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White dude hammers black community over Malcolm X

Tom Patriot said blacks don’t listen/TikTok

White man scolds black community. 

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WASHINGTON — If you’re a fan of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., got bad news. A viral TikTok video shows an exasperated white man lambasting African Americans for not listening to Malcolm X. And, because we didn’t take heed, it’s his assertion illegal immigrants have taken over the black community. The fiery Republican, who uses the moniker Tom Patriot, also accused white liberals of inveigling negroes into voting Democrat. “I’ve been warning you black folks for years,” he said. “The white liberal politician is your f*cking enemy! Malcolm X said it in ’65 in a speech. ‘The white liberal is the black man’s enemy. He’s a fox. He’s a sneaky f*ck. He says that he’s going to help you for his own personal agenda. But, yet you’ll keep voting for these white f*cking liberal politicians that don’t give a f*ck about you! Hopefully, this wakes your f*cking ass up!” Ouch!

Social media reaction was venomous. One commenter wrote, “Who in the hell does he think he is??? Neither Republicans or Democrats will do anything for us!” Another chimed in with, “Ask him how he feels about reparations and watch his true feelings come out.” A third viewer added, “I’m voting Democrat next election! Republicans do nothing but talk ! Let’s destroy America together!”

Watch Tom’s explosive clip titled “Wake the fuk up!!”

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@dilligafcreek2.0 Video Credit: @Dean Brown ♬ original sound – Larry L. Davis Jr.

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  2. We need at least ONE STATE to be black people controlled only no white or non black interference.

  3. We personally don’t need him to warn us about anything. He needs to go to the communities of KKK, WS, Newsmax and Fox News and tell them about their sins and the divisions and the hatred that they spew everyday. And the Blacks need to come together, and stop talking about coming together, bc I believe we can do better. Integration was never our friend and will never be on this natural Earth. Peace

  4. White America is the Democrats and the Republicans, and any person of color would be a fool to think either one of those parties have their interest in mind.
    What goes on in Washington is just another version of the “Civil War”, and you find yourself in a situation now where they both want our vote and this guy speaks for conserve this because they’re afraid that these immigrants will back Democrats… my sentiment is F*ck them all…!!

  5. Regardless of what this white man said both the White Supremacist Democrat Party & Republican Party are Anti-Black: black folks are playing in the confines of “Political Plantations” of “Massa” either way.

    Ultimately complete self-determing nation statehood is the end goal here for black people just like Great Elder Nat Turner pursued…

  6. He scolded naive, gullible, subservient negros who worship Caucasians neanderthals.

  7. I hate to say this….but maybe it’s the only thing that can wake us up!. Because we never take the advice of a black person!. Because we have been (TRAINED) for centuries to take orders and suggestions from white folks!. Because if they say it, it’s right!…..right?……..RIGHT!.😡💔💯

  8. He cannot tell us nothing. He needs to go to his community and tell them little white boys to stop shooting up the community, schools, Walmart, daycares. He can just mind his business. And stay out of black folk business.

  9. If Christian BLK FOLK didn’t listen to Brother Malcolm what makes him thinks they’re gonna LISTEN TO HIM?. I DON’T GIVE ONE DHAMMM about what this pale face is saying. Christian BLK, LIBERAL BLK ppl are ALWAYS gonna be on that PLEEZE PLEEZE MASSA LOVE ME KUM BY YA MESS. He has no AUTHORITY NOR CREDITIBILITY to SCOLD REPRIMAND CHECKTISE OR POINT OUT ANYTHING TO BLK PPL . The only thing I want from Anyone wyte is something as a collective they will never have . HUMANITY OVER RACE..

  10. Don’t fall for white conservatives who seem to hate immigrants. And how dare he drag Malcolm X’s name into his mouth. WE NEED TO COME OUT IN DROVES AND VOTE FOR DR. CORNEL WEST FOR PRESIDENT. THAT IS WHAT WE NEED TO DO!!!

  11. At this point in Amerikkka, Blacks are like crack heads but addicted to the demokkkrats!

  12. So he’s going to ignore the fact that immigrants come from countries that were colonized
    and are still being disenfranchised and impoverished by corporations and a power elite
    based in this country and Europe?
    Who are the employers of immigrants?
    Who profits from the cheap labor, having people working with no contributions to
    pensions or health benefits?
    Who drew the borders on the American continent and in Africa and stole land and resources?

  13. I mean we are damned if we do and damned if we don’t… neither party is for us to be honest..

  14. No one bothered to apply what else Malcolm X said about the difference between the two parties!?? One is the wolf and the other is the wolf in sheeps clothing, which would be your choice? One party always promises blacks folks what they would do for you (blacks) and y’all still acting hopeful and vote them right back into positions of power. And yet nothing has been done and given to the black community. May I add, BLM is a bad example of supporting its own people, I don’t mean the lgbtq community! I’m talking about black folks! The democratic LIBERAL party doesnt have to work to earn your vote because they know you will vote for them anyway. As seen by how illegal immigrants are receiving special treatment and everyone else is getting something. At least with the wolf you know what to expect, and have a chance to keep the wolf at bay and survive. Another option is to start a 3rd party, but black Americans don’t trust each other enough to stick together.

  15. He doesn’t care ether!! How can any of you people vote republican, they show their hatred always, wanting to hang you on a tree. Both Parties are pretty much bad for Blacks but the one that tried to take over the capitol and bring back slavery will never get my vote!.

