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Zion exposed by pornstar

Zion’s trickin’ exposed by pornstar/YouTube

Zion is simp of the year. 

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NEW ORLEANS — Fellas remember: “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” Zion Williamson has a pornstar fetish and if he’s not careful, he’ll be out of the NBA. The New Orleans Pelicans star was put on blast the other day after adult film star Moriah Mills learned he got his stripper girlfriend, Ahkeema, pregnant. Moriah, 32, and Zion, 22, started f*ckin’ two years ago and, during that time, he wired her a mind-boggling $107,000 monthly allowance. But… when Zion and Ahkeema announced they’re expecting a baby girl last week on Instagram, Moriah realized her benefits had reached their cessation. Now she’s airing Zion’s dirty laundry. “You ate my ass last week,” Moriah tweeted. “You had a baby on me. You need to man up and fix this situation. Get a DNA test so we can all move forward with our lives.” Moriah also accused Zion of being clingy and possessive. “You so jealous, I couldn’t leave the hotel in Nola cause you thought I was seeing other men,” she wrote. “I hate you Zion. You treated me like a sex doll girlfriend. Were you really working out or with the next bitch getting her pregnant while you locked me in hotel rooms.”

Zion has struggled with obesity since entering the league in 2019. Moriah let him know about it. “Your bathroom was filled with soda bottles and cans. No wonder you fat and not in shape,” she cracked. “F*ck you! I’m tired of being nice. You hurt me and humiliated me.”

Then, as the proverbial cherry on top, Moriah lambasted Zion for sharing their sex tape. “You cried when I sucked your d*ck,” the 304 wrote. “I should [have] taped you, big cry baby!!! But I don’t play about consent. Yes, I consented you to film me. But not show and send people.” Like Ahkeema, Moriah claims she’s preggo and it’s jeopardizing her porno métier. Now she’s threatening litigation if Zion fails to compensate her for damages. “I’m not able to get back to work for this stress you have put on me,” Moriah wrote. “Haven’t slept all night. I’m in emotional distress and losing money. You maintained my livelihood since 2021. What am I to do now?”

“You need to fix these damages,” she added

Zion recently signed a 5 year, $194 million contract with the Pelicans and it’s fully guaranteed.

But scuttlebutt has it, team officials are ready to trade him for embarrassing the organization.

Should Zion pay off Moriah and be done with it?

Or, call her bluff?

Share your thoughts.

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  1. This is why I say black women destroy black men more than anything else. I’m glad this is happening to Zion. If you play with pigs in the mud, you are bound to get dirty. There’s plenty decent women out there yet you choose a thot. Good for you, Zion.

  2. Zion is a Bust and New Orleans will never win with this sick bastard.

  3. I’ve got a feeling he’s gonna be the biggest bust in NBA history.

  4. NBA Players are Porn Star’s Retirement Plan…18 Years Child Support

  5. This is why government protects billionaires and big business. They take a gamble with huge contracts like Zion. And after signing, the player (Zion) can do whatever he wants and still get paid. Imagine being a wealthy owner and knowing your money is going straight to 304s like Moriah.

  6. How do these rich and famous ppl fall for obvious traps. I just don’t get it. Its like they see a big ass and their brain turns smooth. Its so immature. Alot of these dudes have babies with random women. Im not a Lebron fan but i do respect the fact he has a nice family for himself.

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