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Olivia Alexa: Women aren’t interested in positive men

Olivia says nice guys finish last/YouTube

Women don’t like good men. 

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ATLANTA — Damn, nice guys really do finish last. A viral video shows relationship vlogger Olivia Alexa elucidating why single ladies rebuff good men. In case you haven’t noticed, Pookie & Ray Ray have cornered the dating market and fatherless homes are primarily culpable. “They have little to no personal examples of good men,” Olivia explained, referring to confused women. “So they seek out society and social media to teach them what a good man looks like and what a good man actually is. And what does social media do and society? They glorify the exact opposite of a good man. And these women fall for the trap because that’s all they have to go off of. They get fed images of violence, arrogance, and womanizers as the ideal of manliness. They’re shown men who are valued for their wealth and physical strength rather than their integrity and masculinity. So when you come along leading by example of what a good man actually is and what it really entails, it’s foreign to them.”

Social media reaction was venomous. One commenter wrote, “The title needs to be amended to American women don’t like good men.” Another chimed in with, “The ultimate goal of a modern man is to avoid relationships with women, other than your mother. Only then can men find true happiness and peace with the world.” A third viewer added, “Let Pookie & Ray Ray have ’em. We businessmen have opted-out.” 

Are Western relationships doomed?

Should we all get a passport and call it the day?

Watch Olivia keep it 💯.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. The most dangerous and delusional phrase is “I’m looking for a man to make me happy.” That’s not his responsibility. She can’t put that on anyone but herself. If she doesn’t have emotional stability and regulation, if she has low self-esteem, there’s nothing he can do.

  2. Single Women only love Good Men..after Multiple kids..She’s Slutted Out .. and she’s over 40…and wanna be married now and help with HER Kids

  3. So glad that someone’s out there standing up for good guys like us, who are always treated as trash or having a boring personality in the eyes of other women & girls. They always found us boring anyway 🤷‍♂🤷‍♂ treated us like garbage & trash. Only rare women or girls are out there who actually want to be with a good guy. But most women like only f*** boys or they just wanna ride their d***s, have fun & entertainment. These toxic women or girls will be the end of us good guys. But not if they are willing to seduce us to change, which we will NEVER give in to them. We like who we are, we will not change our ideals, our lifestyle, our ways for some f*****g b**** 😡😡

  4. MEN find it IMPOSSIBLE to find a good woman these days. Look in the mirror girls. Inch by inch is artificial from hair, eyebrows, eyelashes, makeup, teeth, lips, breast implants. Who are you?
    If you stood in the rain for eight hours nobody would recognize who you are. Then they say they want a REAL GOOD MAN ?
    Guy, Would you buy a second hand car from this woman ? Then why invest your life in one ?

    They are constantly bleating about what they deserve, like a homeless beggar who has nothing to offer, but feels entitled to be supported. What exactly do they deserve?

  5. No matter what women tell you in the United States, they do not want a “Good Man.”
    You can give them squirting orgasms every other night and they will still cheat with a drunk guy in their bullpen who has
    no resources or interest in committing to them. Just Swipe Left on American females.

  6. Women as in women in America. I don’t give two rats F*ck at this point. I don’t even bother to speak to these harlots.

  7. Women deserve drinking, farting, swearing, snoring, unshaven scumbags and nothing but.

  8. So many of these ladies are broken beyond repair – not because they are irredeemable, but because they are delusional. You can never repair something if you don’t understand it’s broken.
    I hope they come around, but I’m no longer investing or waiting on it.
    I’ve listened, I’ve rallied behind – and I’ve also been persecuted and hated for no apparent reason. These ladies don’t actually want change, they just want to wildly inflict trauma that they often sign up for onto others.

    That’s why I just gravitate towards people who treat me like a human and not a wallet or paycheck.

  9. Good way to rationalize wanting a $hit$tain of a man. You want what you want…..

  10. I don’t agree that women need to be taught how to find a good man. I think choosing a good partner is internal not external. These women aren’t getting good men cuz they aren’t good women. Superficial women will be attracted to superficial qualities. Real women will be attracted to real qualities. This assumes all women are, by default, real, and they are finding fake men. I don’t think that’s true. The rest of it is 1000% gold advice.

  11. Women don’t like good men because they know they are unworthy because they know only whores like bad boys and they can’t compete with a good woman!Nobody wants a whore ,that’s why they can only get a bad guy !God gave us a choice to be good or bad!plain and simple!

