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Olivia gives tips on how to elude women’s friendzone

Olivia gives friendzone advice/YouTube

Olivia gives friendzone tips. 

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SEATTLE — A viral video shows “Blueprint” author Olivia Alexa elucidating how passive men end up in the dreaded “friendzone.” She also provides a few pointers on how to egress it. So, how do fools end up in the friendzone in the first place? Olivia listed two reasons. 1) “You haven’t stated your true intentions with this person.” See, some dudes can’t handle rejection so they remain mute while others are apprehensive about a woman’s level of interest. So, instead of waiting for babygirl to make the first move, grab her by the derrière and stick your tongue down her throat. And, 2) “You’re too nice.” That means you prioritize everybody else’s needs ahead of yours. It’s called the “Nice Guy Syndrome” and a lot of simps have it. So, what’s the key to escaping the friendzone? Olivia said, for starters, stop placing immediate cynosure on what a woman wants.

That’s how you end up getting used.

Instead, it’s imperative to make yourself unavailable. Let her know you’re the prize, not vice versa. Because if you don’t take the lead, women will walk all over you like a doormat. Put your foot down. It exudes confidence. Stop being a bitch and man up. It’s the reason so many popsies are enamored with Pookie & Ray Ray. “Nine times out of ten, the woman that friendzones you, takes you for granted,” Olivia explained on her podcast.

“She knows that every single time she calls, you’re going to drop everything that you’re doing to answer. She knows that every time she needs you, you’re going to always be there. A lot of men think that this is what will get a woman and they’re wrong.”

Social media reaction was wild.

One commenter wrote, If she puts you in the friendzone, it’s basically over. Go to the next person.”

Another chimed in with, “There is no way to get out of the friendzone unless you become wealthy!😮 By that time, you are way above her level and aren’t interested anymore!😊”

A third viewer added, “Flaunt other women in front of them and they’ll be eating out of your hand.” 

Are you stuck in the friendzone?

Will you use Olivia’s advice to get some ass?

Watch babygirl keep it 💯.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. I’ve never been in the friend zone I’m the one who puts attractive women in the zone cause I don’t see myself as attractive, how could they like me I am happy if just friendship.
    As an analytical, introverted person always have been marching beat of own drummer

  2. Well she hasn’t provided and data on this claim but lets say she is correct. So if a lot of guys are too friendly and place others needs above their own then why do women say they have to check in with their family or friends to let them know you haven’t off’ed her? Or women make the claim that ALL their male dating prospects end up Ghosting them? Nice guys won’t do this.

  3. To put a long story short treat women like crap. That is basically what she is saying.

  4. I was once in the friend zone with someone. One day I was talking to her about it and I had a real bad urge to kiss her. So I grabbed her and did. That lead to incredible sex and now we are married.

  5. To hell with relationships. No such thing as girlfriend and relationships. No such thing as being good. If a b don’t like good she is a hoe. And no marriage. It’s all a dam game for simps.

  6. Also fellas, If you’re trying to shoot your shot at your co-worker and all she wants to talk about is work or other guys, then you’re in the friend zone so move on to someone else.

  7. Once you are in the friendzone and she has a loaded inbox You can give it up brother!!!!!! It’s way too many thirstbusters who are waiting to sike her out. And guess what she is gonna fall for it!!!!! The same stupidity that caused her to put a high vibe man in a friendzone is the same energy that causes her to make poor choices in men!!!

  8. Let’s be real babe this to do list is gonna exhaust a man and it’s just not gonna work especially if one of them no good no strings attached Jody mfs is blowing her back out twice a week or 3 times a month. He give her just enough D to keep her balanced in her work schedule to structure her time and energy. We know this does not work like this. Women select a system and stick to it……. ESPECIALLY IF SHE FINE AS HELL. Somebody who ain’t even relationship material is secretly blowing her back out and she has to keep you at a distance so you either don’t find out or mess up the operation. Check this out Women are slaughtering themselves and wanna be banged out you coming with the flower 🌺 is cute but Jefro bringing the D over lol😂 😂😂😂

  9. I ain’t doing shit for no women. Or something that bleeds for seven days and still walking around.

  10. If that woman wants you in the friendzone you’re gonna be there, now things can change and I see a lot of that change depends on you. Olivia is right about being dominant every step of the way in the process, be a King damnit!

  11. a woman giving men relationship advice is the lamest shit ever, oversaturated and played out.

  12. It seems I’m always fated to end up friendzoned. I’ve recently been put there again, but am not sure what to do now. I’ve never handled the friendzone well and burnt bridges in the past. I don’t want to be that person anymore. I am afraid that, because I put my feelings out there, further attempts to talk to her will be seen as me not respecting her wishes. I still find myself wanting to interact with her more, I want to embrace the friendzone and maybe things change down the road.