  16. Neither party is for us! PERIOD!
    How dare this man, in his paternalistic stance/ manner, SCOLD Black people!
    Yes, El- Haji Malik-el Shabazz was correct!: We FALL FOR ANYTHING & EVERYTHING…


  18. In Malcolm’s lectures he called the liberals/democrats the “fox” and the conservatives/republicans the “wolf”. “One bites with a smile and other bites with a growl”. So dont get it twisted. Both the democrats and republicans are against us. This is why he would say he wasnt with ether party and wanted all black people to register as independents to start a political pan African party

  19. It doesn’t matter who black people vote for all party’s are the same corruption this was the white man plain to take out black folks it doesn’t matter who we vote for all party’s are on the same shi* even Obama they have to go alone with the same narrative as the white supremacy .Black people need our own ,what is going on in this world only white people can take a stand and make a change ,when ever we do take a stand we are murdered just like (MALCOM X murdered for try to make a change and MARTIN Luther KING and many more to this day truth is white supremacy rule this world in every city,country, town ,state and white stand behind the wrong doing. Black people can’t get ahead (WALL STREET,KILLING OF BLACK PEOPLE to this day, only a few make it out , only because they go along with the narrative of the oppressors and keep quiet are be black balled and lose everything if they speak out. This man is not saying much black people want to live in this country in peace enjoy our family and life as it should be he’s not saying much he is really laughing because he is one out of the so many that doesn’t care about change he not Concerned about black folks he is really moking black people he is the right Complexion for the protection what he say is has no message? In it because. Like I? Said if he was really concerned him and other wyt peoples they would make that change for all the corruption that is going on in our governments and this state all Politics are corruption it will be bad business for wyt people also Immigrants or not only a black person’s problem it will become a wyt problem two they have out smart them selves watch and see. My message to him and many others like him.

  20. Wait,,, is he suggesting Black Americans should’ve been voting for Republicans instead? And, at just 13% of the population surely he’s not suggesting Black American should’ve started our own political party. From 1619 – 1860 (240 years) Black people should have been accumulating generational wealth. Instead, they were enslaved, brutalized and made to do forced labor. This is the root of all the problems we see today.

  21. uuuuuu–eeeeee, well the republican party is even WORSE!!! IT IT THE CAPITALIST US GOVERNMENT THAT HAS KEPT THE BLACKS AND AMERICAN INDIANS AS SLAVES ALL ALONG. Malcom X was a socialist who considers ALL peoples as human. Capitalism exploits all races equally, including illegal immigrants, and foments division and hatred between the races in order to diffuse any revolutions. DIVIDE AND CONQUER!!!

    Malcom X told his Organization of Afro-American Unity “to consider socialism because, he said, that was the system that the new independent countries in Africa and Asia (and Scandinavia, too, he said in passing) were using to get rid of poverty and provide a decent life and decent education for everyone”. EVERYONE!!! All the races, living equally in harmony without hate towards no one.

  22. This is an obvious ploy to try to get black people and Hispanics to fight each other. Only the most basic and ignorant will fall for it. What we should do is welcome them with open arms and build a stronger community together.

  23. I been telling people about Malcolm X’s speeches and how they still apply to todays black communities. He even explained who we really are and pretty much that we were here before anyone else in America but yet ppl don’t wanna listen so now ya’ll gotta deal with shyte like this 🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  24. “The BIBLE” Greatest Book Ever Written.
    Last Days Prophecy!
    Babylon The Great (America) has Fallen.

    2 TIMOTHY 3:1 This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.
    All Praises To The Most High and his Son, The Black Messiah.

    Caucasians makes all these problems, and than tells Black people to solve them.

    ELOHIM Righteous Judgment Is Upon America The Wicked!!!


  26. White guy wasn’t lying about Malcolm x stance on liberals but he’s leaving out the part where brother Malcolm said both parties were bad but the conservatives are the lesser of the two evils because at least you know where the conservatives stood. While liberals smile in your face and back stab you. We’re screwed either way

  27. He has a point. I agree immigrants are taking jobs, benefits and everything people need to live but it’s not only from black people. It’s all natural born U.S. citizens. Let’s talk facts. The majority of blacks (and everyone else should) vote democratic because the republican party tells you they hate you, will stop you from voting and are going to stop anything you have worked for including retirement pensions, health care, education, and an availability to own a home then give everything they take from us and give it to the already wealthy. If people 90% of Americans would vote for what the majority of the people need we could get rid of all these garbage politicians.

  28. A white person can’t scold black race, just opinion.
    I don’t agree with what’s going in my race, but I thank God that the atrocities in white race is not black atrocity. Facts

  29. Maybe you guys are impressed by this White Man, but I’m not. HE IS REFERRING TO THE BULLET OR THE BALLOT SPEECH OF MALCOLM. WELL IF YOU ACTUALLY listen to the speech, MALCOLM SAID BOTH PARTIES ARE BAD..and That White man is tryna sway you to vote Republican when The Solution is Form a Black Party and put your own candidate in…Yall getting the okey Doke play book. He got no authority to berate Blacks..and I’d tell him to his face to shut up.. As far as the immigrants situation it was Republicans who sent those immigrants to the black neighborhoods and then your black sell out democratic mayors took a kickback to have them saturate the neighborhood..

  30. Unfortunately, this is the only thing black folks will not do collectively. This is why they still have the black curse. They believe in, support, include, and unify with everyone and everything else except for each other and wonder why they are treated and hated by everyone including their own. They didn’t deserve Malcolm X, which is why God took this man away from them.


  32. The question is…. Will it take a white man to convince black Americans that they fucking up

  33. Boffum full of sh*t 💩… republicans and democrats…. We can’t leave our well-being up to them period

  34. Facts, but he only doing it for the republican agenda. He gives two fucks about black people.

  35. Let the Democrats keep kicking blacks in their ass,they deserve whatever the Democrats do to them!!!!

  36. Malcolm said one party was a fox🦊 and the other party is a wolf🐺

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