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President Biden proclaims Democrats “ended cancer”

Biden’s mental health in question/YouTube

Biden said Democrats ended cancer. 

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WASHINGTON — If you have cancer, yours truly has great news! President Joe Biden raised eyebrows the other day when he claimed his administration “ended cancer.” The Commander-in-Chief spewed such nonsense during his babbling oration Tuesday night at the White House. “If you could do anything at all Joe, what would you do?” Dementia Joe told media members. “I said, ‘I’d cure cancer’ and they look at me, ‘Why cancer?’ Because no one thinks we can. We ended cancer as we know it.” Biden, 80, also proclaimed “over 100” Americans died of COVID. Not one hundred thousand. Not one hundred million. That n*gga said 100. “We’re still feeling the profound loss of the pandemic,” Biden explained. “As I mentioned, we have over 100 people dead. That’s 100 empty chairs around the kitchen table. Every single loss, there are so many people left behind and broken-hearted.”

As you can see, Dementia Joe is non compos mentis.

Social media reaction was vicious. One commenter wrote, “Liar Joe Biden strikes again.” Another chimed in with, “Tell that to my dear friend and her 2 sons that lost their amazing dad last weekend to cancer… Biden you are a disgrace… I’m ashamed to have you as our president.” A third person added, “He is the cancer!” According to a PBS News Hour Poll, 84 percent of Republican voters are “concerned about Joe Biden’s mental fitness for the presidency.” But only 36 percent of Democrats think he’s batshit.

Watch the president lie his ass off.

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  1. This lying fraud, POS criminal and his whole ADMINSTRATION need to be arrested by OUR MILITARY!

  2. Joe Biden is a failure of a president and he’s the laughingstock of our great country

  3. he is putting the words together by accident.He said we can cure cancer as we know it

  4. He’s so lost yet they keep putting him out there to make a fool of himself.

  5. There’s been a cure since the 30’s. Big Pharma want their trillions 😭 .

  6. He cured cancer??? I guess I’m “ridin’ with Biden, now!”. Thank you for curing cancer Mr. President.

  7. He needs to be removed IMMEDIATELY! If trump would have talked like this the dems would be ALL OVER HIM

  8. He thinks if we hear his lies enough, we will believe them and the same goes for “Cackling Kamala” and all the other leftist stooges in his administration. Just beyond disgraceful and incompetent! face-fuchsia-wide-eyesface-blue-wide-eyesface-orange-frowning


  10. What if the cure for cancer actually existed and Joe just spilled the beans on it?

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