  12. Cuz all modern women care about is 💲💲💲 and d!ck, they’re all hoes. Facts.

  13. Women run from unconditional love the more u push her away and treat her unimportant the more they are attracted to u. Its a weird dynamic 🤦🏽‍♂️

  14. Women don’t want a good strong man because they know that guy won’t put up with their selfish self-centered attitudes.

  15. Women don’t like good men because they like to be ran through by alot of men … they love bad boy’s that are bums….

  16. obviously they don’t like good men. they go for men who abuse them thinking they would change the men , but end up being changed by the man

  17. be the bad guy and have fun , stay single … MGTOW … there are no worthy women anymore and i am 54.. too tired to put up with their crap and too old to start a new relationship.. i’ll settle for some fun with them and enjoy my freedom

  18. I’m 46 and single.been like that since last year she broke up with me haven’t talk to her since.she was married for over 13 years.i was her first after her divorce.she was technically still married when we got in a relationship.that probably was the problem right not sure of I will ever find a good woman.but I’m good regardless of what happens.but I believe it will happen

  19. Everything this woman said is true. Stay away from all women, the vast majority of them are problematic.

  20. Women don’t like good men because women aren’t good. They’re bad and they secretly desire to be treated in such a way.

  21. Good men are good enough to listen to stories from women how bad their ex or man is but not to have a relationship with because there is no drama and sexual tension to give the woman a feeling that there is a relationship material in front of her she thinks only about friendship material when a nice man is in front of her. (I’m a good man and i’m not going to change myself to increase my chances with a woman) 🤔

  22. This needed to be said! Honestly, women have gravitated to bad guys for decades, well before social media. I know because I’ve lived it. I was once branded as ‘needy’ because I held open a car door, didn’t get drunk and arrived at her house early for a date. It’s become apparent to me that most women, even in their 50s and 60s, prefer sociopaths and narcissists. I’m 71, in excellent health and losing hope of ever finding a partner.

  23. I gave up a long time ago. Luckily, I didn’t knock anyone up or get married. My advice…focus your attention on God, family, yourself and hobbies that make you happy in life. Olivia is right….don’t waste your valuable time because you can’t get it back!

  24. Women are mammals (animals) and have always sought out alpha-males, that is male chauvinist pigs. This is true throughout the animal kingdom, in which the strongest predators are the best providers. The basic instinct is inborn, part of human DNA. Trying to intellectualize that is counterproductive. Nice guys just naturally finish last. That is our destiny. Acceptance is key.

  25. A whole lot of narcissism out there. Many woman want a man to treat them poorly, because it just gives them an excuse to 1. Not take accountability themselves, 2. Allows them to do even worse and get away with it, 3. Blame it all on a man.


  26. From my late teens to my early 30s, I used to be the guy that used women and tossed them aside. I did it in reprisal to my having my emotions manipulated, by them, as a kid but then I realized what I had become so I retired from dating. I’m 40 now, a good man with the “edge”, and I often tell women I’m not interested…But what I don’t tell them, b/c I know they’d see perceive it as weakness or bitterness, is that I’m somewhat perma fucked up, emotionally speaking, as I’m unable to feel the “in love” feeling anymore, only lust, after having my emotions shredded as a young teen. The hurt healed a long time ago but the “love nerve” was forever damaged. Realizing, at this age, that my emotions were dead, romantically speaking, I stopped bothering to just have sex anymore, like I used to, because it’s meaningless and I can’t date with the intention of a serious relationship or marriage b/c I am incapable of loving a woman…And since I find myself having no sympathy nor empathy for most women, this was the only moral option I could choose. I don’t blame women…I just pity them.

  27. why in the would a men even consider long term relationships with any woman???? what kind of benefit does she bring? SINCE infidelity is not punished she can fuck as many dudes as she wants, INSANITY,,, you cant take any women as a wife these days

  28. Feminist don’t respect masculinity until it serves them, such as Wars, etc.

  29. We are teaching women to “follow their feelings”, i.e. their instincts. And their animal instincts attract them to the worst of men. Just as we teach boys not to follow their feelings and not blindly wife up the hot stripper we ought to teach girls not to marry the hot thug. Humans should be more than animals.

  30. Enough with these excuses.. stop trying to change women.. TRY to become a bad guy – it’s more fun!

  31. Good man or not, as a man you still need to over 6 feet tall, earn 100k a year and have the body of a greek god.

  32. It’s sad that many of today’s women are misguided by social media, chasing money and chasing that bad boy image. I’d rather be single than to conform to being something I’m not. Sadly being a good man I feel that I’ll always be on my own.

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