  13. Been in the friendzone for two years with my now best friend and roomate and she’s head over heels for her current bf of 8 months. Worst part is I hear them having sex all the time while I cry in my room. Also her bf is ugky as hell.

  14. I always get put in the friendzone. It sucks because people don’t know what they are missing out.

  15. Tell her to suck your dick immediately. That will let her know you’re not interested in just being friends.

  16. Lol, I was put in the friend zone about a month ago, and I think I handled it well. There’s this girl I talked to a lot at work, I asked her out after my shift one day and she said no but that she still really wanted to be friends with me, so I said OK. I then proceeded to stop going to work and never said another word to her

  17. a men puts himself in the friendzone and keeps himself there. she knows you like her, she is testing your strength. if she single, she testing how whipped you are for her to put up with what she says and wants. if she not single but comes to you to tell you about her man, she is testing your strength. the more you say he is no good and etc etc is the weaker you display yourself to her.

  18. there is only one way to escape the friend zone .
    just like it is only one way to escape slavery .
    grow a pair of balls and rebel agaist the masters .
    power is always taken . and never given away .

  19. Being an early pioneer of the Friend Zone the only thing to do is leave. And just think, you will keep some self respect and two she will take far more interest in you when you go missing. You will get a better return in time spent on yourself and on people that appreciate you.
    Finally, being some ones Plan B is a turn off.

  20. This video is wack. To get out of the friend zone, just have the balls to make your demands and tell her what you expect from her immediately, Like ask for sex or a date immediately and if she rejects you move on. And do me a big favor, don’t watch this stupid video ever again. Keep it pimpin and move on; cop and blow, you dig. Chuuuch.

  21. Easy to get out of the friendzone, just ignore her. If you’re constantly trying to get her attention you’re going about it wrong

  22. Fellas the only way out of the friend zone is to just move on don’t waste your time money and effort on women that are playing manipulating head games know your value by walking away. If women want to waste their smv value with jerks pookys and bad boys they shouldn’t complain getting cheated on abuse and lied to by them. Don’t feel sorry for them or be the clean up man fitting the bill for another man’s kids and irresponsibly with getting the bare minimum of the sex in the relationship. After the good men educated lame or nice guys out do the jerks players and hobo sexul’s women will come at them with apology s excuse and foolish reasons why they didn’t get picked during their disable years.

  23. I got rejected once before cuz the girl said she wasn’t looking for a relationship only for her to get with a close friend of mine the very next day.

    I think back on all my rejections a lot, it truly makes me wonder if there’s something wrong with me. Getting rejected almost your whole life really sucks.. I’ve only ever had 1 girl actually accept me and now she just kinda left. Makes you wonder what’s wrong with you all the time.

  24. @fullmetalcrazie: Its just because you aren’t attractive enough for the girls you asked out, it’s not your personality or your gestures, just looks. Hope you are better man

  25. Being told, “I wish I could date a guy like you” when you’re already a guy like you kinda sticks with you for a while.

  26. Oh boy the “you’re like a brother to me” is one I’ve gotten. Combined with the bit about helping them get with someone else. One of my biggest crushes, and I was the one both people went to when the guy confessed to her. I ended up helping them get together, and in the end, she told me “thanks big bro” and I swear I felt a bit of me just shrivel up inside

  27. Yes I call myself the friend zone king. I’m 38 years old single never dated. All the women in my life have always told me oh you’re a great friend or you’re like a brother to me. Then we stop communicating or I have just let it be this way. Seeing that my friends mainly are married with kids now and living the family life I tend to spend my time working and being externally lonely. I work crazy hours to help me try to take my mind off of this I don’t like to think about or feel. I work 7 days a week anywhere from 8 to 12 hours a day if not more. That is anywhere from 56 hours a week to 84 hours a week if not more depending on the week. Then I would just go home eat wash up and go to sleep repeat. I really would eventually like to change that because it is making me super tired and depressed.

  28. I’m a girl and I’ve always felt that I was friend zoned by other guys all the time, I thought maybe they just don’t consider me as a girl. But then a friend of mine said to me: maybe it’s you that have always been friendzoning them 🤔 maybe that’s why it has never worked out. Now I’m confused as hell and don’t know what to do and how to act in case there’s a new crush 😂 I’m worried I’m gonna get friend zoned again or the other way around, I’m the one friend zoning him 😑

  29. It’s easy to get out of the friend zone all you have to do is walk out the door save your mental health from all the Jedi mind tricks they like to use

  30. Friend zones are an excuse out of fear! She’s putting you there cause she’s scared. Once you try and put me there, done! Friend zones are for the weak ass women and simps

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