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Olivia: Stop chasin’ women after they end relationship

Olivia tells men to have some dignity/YouTube

Olivia advises simps to stop begging.

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SEATTLE — “🎵When a woman’s fed up.🎵” A viral video shows “Blueprint” author Olivia Alexa telling simps to stop making a damn fool of themselves by chasing ex-girlfriends. It’s her assertion that blowin’ up a woman’s phone, crying like a lil bitch, begging for reconciliation, or sending a million text messages reek of desperation. Instead, beta males like Pookie & Ray Ray must learn to have dignity, self-respect and — most importantly — accept the fact she’s gone. If y’all simps want revenge on your ex-girlfriend, ask me to f*ck her. Then we’ll gloat over it and have the last laugh. “People make some of the absolute worst decisions in life when they’re acting out of raw, pure, unfiltered emotions and impulses,” Olivia said. “And if there’s one bad decision I’ve seen a lot of men constantly make is how they react when their woman says she’s leaving them or she just straight up ghosted them. The man’s behavior afterwards is usually what robs them of their dignity or self-esteem.”

“As a woman, I want you guys to understand something about women,” Olivia continued. “They don’t make a decision as big as this one out of momentary impulse. When she leaves you, she’s often just done. She doesn’t have feelings for you anymore. She doesn’t want you. Because a woman that still loves you cringes at the thought of the relationship ending.”

Social media reaction was in agreement.

One commenter wrote, “Guys, I’m sure it hurts when the lady you’ve been with for years, and you love with all your heart, out of nowhere ghosts you. But, at the same time, if she does that she’s not worth it.”

Another viewer added, “Been there, done that. Desperation never works. Run, don’t walk, from someone who leaves you. Never look back. It won’t save the relationship. But you can move on sooner and keep your dignity and self respect. Olivia is right.”

Are relationships doomed in Western society?

Is it wise to invest love and emotion nowadays?

Watch Olivia keep it 💯.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. I’m such an idiot,I knew not to chase and my weak ass did it anyways.And guess what, it didn’t work.

  2. When she leaves let her go guys ,you must maintain your self worth and self respect at all costs …trust me someone better for you is out there 💯

  3. If a woman don’t want you she don’t want you. Even if she decides to give you another chance it’s not going to be the same. Why chase a woman that doesn’t want you anymore. It’s a waste of time and time is something you will never get back. There’s plenty of women out here. Too many to be going through an emotional breakdown over one.

  4. No cap! It never worth putting yourself out there like that and being needy for nobody that left you.

  5. It’s just pathetic behavior all together the only thing you need to chase is being the greatest version of yourself every day 365 days a year

  6. Men… Always remember to stay strong. And look at it from a position of power. If she quit her position in your life, she terminated herself from any benefit of your time, presence or value. You don’t need verbal closure when her actions gave that to you.

  7. Guys, build it into your heads that when they say it’s over, they no longer DESERVE your love.
    Trust me, this will help you SO much more in the longer run.

  8. It’s true, when women end it. It’s over. The problem. Men don’t stop when a woman stops. She has done it. Yet men don’t even know it’s over. That is what Is sad. Men have no clue It’s over.

  9. She left with no worries of my kids, after 16 yrs of marriage, suffered emotionally and financially, i just manned up for my kids. Wouldn’t take her back at all now, im enjoying my peace ✌

  10. Are we specifically talking about women, born and raised in the western part of the world? It seems like a lot of the women in America specifically all have mental issues that need to be addressed at a young age, but they are raised by the same type of woman who has the exact same issues so at end of the day segregation needs to return to America for 150 years.

  11. Olivia, do u want me? I’m 40 cook clean and rub feet go get pads when it’s that time off month and heat up car in the winter time.

  12. AMEN!!!!!! However, this advice i wish should be heard by women. Do NOT be a stalker!!!!!!

  13. If you are chasing her than you are going to be putting yourself in a precarious position. She is right: chase your purpose.

  14. She broke up with me before New Year’s Eve citing Mental Health Issues & Depression.

    I still love her, and have been supporting her as best as I can when today I woke up and didn’t feel like engaging with her.

    She text me one sentence , and I’ve proceeded to block her online for my own mental stability.

    I’ll always love her and the good times , but I gotta look out for me.

  15. Not pursuing your crush is on the top 10 list of most common REGRETS people talk about before they die. Remember this.

  16. It’s funny how women are nonverbal when she’s interested, but when she’s not interested, she becomes verbal

  17. A wise Granny said…..”if a woman is chasing a man he is RUNNING after someone else…”

  18. We are taught that if a man wants you, he will pursue you… The word ” chase” needs to be defined here.

  19. It’s not Chasing. It’s Courting. Men should COURT Women…Pursue her. We want to know you are INVESTING your time and energy.

  20. 70% of divorce filed by women, 80% for lesbians, the only men chasing women anymore, are the leftovers. All the good men have quit women.

  21. I passed on a girl when we were 14. Regretted it by 22. Called her, she was dating her future husband. Haunted me. Called her again at 40, she’s now separated. Wish me luck. A lot of tough men in this comment section. Hope there’s no regrets 26 years later fellas.

  22. I needed this shit 🤦🏾‍♂️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️

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