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Attention-seeking women ain’t relationship material

Coquettish women ain’t relationship material/YouTube

Olivia says avoid flirty women. 

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ATLANTA — “🎵My girl likes to party all the time🎵.” A viral video shows “Blueprint” author Olivia Alexa telling simps to stay the f*ck away from flirtatious women who seek validation from other men. Because it’s her assertion attention-seeking popsies can’t be faithful. “I’ve talked so much about red flags but there’s one particular trait in a woman that I recommend men to drop it all and run,” Olivia said. “If she’s the kind of woman that has developed an appetite for male attention, you’re in for a rough road in your relationship. Women that have built an addiction for men’s validation from a very young age find it extremely difficult to keep that under wraps even when they’re in committed relationships. This is a situation where, instead of living life constantly second-guessing your woman’s physical and emotional loyalty, I advise that it’s best to just walk away.”

Olivia believes men who search for love via online dating sites are easy targets.

“Around 44 percent of women use dating apps more for a confidence boost than finding a partner,” she explained.

“A separate study also revealed that about 50 percent of women in committed relationships have a Plan B man in mind. And this Plan B is usually who they’re in subtle contact with already. They have these men in their back pocket.”

Because so many incels are desperate to bust a nut, Olivia claims women use internet subscription services to generate cash. “In the world today, women use male attention as a source of income because it’s big business,” she said. “More than 70 percent of OnlyFans creators are women which shows just how easy it is for women to financially feed off the validation her body and sexuality provide.”

Childhood experiences also play a pivotal role.

“A woman with daddy issues can also exhibit these behaviors,” Olivia warned.

“An absent or abusive father figure in a woman’s life creates a void in her self-esteem. She will eventually try to fill that void with cheap attention she gets from guys.”

Are you in a relationship with an attention whore?

Can modern women be trusted?

Watch Olivia keep it 💯.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Facts thank God somebody finally put it out there and understand what men are going through nowadays with women It sucks but it’s nothing but a cancer growing

  2. This woman is just salty because she knows all her men choose white women LOL

  3. Sadly, knowing that more than 50% of families are without fathers, it makes sense that a majority of our women search for a sense of validation and exhibit those behavior

  4. This is why I checked out of the dating game 20 years ago. The psychological side of this is so correct it’s all about the endorphins rush.

  5. Unfortunately this eliminates a large portion of the female population, so if you are looking for a partner the odds aren’t in your favor.

  6. protect this woman at all costs she’s been saving some of us men.. one of the only few that be shedding light on what these women be doing.

  7. So stay away from girls with daddy issues a hard lesson well learned and known.

  8. the ultimate issue is weak men. strong masculine men with goals dont even have time to give these kind of women any attention nor validation. those women just exploit the weak.

  9. Oh hell yesss that’s 80% of women these days. The ones that are really hot feel like they have options and they can constantly make you walk on eggshells whenever she wants to serve attention to one of those guys or girls in her inbox calling her beautiful

  10. I had a date a few months back like this she couldnt stay off her phone lmao i ghosted her

  11. 70% of OnlyFans are women using their sexuality to get rich but who’s making them rich? Men. They wouldnt be doing it if there werent men dumb enough to pay for it. I agree with everything said in this video but there are also men who are attention whores as well.

  12. Come on fellas. We really shouldn’t need anyone to tell us this. If you’ve got a woman that is looking for attention from other men, have some respect for yourself and move on.

  13. Dang the daddy issue part and narcissism really explained my ex, I already knew but this is a good video and validates my experience recently. My ex of 3 years left me for another guy, not even trying to work at our relationship. Already had that plan B. Granted our relationship was long distance and were planning to meet next year. But still what hurt was her leaving me for another guy and not even trying. Cheap highs of moving onto another guy. All in all, glad to see some women with common sense like Olivia! Had to sub, and now I’m just working on myself being the best version I can and using this energy to better every part of my life! ❤

  14. She’s a God force just EXPOSing the Devil in the modern female… BUT the work is on us men… We can sit here and blame the women all day every day, but it’s because of us men that these women even get the validation that they seek and find…. imagine, waking up and no longer giving women free validation, energy your time …they only do it because they know there’s so many men of low, vibrating energy who’s going to give them it

  15. I run away from any modern women. I did at 18 and I will continue at 28. I just want a nice young Christian woman who’s a virgin and is willing to help me through my struggles, if I can’t get that, then I’ll happily remain single the rest of my life.

  16. Don’t forget marriage is a scam. Does not benefit a man in any way. And men always get screwed in family court. Do you want to pay alimony for some other guys kid

  17. All of this is a recipe for disaster. For a guy a to find a quality woman that doesn’t seek validation/attention and she also doesn’t have girlfriends that act that way, is like finding a needle in a haystack. It’s important she has girlfriends that are solid because birds of the same feather flock together. If she has 304 friends or friends that seek validation then it’s over for your relationship.

  18. Just had to cut off a female for this exact reason , The constant need of validation , need to be right , and co dependancy , Its the most annoying thing youll ever come across take her advice seriously – bless folks

  19. Also, if a woman says she has more male friends than female friends, then drop her and run. Chances are they are on her “fu*k list. They either already got her or they are in standby mode waiting for her to run to them once she has a fight with you. Healthy women have healthy relationships with other women, generally speaking.

  20. For me throwing around the breakup word too easily particularly in the first year of a relationship will definitely make me walk. If you marry her the word divorce will be thrown around all willy nilly.

  21. If your woman is doing any of these things ,she’s cheating already 😢

  22. All right men and women this the one of the best videos that I have seen.

    Men, your first test for a woman is this. When you are starting to date a woman. Ask her to leave that cell phone at home. While she is with you. If she does. Then continue with that relationship. If she won’t leave it. Stop and drop that relationship. Yep…. huge red flag. And if you continue to have a relationship with her. Don’t cry in your beer later on.

    Because she is addicted to that phone. You mean to tell me that she can’t be without it for 2 or 3 hours? And she is choosing that phone over a simple request made by any potential partner.

    Men you can’t compete against that dopamine hit that social media provides. That phone addiction is no different than a gambling experience or a
    heroin or cocaine addiction. You can’t save her, and so avoid her.

  23. This woman is a saint, a scholar, a professional, and a goddess of wisdom.

  24. ❤ shit I’m looking now for a piece of mind.. nothing in life belong to you except you… thx 🙏 for this..

  25. Our queen Olivia thank you so much for taking care of us as men. You have saved me a bunch from beating a dead horse and I feel relieved to make the tough but necessary decision

  26. Simple and to the point. Get out before you get broken down and depressed. It’s not worth it. I have been there in the past. Was a lesson learned.

  27. This describes both of my marriages and a couple ex girlfriends. I can see why I am not in a rush to get back into a relationship.

  28. No man should ever agree to be a step father. No man should ever get legally married. No man should ever be financially dependent on a woman.

  29. Before you get into any relationship with a Woman. Make sure you have one with God first fellas.

  30. I lasted 8 months with that constantly arguing shit. I really tried to stick to it. She was beautiful, smart , funny, decent job. None of that shit was enough to put up with arguing 2 and 3 times a week.

  31. Shes not urs its just ur turn dont get posessed get blessed stick to ur purpose

  32. Women know they’re the lesser sex. That’s why they play games. Know your value, men.

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