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Actress Leah Remini suing Scientology fo’ harassment

Leah Remini ain’t backin’ down/YouTube

Leah suing Church of Scientology. 

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LOS ANGELES — Don’t be surprised if Leah Remini ends up on the back of a milk carton. That’s because “The King of Queens” actress is suing David Miscavige and the Church of Scientology for harassment, stalking, defamation and emotional distress. Leah, 53, was a longtime congregant until she walked out in 2013 — claiming Scientology’s “mob-style operations and attacks” have “significantly” impacted her life and métier. Then she produced an anti-Scientology docuseries that ran for three seasons, winning two Emmy Awards. Leah filed the lawsuit Wednesday afternoon in California Superior Court, then tweeted the rationale behind the claim. “After 17 years of harassment, intimidation, surveillance, and defamation, I am filing a lawsuit against Scientology and David Miscavige,” she wrote. “While advocating for victims of Scientology has significantly impacted my life and career, Scientology’s final objective of silencing me has not been achieved.”

“While this lawsuit is about what Scientology has done to me, I am one of thousands of targets of Scientology over the past seven decades,” Leah continued. “People who share what they’ve experienced in Scientology, and those who tell their stories and advocate for them, should be free to do so without fearing retaliation from a cult with tax exemption and billions in assets.”

Social media reaction was supportive.

One commenter wrote, “Go get them bastards!”

Another chimed in with, “Give ’em hell Leah!”

A third person added, “YOU GO GIRL!!!! I support YOU… Scientology is an EVIL CULT!!! L. Ron Hubbard is in HELL RIGHT NOW!!!”

David’s wife, Michele Diane “Shelly” Miscavige, has been missing since 2007.

Leah believes he’s culpable for her disappearance.

“Where is Shelly?” she asked.

Watch the explosive report.

Share your thoughts.

This Post Has 46 Comments

  1. Take them to the cleaners. Take down these religious abusers. Such a strong warrior. ✨

  2. At least the Scientologists are honest. Preach complete and utter
    Bulls**t💩 and take money from the gullible. They are just as successful as the other religious cults.

  3. It is time for Scientology to pay for all the human carnage it has left behind by cripling the sanity of anyone trying to flee it’s stranglehold on their lives as well as that of their loved ones. That beast David Miscavage, needs to stop hiding and start taking responsibility for all of the abuses that have happened during his tenure.

  4. I’ll say it again, the only thing that scientology will clear is your bank account, along with your friends and family!
    also David Midgetcabbage beats his staff!

  5. Go LEAH!~ Scientology needs to be exposed as the corrupt CULT that it is. It is not a “religion”, yet it uses that LIE, to not pay any taxes, and USE dopey celebs for cash $$$$$ !~
    Miscavige is a criminal, and he probably killed his wife Shelly, who has been missing for many years, and there’s been no investigation! GO LEAH!!!

  6. You get ’em Leah!! They are the epitome of an evil cult. The United States Government NEEDS to STOP funding this ‘Church’… Stop giving them tax breaks… We jail cult leaders and yet the U.S. government has recognized this ‘church’ as legit for decades but the decade before they were passed as a ‘church’, the U.S. government claimed they knew Scientology was an evil sex cult… Who got voted into a position in the U.S. government that changed those facts to allow this ‘church’ of atrocities to be recognized as an establishment of ‘virtue’? Leah is a brave soul & I hope she gets ’em!! ❤ 🌎

  7. This bully organization fronting as a church needs to finally be stopped. It’s not a religion and no one is a bigot except this group themselves who punishes members who are gay. They are still forcing members in the Sea Org to terminate wanted pregnancies. If you leave and tell the truth about abuse as a child, you get a full campaign of harassment paid for by tax free $! It’s time to get that taken away at least.

  8. Leah Remini is a HERO for taking on this sick and dangerous CULT. The same CULT that the United States government is giving TAX FREE status!! Get MAD, people! 🤷‍♀

  9. Scientology is so afraid that the government is going to take away their tax-exempt status so they are definitely afraid of Leah Remini and her lawsuit.

  10. I remember when she defended scientology to no end 😂 on Howard stern

  11. No human being in the right state of mind will support and belong to this sick cult. However, so many celebrities do. Best of luck to her!

  12. I believe Remini, but I also think she needs to move on from Scientology and get back to acting. It’s been years and she’s still talking about it, and I think that has got to be a paralyzing thing. It’s like her life is static.

  13. Well Done Leah. Expose them for the utter criminals that they are. Brainwashing the vulnerable and blackmailing them to gas light and control them.

  14. How is the Church of Scientology not shutdown, as a form of racketeering ?

  15. She is taking this cult to court!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope people, (celebrities )who have been silent will speak out and support her!

  16. Jada pickett smith and will smith built a whole scientology school at one point. if that doesnt tell you all you need to know? weird. also YES WHERE IS SHELLY!?? they confirmed in 2013?? she was alive then?? where is she today!?

  17. God bless and protect Leah 🙏♥️
    She has been exposing the church for a very long time. There’s people out there who have been abused by the church and must come forward to help Leah get these Sick Evil 😈 monsters.
    They must be held accountable for their crimes

  18. I hope she wins this suit. We have all seen the videos of members stalking those who speak up about scientology.

    P.S. It also sounds like police were paid by the church to say Shelley was safe, but has anyone actually seen her or is it just were supposed to believe because a pig said so?

  19. The government will never do anything, because the “Church”of Scientology has members that work for FBI and other government agencies

  20. Proud of Leah. She actually has the balls to hold this group of freaks accountable. The more people speak out, the less they can actually stifle the truth. They can’t suppress everyone like they can with specific individuals who escape.

  21. Leah is a hero. Taking on a powerful cult like she is, is so dangerous. While I don’t think much will become of this, it’s a start that someone had to make.
    Best of luck Leah.

  22. Id have alot more respect for tom cruise, will smith, john travolta, etc etc if theyd join Leah…this craziness needs to stop

  23. Why have they a Crucifix on that building?.Bloody charlatans snake oil salesmen. Ron Hubbard science fiction writer.even the first 5 letters are SCIEN, it,s ology alright cockology😂
    Anyony stupid enough to fall for this guff should have a word with a phycologist

  24. How can they call themselves a church if they do not worship Jesus Christ? Stealing that word to describe themselves, is wrong.

  25. I can’t wait to get all my Exemptions for my New Church. “THE CLAN OF WORM FUCKERS AND CRICKET LOVERS”. Filing for my Riches Immediately!!!

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