lessons learned are soon forgotten. Women worldwide will be learning these lessons. American Women are not not built to be wives,t hey are v=built to marry you for 4-5 years & then leave you & get your 💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵. Why date a crazy woman? Why marry one, so it starts in the dating zone. No real women, to call your own….oh well, 2040/2045, they will be single & childless

  4. Dating is so bad in America that bridal stores are closing and going bankrupt.

  5. Italy has the same problem they are paying people to have children now .

  6. For a country that has lost respect for men as the head of household this was the inevitable outcome. Men will go where they are appreciated, you will see alot of lonely people in the near future.

  7. You cannot turn a 304 into a housewife!!!!! Seriously I was talking to this girl the other day and her words exactly was that she was focusing on her career, gaining wealth to be independent and not need the support of a man. Well baby you are going to be single, you are going to meet the wall and baby enjoy your cats

  8. Women are in a dating crisis, NOT Men. Women said they didn’t need or want Men, so why are they complaining when they got exactly what they wanted.

  9. 100% guaranteed if they make tricking legal, its definitely game over for these women, they better pray USA keep tricking illegal.

  10. To the modern American women out there “Congratulations, you played yourself” 🤷

  11. The internet which educates men on what women are all about, laws that favor women over men and women’s movements in general, have stripped men of the desire to pursue today’s modern women. The wholesomeness and lady-like mannerisms of today’s modern women are almost non existent, which is another major reason men are refusing to date. Men are left choosing from women that are predominantly shallow gold diggers, with high body counts, fake lips, fake eyelashes and women that tend to wear a lot of distasteful face jewelry. The attraction is just not there. I am really surprised that only 50% of men have given up on the dating scene.

  12. I always laugh when women tell me I won’t have kids since I don’t mess with them. It never dawns on them that I don’t give an F. When I die, I will not be thinking about this world anymore. Until I die, I will enjoy my life solo. I’m not going bankrupt for nobody. FOH!

  13. Black women .. dont ever beg a man to love you. You must love and respect yourself first, get an education so you can take care of yourself, set standards and stick to them regardless of the man’s race and choose a man because you love and want to be with that man ..not because you need him. Many Black men are more than willing to settle for non Black women who are only with them for finances and that is their business. Let those men go and never be their second choice.

  14. I checked out at 24. You have to take her out on ten dates for her to really love you. Not to mention you have to be her therapist, her service dog , her attack dog. On top of that, you cant tell the difference between them and drag queens. I dont have the means to travel right now but im definitely working towards it

  15. Dont over think it. Marriage sucks for men. Child Support. Alimony. #metoo

  16. I’m one of those men I want nothing to do with any of these worthless western thots they couldn’t give it away cats get your passports!!!

  17. Oh now its a crisis? Men have struggled to put up with women and afford their insane price tag for years but now that we living our best lives without them now its a issue?

  18. I’m a woman who is checking out of dating modern men. Seems like no guys want to wait til marriage for sex.

  19. American women, if you want to go on a date, let the man know that you will give him great head.

  20. The only crisis is that there aren’t enough 10/10 guys to go around.
    Us average dudes got rejected into oblivion. We aren’t asking you on a date because we already know you’ll reject us.

  21. They know exactly what they’re doing. They just don’t care.

    They used to be able to rely on the fact that men would still bail them out after their party years. That’s what’s changed, the internet allowed men to swap notes.

  22. I mean… Can we really be surprised? we are living in times where every woman in the West wants to look like some kind of celebrity and post all kinds of vanity like they are on keeping up with the Kardashians or some kind of reality tv show. Men were just causalities of these women all chasing the same lifestyle and praise from other women. Women are in competition for who looks the richest or has the most exciting life. Women by nature are hive minded, easily manipulated and cherish what is popular. Being a good woman or a wife is last gen fashion to them, because TV and social media said so. Fellas if you still want marriage, you will find women that will make you think you are dreaming outside of the west for the rest of your days. Yes, you can still find love, and a good mother for your future children to do life with. The world is a big place, The west is just part of it. I advocate for Male happiness in a world for the most part that believes you to only be good for work labor till death, enjoy your life fellas. God did not intend for eve or currency to make your life a living hell during your stay in this existence.

  23. 99% of men can’t get a girl because women charge for their companionship

  24. I have my own house/backyard/inground pool/work everyday/travel and 0 need for a woman 😊 You come home and no stress no problems and no worries of what she could do to you.

  25. Won’t be long before all they have are the simps… Good men will just move on with their lives.

  26. Dating can resume back to normal once a new generation of females grow with respect that men deserve. Today’s women can live and die ALONE. They had a chance.

  27. Those women are complaining because real men are not tolerating their bad behavior. Most women think all men are the same we are not the same every man is different specially a real man a real man is rare. Now you have other men that play the same game that these women play . I called them little boys and little girls. A little girl cannot even get close to a real man a real man does not play mind games. ❤


  29. They told us we weren’t 💩 for generations, basically only good for one thing 🍆. Now they mad because we’re moving into spaces where we’re valued completely as men (as opposed to being talked down to like children or animals).

  30. I’ve said this!!! 💯💯💯💯. Fellas you can’t save these demons.. these women were raised to destroy.. if you think your Superman cape will turn them into angels you got another thing coming..

  31. If you get a woman overseas don’t bring her back here, keep her in her home country because she will flip on you when she gets here because the law and rules will be in her favor I’m speaking from experience.Dont bring foreign women here.Get a home in her country,don’t give her access to the USA.

  32. You modern women aren’t true women, you’re brainwashed self absorbed promiscuous humans. Most of them think they’re the head of the house. You are going against Gods plan and that is why you’re in the situation you’re in.

  33. With so many single mothers this says everything about how they are raising them. A father teaches his son about women from the male perspective. A woman can’t give that to a man child. A man child observes women and without guidance on how to process what he is observing, he stays away. Unrealistic expectations along, with manufactured feminist ideologies combined with an unrealistic self image is also a large part of it. Women because they think with feelings fail to process the numbers until they hit the wall which many millennials are just beginning to experience. A lost generation that portends population collapse.

  34. 99.9% of women on the dating sites are single and have kids. My favorites are the ones who say “my kid is my whole world.” That’s great. But if they’re the whole world, you clearly have no time left for anyone else. So why should any guy fool with that crap?! Then there’s the baby daddy drama. I’ll pass.

  35. Who wants to date you self righteous bunch of bitches. Tired of western women BS. Equality, self sufficiency, no worries, I respect that,just stay away from me. I met a Peruvian woman, she was so caring and understanding I fell in love like no other.❤🙂🙏👍

  36. Let’s throw the “too easy” to get pussy theory away! Women today are so ignorant (despite education), delusional, nasty, can’t cook for themselves—forget a child or man! They really can’t do anything but make your life harder…. She’s barely any good before sex. After sex…well that’s all she capable of.

  37. It will get to a point that women who go to sperm banks, will want the name of the donor so they can demand child support.

  38. I don’t even look at them,,,at all for nothing!!!!! I only date non American women!!!!! And it’s fantastic!!!!

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