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Ex-Steeler said blacks are better than white athletes

Mendenhall says Blacks better than Whites/YouTube

Ex-Steeler wants NFL segregated. 

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PITTSBURGH — “Coloreds Only!” Former Pittsburgh Steelers running back Rashard Mendenhall set the internet ablaze on Monday when he tweeted he’s sick and tired of “average white guys” talking about football. Instead, when he turns on his television, he’d rather descry blacks voicing ebonics to confabulate the sport. Rashard, who fumbled away Super Bowl XLV, had two 1,000 yard seasons with the Steelers before signing with the Arizona Cardinals in 2013. He retired at season’s end. Rashard, 36, is also married to a white woman. But that obviously didn’t stop him from saying Caucasians suck at football. He also claims he’s superior to Tom Brady. Jim Crow be damned, it’s Rashard’s assertion blacks would beat the sh*t outta whites in a segregated Pro Bowl. “I’m sick of average white guys commenting on football,” Rashard wrote. “Y’all not even good at football. Can we please replace the Pro Bowl with an All-Black vs. All-White bowl so these cats can stop trying to teach me who’s good at football. I’m better than ur goat.”

Social media reaction was vicious. One commenter wrote, “Democrats have been trying to put Black Americans back in chains for years and with the help of the woke NFL it seems to be working” Another chimed in with, “Actually, Mendenhall is correct. The truth hurts. A white vs. black bowl would be a slaughter. Team white would stand no chance.” A third person added, “How about separate bathrooms, drinking fountains, education, etc…..we can bring back Jim Crow. What an ignorant fool!”

In addition to a racism bowl, Rashard believes blacks and whites should be seated separately at stadiums.

Do you share his racial sentiment?

If so, what should be done with mulattos?

Share your thoughts.

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  1. This kind of rhetoric does more damage to his culture and society than he knows. Some people look up to this guy. He seems like a very unhappy guy with little to be unhappy about. Athletes who excel thru HS and then college and play on an NFL roster live a privilidge life. Some understand and know they have the responsibility to give back. Some actually believe the deserve their status and have responsibility to nobody but themselves. People who save lives in many occupations and in the military do greater service for little to no recognition. Humility can be very uplifting and it appears he could use a bit of a boost. .

  2. Dumbass democrats (DD) do not like anyone that is not under their CONTROL!

  3. all white team mean those white defense would be a killer. Nick Bosa,Maxx Crosby,J.J White they would hurt so many black offensive dude they would be called a racist or the KKK squad

  4. Im sick of the black guys playing a sport built by white guys. There i fixed it for him.

  5. “I’m better than ur goat.”

    The best running back in the NFL right now is white, and Christian McCaffrey has had an infinitely better career than him.

  6. The greatest player in NFL history was Jim Brown. After that, probably Jerry Rice. Don’t give a f what color they were.

  7. They hate white people so much but dont realize they wouldn’t have been born had it not been for slavery. Their ancestors would not have met and conceived their parents without slavery.

  8. comparing segregation to a football game is quite the brainless comparison… but i don’t expect any less from you “people” lmao…

  9. Who would have thought that some black ppl would end up siding with Jim Crow. I guess it must be for the same reason that we have queers for islam. LOL crazy world.

  10. Fuck it, let’s give them what they want and see how they really act when we go back to segregation!!! I’m OK I’m white!

  11. Dude, talk about biting the hand that fed u. Most NFL owners r what color again. Ur fans and the public that attends NFL games in person r tend to b with color.. Talk about not thinking before u speak.. He must have a brain injury 😂 And my fav is Joe Montana🫶🏾

  12. The NFL would fold
    Without the Average White Guy
    And god forbid

  13. Blacks: “We’z guud at sporz n’ enertaynmint.”
    Whites: “We are good at life and civilization.”

  14. Barack Obama did everything he could to separate this country in any way he could, and he succeded!!!

  15. The reason it’s mostly white guys talking about football is because black guys talk ebonics. Can’t be understanding what they be saying. Ya feel me, rashard.

  16. “Average white guys ” are the ones enabling Rashard to earn his millions. I get enough of these prima donnas doing their little tribal dances in celebration of something that they get paid millions to do in the first place.

  17. Hmmmmm, why no outrage, protests, etc? Does not fit the media’s narrative that only whites are racist. Been saying it for 30 plus years pertaining to negros, is their actions ever a result of why people consist of a dislike for their race?

  18. Typical from the black ghetto culture……uneducated, illiterate, middle school grammar when he speaks……the trend is getting worse in the NFL and the NBA. Blacks with all their disrespect to the game with continuous trash talking, taunting, childish antics after scoring or after making a good play, etc., etc…..look at the 60s, 70s and mid 80s…..this childish behavior didn’t exist! Now, it’s all the time. Blacks disrespect the game, disrespect its coaches, disrespects its opponents and even its teammates! Why I don’t watch the NFL and the NBA anymore. I just can’t watch a majority of immature kids

  19. I guess the NFL can remove that “End Racism” BS at each end of the field now.

  20. When your an ignorant, and racist person, these are the stupid comments that one would make. When he played in the NFL, he never made any signiicant
    contribution to his sport, and when he played against the packers, he was hit so hard on a tackle by a white player, he fumbled, and lost the game for Pitt!

  21. Christian McCaffrey is WAYYYYYY better than Mendenhall. It’s not even close!

  22. Be honest. The league is almost segregated now blacks make up 85 percent of the league whites are dying out in the nfl and NBA just look at the drafts how many white guys are taken in the drafts

  23. That son of a bitch needs to get out of the white NFL and start their own. He wouldn’t even be playing football if it weren’t for white people, letting him play in their league.

  24. Mendenjhall’s wife is white. Must be awkward having this conversation at home.

  25. Remember, according to Van Jones on CNN: “Black people cannot be racist”

  26. He said his wife is from Arabia the last time I checked they didnt like blk people either

  27. Without white fans , these black football players would be a bunch of drug dealers

  28. Everybody talking sh_t on here provides his point, talk is cheap and yall CAN’T play on the gridiron!!!
    I like McCaffrey but he couldn’t and wouldn’t hold up in yester year football league. The league is soft as cotton now plus with these b_tch ass rules. Smdh!
    More and more non indigenous players (so called black people) arent getting spots on the roster for other players now, not saying they cant play.
    Atleast Mendenhall played in super bowl to fumble the ball. What have yall done!

  29. Can you imagine if it was the other way around…Wow. There might be riots in the streets…these entitled and wealthy athletes need to just shut up and enjoy their fortunate lives.

  30. Ok so I’m going to give the white team the edge on penalties! And um…. who is the black teams placekicker? 🧐🤣

  31. I don’t understand the conversation, what’s to discuss? The black guys would win. How are you going to win an NFL game without cornerbacks??? Not sure what his point is. Might as well have said “water is wet so white guys can’t talk about football.” The premise is certainly true, but the conclusion is ridiculous.

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