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Baby mama creates cheer seeking mo’ child support

Baby mama wants child support/YouTube

Baby mama wants child support. 

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ATLANTA — Mama’s baby, daddy’s maybe? A viral video shows an exasperated single mom performing a cheerleading song and dance about suing her baby daddy for child support. You can’t make this stuff up. Babygirl appears to record the choreographic sequence in her living room before sharing it with her social media followers. She’s clearly lost her damn mind. “🎵Baby daddy are you ready for court? ‘Cause I need you to pay your child support,🎵” she sang. “🎵You thought you had it made in the shade, living with your girl. I said, ‘No ma’am. I got his whole world. It is his daughter and to her, you come second place.’ Sis, don’t make me take off this lace. All I want you to do is pay your child support. Nevermind, I will see you in court. Ayyy! Baby daddies, make your payments. Stop making excuses. We’re number one. Let’s go!🎵” Social media reaction was priceless.

One commenter wrote, “How can I try out for this cheerleading team? Like, are we getting uniforms? Lol😂”

Another chimed in with, “I got court in a week. Maaaan this song hyped me up, lol.”

A third viewer added, “THIS made my day… The CREATIVITY 💃🏽🧜🏾‍♀️!!!”

Watch the hilarious video.

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  1. Better pay that child support or her new man beat your azz cause he needs tires on his truck. 😂

  2. 😂😂😂😂😂😂 the end was hilarious asf..lmmfaoop “I said NO MA’AM” lmmfaooo

  3. 😂😂😂 “ Never mind I will see you in court” I am SCREAMINGGGG

  4. @creativemodzgang: Facts was paying 4K a month for 3 kids. She was living it up dressing good nice ass house and car while my kids looking like shit smh!

  5. You thought you had it make in the shade took me all the way out 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  6. Did she really have to make a dang video smh…I take care of mine with or without child support

  7. This is something a grade school child would do. Seriously so stupid, poor kid has this for a “mom”

  8. Yet,these are the so called (queens),that are the back bone of the black race?!

  9. Men should use protection and stop sleeping with every shaquandanesha’s under the sun!

  10. I wish this so-called “Black Queen” had put this much effort into using birth-control as she did writing and performing this song.

  11. @cpC565: Men aren’t the ones with wombs. Women should stop acting like human flesh lights.

  12. This should be used in court to show she’s not concerned about the child’s wellbeing, she’s doing this to be vindictive, knowing what family court does to men; this is horrible

  13. Aaaaaa ok. Condoms no child support, no baby’s momma, 99¢ condom,, not 99 problems. Yes 18 yrs ,,18yrs .. yeaaaahh condoms . Yeaa team .. no child support. You are not the daddy.. ..

  14. How about stop sleeping with these thugs and making babies you know they dont want to have with you . Wouldnt be no child support dance!

  15. I’m not sure why ANYONE would think this is funny! Yes, the way she does it (performs for the camera) is hilarious…but there’s NOTHING funny about a woman talking about needing child support. These women need to stop having UNPROTECTED SEX with ANYONE who isn’t their husband💯💯 If you’re not in a committed relationship, why would you let just anyone nut inside of you?!! Come on!!!! These babies need better!! She’s talking about “don’t make me take this lace off”…. HOW CAN YOU AFFORD WEAVE, IF YOU SAY YOU CAN’T SUPPORT YOUR CHILD WITHOUT A CHECK FROM DADDY?!!! Ugh. This is disturbing on so many levels! Those poor babies💔💔

  16. This is why guys really need to be more careful in choosing who they lay down with it’s up to us guys .

  17. These comments are crazy. It takes two to tango. If a MAN didn’t want to take care of a child then he should have used a condom. Why is it always the woman’s fault and why should she bare the sole responsibility of caring for a child. You don’t want to be in your child’s life and provide for them, you’re going on child support! And no woman is getting pregnant “for a check” from you regular ass men working regular. I hate when people bash single mothers for wanting or needing child support.

  18. She wouldn’t have to go to court if the father, (if he knows he is), would help voluntarily. js 💁🏽

  19. Just remember, homicide is the second biggest death amongst pregnant women in America. Many baby mother’s have been murder because of stuff like this in USA and UK, Darron Boswell Johnson, Mark Morris, Rae caruth, etc etc etc.. baby mamas think they are untouchable but seem to forget child support system does not provide them with 24/7 protection or any type of body guard

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