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Daycare mocks Rosa Parks arrest with a little black girl

Daycare mocks Rosa Parks arrest/YouTube

Racist daycare spoofs Rosa Parks. 

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SAINT CLOUD — Here’s a black history lesson fo’ yo’ azz! The Building Brains Academy — a daycare center in Saint Cloud, Florida — is under fire after photos surfaced that shows a white student putting handcuffs on a 2-year-old black girl as part of a re-enactment of the Rosa Parks fiasco. You can’t make this stuff up. The white student also fingerprinted the little girl who just happens to be the only black kid in class. Mom and dad are pissed. “Her hands restrained behind her back as if she was being taken into custody,” the father told reporters. “I was just like, ‘There’s no way they’re doing this in a 2-year-old classroom. It was our daughter who had her hands restrained behind her back by another child wearing a police vest. What I keep reliving in my mind is the look on our daughter’s face.” Social media reaction was venomous.

One commenter wrote, “This is a damn shame that they think it’s okay to do this crap to a baby.”

Another chimed in with, “Seeeeee!!!..if that was my kid, they would be taking me out in handcuffs! That’s so f*cked up.”

A third person added, “Well, KKK is part of the alphabet.”

The NAACP has gotten involved. “We consider the activity an inappropriate trivialisation of a significant historical event, insensitive to the struggles against segregation, and psychologically harmful to all students involved, especially Black students reenacting such a traumatic moment in American history,” the NAACP wrote in a letter to the school.

Paola Rosado, the preschool’s owner, wrote a letter in response.

“The photos of the class activity do not offer a complete or accurate representation of the full lesson about the importance of equal rights,” Paola wrote.

“Our school believes in and teaches the importance of equality, of standing up for our rights, and of speaking up when we see something isn’t right.”

Mom and dad pulled the little girl out the school.

Watch them express their disappointment.

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  1. Why didn’t the pink teacher demonstrate how white people treated black people white police officer spraying water hoses on little children and letting dogs bite them

  2. These people are hateful. No one has a right to restrain a child just reenacting our history. The teacher and the student need to be held accountable for their actions.😡😥

  3. Despicable and outrageous handcuffing and finger print a black 2 year old child. T

  4. This is BEYOND CRAZY!! How did this Pre-School EVEN THINK TO DO THIS?????? Florida just keeps getting more bats**t crazy every day!!!!!!

  5. If I had a kid going to that school, they would be promptly removed. That’s not a history lesson, that’s indoctrination and traumatization. Now all those white boys are going to grow up telling black girls they need to sit in back.

  6. Again, this is WHY we need African-American History Taught to everyone in this country. So everyone will know and learn about this country Chattel Slavery 😢

  7. wow…. just wow
    a 2 YEAR OLD?!! this building should be shut down till further notice

  8. a white supremacist always find a creative ways to be racist, and find an excuse to play it down. what a country we got really

  9. Who’s the smart one who thought reenacting rosa parks was a good idea? At a preschool no less where the children do not have the mind to understand about racism!

  10. Some people are ignorant and don’t get it, trying to break the child’s spirit already. Shouldn’t they be learning phonics and primary colors?

  11. The irony of this is the intention was probably to teach the white kid shame and guilt

  12. Florida is such a messed up State! Let’s just sell it to the Russians and move on.

  13. A two-year-old class acting out Rosa Parks? Really? That seems weird regardless of implementation.

  14. Why??!! Why is this even a thing? Can 2 & 3 year old children innerstand history at this age? They’re in FL why not take the children to an aquarium or somewhere for CHILDREN?!
    What idiot thought this was ok???

  15. If you take ur black child too the cavedwellers what the fuck do except why are you surprise at what these folks do

  16. I don’t get it. How are we supposed to learn from the past if every time we try to get people to understand how awful we usec to be and how not to be in the future we shut it down. The only museum that talks about black history is harassed by jerks who have nothing better to than vandalized the place. If we run from the past seems to me we can never be better than the people who did these things. Racism still exists and we don’t learn how we shouldn’t be while we are young how we understand when we are grown up.

  17. Nah hell no. I don’t care if they’re reenacting Jesus so called death March. You have to read between the lines with these people and what they’re doing.
    Black people stop tolerating the BS.these psychological mind games won’t be tolerated anymore. GTFOH B1

  18. What kind of a crazy is this? This too much… america has lost their minds.

  19. This is how young children are taught to hate young! This is truly disgusting…

  20. When it comes to teaching youngsters that age about Racism, I don’t think those children should “play a role” in a play, or even a classroom demonstration. They are way too young! Teach them, if you want, but they don’t need to physically play a role at that age!!

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