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Nuggets take down Heat to collect franchise’s first title

Nuggets win franchise’s first title/YouTube

Nuggets are world champions. 

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DENVER — For the first time in Mile High history, the Denver Nuggets are world champions! Two-time MVP Nikola Jokic scored 28 points to go along with 16 rebounds. His partner-in-crime, star point guard Jamal Murray, contributed 14 points and 8 assists to help the Nuggets defeat the feisty Miami Heat 94-89 in Monday night’s Game 5 of the NBA Finals — giving the franchise its first Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy in 47 years of existence. “The job is done, and we can go home now,” said a relieved Jokic who won Finals MVP honors. “They are a great team. … An amazing team that I respect a lot. It was an ugly game; we couldn’t make shots. But in the end, we figured it out, how to defend. They scored [89] points, and that’s how we won the game.” Nuggets head coach Michael Malone echoed a homogeneous sentiment.

“All the hard work, all the sacrifice, all the dedication, all culminated with us winning a championship,” he said.

“But I got news for everybody out there: We’re not satisfied with one. We want more. We want more.”

Nuggets forward Michael Porter Jr., who couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn the entire series, finally came alive. The former University of Missouri star rose from the dead to deliver 16 points, 13 rebounds and 3 assists. It was by far his best game of the series. “My jumper was broke all series. I didn’t play well offensively. [But] I just kept playing hard,” Porter explained.

“All you can control is your effort.”

Nuggets rookie Christian Braun, who won a national championship with the Kansas Jayhawks last year, had a fantastic series.

He scored 7 points off the bench.

Heat forward Jimmy Butler led his team in scoring with 21 points.

Sidekick Bam Adebayo chipped in 20.

Vegas oddsmakers have already listed the Nuggets as the favorite to win next year’s title.

Watch highlights and the trophy presentation.

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  1. They denied Jokic the 3rd MVP. So he took Finals MVP instead. 🙌🏿💪🏿👏🏿

  2. Joker wins mvp and just leaves the trophy there to be with his family. Meanwhile a dickhead owner passes in front of all those players that put the work to win the chip and go there to lift the trophy and get his 30s of fame. Smh

  3. Man I love this team. Couldn’t be happier for all of them. But for Jamal especially, going through an ACL tear, working his ass off to make it back and now holding a trophy in his hands and getting his first ring. (Hopefully more to come)

    Wish AG got to say something while they were on the podium, but Jokic quoting him already said all about him that you need to know for now. AG a real one, came to Denver, accepts his role, working for the guys right next to him. Best trade in recent years, AG helped massively to get Denver where they are now.

    And if you look how the games went his words stand true, when someone has a hard time someone else steps up. Working for each other not just with each other.

    Mike Malone a fantastic coach that has huge trust in and great relationships with his players.

    MPJ contributed and stepped up when the team needed him.

    The core still young and hungry for more, can’t wait to see what next season brings for this squad!

  4. Jokic showed respect to the Heat players even before celebrating or laughing about winning. What a player

  5. No lie ….Melo put Denver on the map….but Jokic STAMPED them …he deserves that #15 💯💯💯🤝🏾

  6. How did they win??? They are trash. You can tell that they didn’t win a championship in 47 years😡

  7. Jokic is a class act. Didn’t celebrate until he consoled the heat players. Love that ❤

  8. If Jokic can’t have the MVP, he’ll have a ring 💍
    If Gordon can have a dunk contest trophy, he’ll have a ring 💍

  9. The game is over and what does Jokic do? Immediately goes over to his opponents and congratulates them. Absolute class act. The man is so humble despite being a champion.

  10. Proud for Michael Porter been watching him since high school crazy he got a ring now!!🔥

  11. Jokic the best player in the world, no debates. Also he should’ve been the Regular season MVP, but I guess they couldn’t stand to see a European player 3peating hahaha

  12. I cried. I grew up in Colorado watching the Nuggets. My era was the original team of Dan Issel, David Thompson, Bobby Jones, Monty Towe, Chuck Williams, Byron Beck, etc. with Larry Brown as coach. I was 13 when they entered the NBA (yeah, I’m 60 now), and it has been a long long time for this to happen.
    I’m glad David Thompson was there to see it, he helped to make the Nuggets a great team all those years ago. Congratulations Denver Nuggets!

  13. Remember when racist LeWoke James picked Jokic last in the all star game? 🤦🏻‍♂️

  14. Good for them man but god damn…I cannot help but be so sad for Butler. I know he struggled a bit in the last 2 series, but you cannot deny that the Heat only made it this far because of him. Dude stepped up HUGE these last couple years for the Heat. I really hope he gets himself at least 1 ring before he retires, he’s earned it more than just about any other player imo.

  15. Now you’ll start seeing Nuggets shirts, hats, and car stickers everywhere whereas before you never saw any. Bandwagon fans are the worst.

  16. The Heat didn’t want it. They didn’t foul with 10 seconds to go. Anything could have happened in the NBA and 10 seconds is a lifetime. But the Heat has proved in this whole series that they just weren’t hungry enough. They barely hustled for rebounds and loose balls.

  17. Jimmy buckets blew it with that horrible pass, could have won that game if he didn’t give that ball away

  18. jimmy butler lost this game for the heat in the last moments, one severe turnover and 3 long 3’s where he could of looked for the open man, i guess he wanted to be the hero…

  19. I find it incredibly white that no one is talking about the mass shooting that happened in Denver just an hour and a half after the game on Market and 20th. 9 people were shot, don’t worry the gunman is fine….. he’s white

  20. It’s not a debate anymore. Jokic IS the BEST player in the world RN!! anyone else can sit down and shut up

    Nuggets earned and deserved this.

  21. Lebron: the first to leave the court after losing

    Jokic: the first to shake the opposing teams’ hands after winning

  22. Much props to the nuggets, but this championship was the most boring championship ever ,,, I started watching paint dry,,,,,

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