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Carlee Russell situation is similar to Jussie Smollett

Police caught Carlee Russell in a lie/YouTube

Carlee Russell in hot water.

Blog King, Mass Appeal

BIRMINGHAM — Carlethia “Carlee” Russell has something in common with Jussie Smollett and Sherri Papini. That’s because the 25-year-old nursing student caused an uproar when she came up missing last Thursday only to show up Saturday night completely unscathed. Carlee returned home on foot after she disappeared on a highway in Birmingham, Alabama. Her car was left abandoned. Prior to vanishing, the mendacious black chick called 911 to report a toddler sauntering along the interstate. But the Hoover Police Department couldn’t confirm if a child present. Carlee later told investigators she was abducted by a coterie of white human traffickers who tied her up and put her into an 18-wheeler. She claimed they drove her around, fed her Cheez-its, and painted her nails. Carlee said after she escaped, she ran through the woods until she reached her neighborhood.

But doorbell camera footage shows Carlee casually walking until she gets close to her residence where she starts sprinting, flailing her arms, and actin’ a damn fool. Rather than search for abductors, authorities launched a probe into Carlee’s deportment and they’re prepared to charge her with falsely reporting an incident — a Class A Misdemeanor. Carlee’s family hired defense attorneys just in case. “Carlee has given detectives her statement and hopefully they are pursuing her abductor,” the family said.

Carlee said one of the kidnappers donned an orange coiffure.

She claimed they made her strip naked.

But she was allowed to keep on her socks because one of ’em had cash inside.

Prior to her disappearance, Carlee researched Amber Alerts and Greyhound Bus ticket prices.

She also watched the movie “Taken.”

Scuttlebutt has it Carlee’s boyfriend cheated with a big-booty stripper and she sought reprisal by making him jealous.

Watch the press conference, see traffic footage and listen to the 911 call.

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  1. Chick is lying. She’s going through some type of mental health break down. Hope she gets the help that she clearly needs

  2. loooooool. Please tell me she’s not getting her nursing degree now. The last thing we need is another nutcase working with vulnerable psych patients.

  3. (1) Lock her up. (2) Order her to pay restitution to the county for all the resources spent for this hoax. (3) Give that Police Chief and his Easter Sunday suit a GQ cover spread.


  5. She’s celebrating her birthday in Atlanta after all this BS she started smh whew chile

  6. And they the Wanna Pass the Ebony Alert
    while we already have Amber Alert?
    Sound like a Big Joke to me face-turquoise-covering-eyes

  7. She said a white man with orange hair and huge bald spot on the back of his head carried her off. Did he have a British accent? Can anyone account for the whereabouts of Prince Harry?

  8. She should go to jail for lying and wasted resources that could be used for other people who are really in need

    I don’t believe that she has mental problems I think that she probably went to cheat on her boyfriend with another guy
    She didn’t want her boyfriend to know so she made it all up

  9. All to get her ex boyfriend so worried about her, that when she eventually made it back home…he’d like wanna get back together?? Googling info about amber alerts ??? Whatever happened to the old “..well I’m pregnant” trope???!! Lolll

  10. She can kick rocks …as if indigenous woman and women of color don’t already have enough issues when it comes to being missing….hard to get enough news coverage and she’s out here playing games

  11. This girl is a legit karen causing all this trouble when people could have used this energy to look for other missing people and a narcissist making up a story to be perceived as a hero

  12. So the “conspiracy theory” of she is lying about kidnapping is true. 😂😂

  13. I think the masses are being deceived and Carlee is taking the heat for a higher scheme

  14. Sherri Papini got 18 months in prison and is in there now for a very similar incident, she also got fined $300,000. Neither her nor Carlee have any history of mental illness, so this is a equal comparison especially as both also stole money, although perhaps worse for Carlee given she made out a toddler was possibly abducted too.

  15. Left wingers: “Missing black women never get media attention”
    Media gives her wall-to-wall coverage when she’s missing
    Left wingers when it began to look like a hoax : “STOP covering this story, leave her in peace.”

  16. @Ariel: What this one black girl did, should not hurt the credibility of legitimate missing black girls. Why do y’all keep saying that? White kids shooting up schools doesn’t hurt the credibility of other white kids. Why is it that when a black person commits a crime, the situation is treated as something only black people seem to be capable of? Y’all stirring up unnecessary mess because when they asked the chief who gave updates on this case, if he felt like this case would hurt the credibility of other black girls missing, he said from his own mouth that they will treat every reported case the same, no matter what the race is.

  17. Another Jussie Smollett! Disgusting sorry excuse for a human being! No mercy! This wasn’t a mistake, it was premeditated deception! Throw the book at this POS!

  18. She needs to pay monetarily for all the money used to try to locate her. Reimburse them for taxpayer money used.

  19. She thinks she is black and that makes people believe her and that she can get away with every crime. She really shame the meaning of BLM

  20. Black people are the ONLY race of people that advocates for imprisonment and or the demise of their own people, smh… If she was a young white girl, white people would be advocating for mental health aid; the girl is OBVIOUSLY mentally ill, smh, WAKE UP!!

  21. Not ganna to lie, hearing this, I keep hearing Cardi B saying,”. WHAT WAS THE REASON?! WHAT WAS THE REASON BITCH! 😅 but yeah this is unbelievable smh

  22. PEOPLE must INSIST this woman is BILLED in FULL for services rendered. Every person who spent ANY time as a paid employee of the state looking for her or the “toddler” should have those costs covered by the woman. Putting her in jail does NOTHING but cost the tax payers more money. Until the bill is paid she can receive ZERO government subsides should she apply for them.

  23. The Face of Mental Illness!!
    Knowing she washed her whole dream down the drain for the addiction of attention
    Not a laughing matter….

  24. she is narcissist sociopath you can see it in her eyes! She doesn’t think she did anything wrong! She just wants her 5 minutes of fame !

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